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Walther P22 Magazine

The Walther P22 Magazine is a new production magazine designed for use in the Walther P22. Built to last and includes the finger rest floor plate, designed for flawless performance in your Walther P22.

Description / Walther P22 Magazine


  • Walther P22 Magazine
  • Caliber: 22LR
  • Capacity: 10 Rounds
  • Finger Rest Floorplate


Note: The Walther P22 is a registered trademark of Carl Walther GmbH. The use of the Walther P22 name in our description is not intended to represent any affiliation with Carl Walter GmbH, and is used only to identify the product with which our magazine is compatible.

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Manufacturer United Defense LLC

Customer Reviews

Review by Arlie
This is a very good price for these I have look at other places and cost a lot more
Walther P22 Magazine
Review by M2K
These mags are just as good as my original Walther magazine and I enjoy the finger rest. Original Walther mags are not only really hard to find (right now) but also very expensive. Get these as soon as they come in stock as they went really fast when I made my last purchase. And buy more than one.
Great online service
Review by Slambo
Looked for the magazines all over the internet and in stores near me. They had just what I needed and got them to me on time. I will use them again for sure.
Walther P22 magazines are so expensive! I did a lot of research and couldn't find a better deal than here. The magazine quality looks as good if not better than the factory mags that come with the Walther pistols. We shot about an hour using two different pistols with 6 of these magazines and had no magazine issues at all. What more can you ask for.
Just like the Walther Brand!
Review by Death Metal til Death
I purchased 3 of these a few years ago and they have been flawless. I plan on grabbing some more when they come back in stock.
Nice mag for price with finger extension
Review by Leor
Nice mag for price with finger extension
Walther P22 magazines, 3-pack discount
Review by San Diego Mike
Quality product with a nice 6% discount for purchasing the 3-pack! Delivery was within a week!
better than any other off-brand copy
Review by Chad
My first round was a misfed misfire. The rest of the box of fifty ran just fine after that first round. They will probably run fine, in my opinion, but they aren't a perfect replacement for Walther factory. You would have to buy six or seven of these to own even one more than if you stuck with the factory magazines, so I don't consider the slightly lower price to be a significant or compelling reason to buy them. They will do the job, but won't truly replace factory magazines. Will I buy another one? No.
Excellent substitute for original.
Review by Brian
I ordered several of these for my new P22. They function perfectly and the quality meets or exceeds my originals. I am very happy with my purchase.
Very Poor Quality (Cheap tin), Numerous Mis-feeds and Jams, Terrible Return Policy
Review by Ronald
Walther P 22 Magazines are Poor Quality (Cheap Tin), Numerous Mis-feeds and Jams at the range. The product seems like it is made of cheap tin. I am guessing you get what you pay for here. When you put the items side by side the Walther brand is FAR FAR Superior in every way. Don't waste your money. PS The return policy is horrible as well. I wouldn't expect much customer service based on my communications so far. Stick with the brand name. No savings to be had here unless you want very poor quality. These thing look and fire like they were made in china for about $3 bucks a piece.
worked 100% everytime
Review by john
They worked 100% everytime I pulled the trigger. They look, feel and function just like a factory Walther mag does but a whole lot cheaper in price.
Amazing magazine
Review by Jesse
Ordered several, I have a couple p22s -these work amazingly! Inexpensive and flawless
Absolutely great magazines!
Review by Jesse
Cant beat the price, and when available, buy two or three at a time
great magazines
Review by charles e.
These magazines are very high quality and look just like the factory mags. Would differently buy these again when in stock.This company is very GOOD to deal with,super fast delivery.
these are great
Review by chris
i bought one of these mags for my p22 for $25 and i need more now that i see keepshooting.com has it for under $20 I will be buying another
Great Mag
Review by RemMax
These work as well in my Walther P22 as the original mags do and are easier to find and a good bit cheaper
As such I will definitely be buying more of these

Review by WG
Got my P22 a while back and in only came with 1 mag. Not wanting to pay $35 for a Walther mag, I got one of these. I have been happy with it so far and it is a deal at almost half the price.
Great item!!
Review by Jacob
Perfect exact copy of original magazine. They look the same except the save you big $. No failures to feed or mag problems.
great mag
Review by Kimberly
i had no problems at all with this mag great product.
Great Product
Review by Tim
I have had NO problems with this magazine and have put 500 rounds through it. Great product. I will definitely buy more of these when they are available again.
Wow! Two thumbs up!
Review by Bob H
Needed a couple more extra mags for my wife's P22 and decided to try these since we could get three KeepShooting mags for the price of two factory mags elsewhere. Ordered on Saturday, received on Wednesday. They fit just as well as factory mags and with 50 rounds run through each one have functioned flawlessly.

My only complaint, and I'm being really picky here, is that the floor plates have a glossy finish where all of the factory floor plates have more have more of a matte finish. I can be a bit pedantic sometimes.

Still, overall these are an excellent deal. Low prices and fast service. What's not to like? Two thumbs up!
Fantastic Magazine
Review by David
Ordered one of these magazines on Monday received it on Tuesday fit into my P22Q like a glove can't wait to try it out. Going to order a couple more next payday. What a great mag.
p22 mags
Review by Tim
Great job!!! My new mags work great. No fails to report. I wish you made glock mags.
Great MAG
Review by ALBERT
I ordered your R22 magazine a while ago, but just got the chance to use it at the range. No complaints. It ran flawlessly!
In fact, the only thing I have to say other than that is...Thank you sir! May I have another?
I have just ordered another from you, which will give me four mags for my Walther.
Now, if you only had some for my Interarms PPH.
Buy it now
Review by Dax
Got a great deal on a P22 at a gun show recently, but they had no spare magazines. My local gun store mentioned that these were super-hard to find and expensive, so I went looking and found these. I ordered two of these and they work perfectly, were available and were very well priced. I even bought another one recently, hard to beat these.
works great fast shipping
Review by Wayne
i bought it hoping it would work i bought 2 of them and fired over 1000 rounds in both magazine and they work like a charm will be re ordering some more magazines thru here soon and cant bet the price any where else that i have looked at
Very impressed
Review by Joseph
I bought three of these a few days ago and waited anxiously to receive them since all the local dealers have not had these magazines in stock for ages. Received them exactly two days after placing order *very prompt*. I went to the range today with one of those magazines and it worked just as well as the magazine that came with my p22, I have not used the other two magazines yet but am still impressed none the less. I forgot to mention the fact that these magazines are at least half the price of official Walther brand magazines.
Review by RS
After reading the reviews, and waiting for them to become available again, I bought 6. These work as well as the original at half the price. If you're on the fence about picking up some of these, don't worry... you won't be disappointed.
best bang for buck
Review by Anthony
My Mother's P-22 had 2 factory mags that were loaded for about 6 years and springs wore out so I got her 3 of these and am super happy with craftsmanship of them...keep up the good work!!!

2nd Amendment is not an option...

Tony Williams
Great !!!
Review by fused1013
I am very pleased with this mag . It looks and works as good as the factory one, the price can't be beat. I ordered 3 more :)
5 Stars all the way
Review by Michael
These mags work great, look great and are a decent price. I'm glad I got a few while I could. Alas keepshooting doesn't make mags for my SR40.
I hope we can get some more P22 mags soon!
Great Value
Review by dvader
Looks and works like the factory mag, good price!
Great Magazines!
Review by Tommy
Received two magazines today. My 12 year old daughter ran 100 rounds through them with her pink P22. No problems what so ever. She loves being able to shoot more before reloading!
Great magazine for the price
Review by Darricke
I bought three of these the other day and they have worked very well. The one thing I noticed in all three of them is that, when you're loading the magazine and you pull the spring down far enough to put that 10th round in, the pin that you push on can "stick" and hold the spring down. If you tap it or pull up on in slightly, it will pop back out and work fine.
Good Cheap Mags
Review by Z-Man
These mags worked wonderfully in my P22 with the 5 inch barrel and nickel slide. Great price!
Awesome deal
Review by Tim
I bought one of these to try on my wife's gun because walther decided to stiff you with one mag. I'll be ordering more. These mags are almost a perfect match and work the exact same as the 38$ walther mag. Great jobs keepshooting.com!
Review by Bonnie
I couldn't be happier with the quality of the magazines i ordered! outstanding!
Review by marine
great quality, seats perfectly i grabbed three , for the price mags and hand guns WILL jump with the gun grabbers mission in full effect buy what you can at today's prices!
Fast shipping!
Review by Nick
Excellent quality mag and fast shipping. Great quality service as always.
Excellent Mag!
Review by Trent
These mags are great and function perfect.
Great buy and fast shipping!
Review by Nick
I had been looking all over the web for Walther P22 magazines with the finger rest and all the sites want $25-$30. I could not find a better price than $20 each, and on top of that I got the special buy of the 3-pack and got them for $18 each, saving $6 total. What a great deal! Plus, I ordered on Tuesday and got them on Saturday. I haven't taken them to the range yet, but they seem to be made of as good or better quality than OEM Walther mags. I highly recommend these!
Great product, great price
Review by Harry
I got the 3 pack. Just as good as the brand name. Will be getting more, for sure.
Good Magazines
Review by Donny
I ordered 3 put about 200 rounds through each in a couple of weeks and an issue developed. They stand by their products. I will be buying more.
Review by Tommy
10 bucks cheaper than originals,yet work better than originals. These mags have run all kinds of 22 ammo and have worked out great every time. Ive shot rem golden bullets,blazer,mini mags,federals.....all with NO PROBLEMS. So don't let the price scare you and buy a couple,rest assured KS will have your order shipped fast too!
Review by Robert
I enjoy shooting my Walther P22 at least once a month as .22caliber is so inexpensive. Therefore I really like loading up a box at time so I really wanted 5 mags without spending a fortune...and these keep shooting mags are awesome I have at least 600 rounds through each (of 5) and they have performed flawlessly. Good Job Keep Shooting...how about some Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm
Review by scott
Ordered 3 of these little guys and not one problem with them.I shoot the CCI MINI MAGS Solid and hollow point.Burned 500 rounds out of these mags last weekend and not one failure.Plan on buying a few more in the near future.GREAT JOB AND KEEP ON SHOOTING :-)
Perfect function & great value
Review by Hexluthor
Ordered a set of 5 magazines. Took them to the range next to my existing walther mags ( x 3 ) . Could not tell the difference between them without finding the logo.

I mixed and matched 2 different types of ammo ( bulk ) and went through 300+ rounds. The keepshooting magazines had zero problems through the 300+ rounds.

At 60% of the price of any other P22 magazines, I was ecstatic.

works and looks great
Review by big russ
works and looks good as the 2 that came with the gun, even with shipping it was cheaper than local gun store by 10 dollars
These work and are a great value!
Review by AC
I purchased 3 of these and shot about 100 plus rounds through each so far and these work as well as the Walther factory mags with zero failures to feed (using Federal bulk). The look and finish is good. Overall these are pretty close in appearance to the factory mags in all respects. The finger extension does not match exactly my P22Q model but that's probably something only I'm going to notice. These are a great value and function as well as the ones with the Walther name, so why spend the extra money, buy these instead!

Great product
Review by Robert
I have only put about 500 rounds through these. Not a single FTF. Shipped out fast. I would highly recommend these magazines. Buy more than just the one. The price is exceptional. You will not be disappointed at all.
gotta get more
Review by Kaio
Picked up rwo of these a few months back, fired almost 500 rds through with no issues. Great value and so much cheaper than the factory magazines. To all those thinking of picking these up, DO IT. Great investment.
Excellent Part, Bought through Gunbroker
Review by Richard
Count me as another satisfied customer who purchased this fine magazine through this company via Gunbroker.

I took the magazine apart, and to me it looks identical to the latest "B" series magazines, including the raised hump that holds the spring in place...despite what the earlier review said.

Would buy again, this time I'll order through the website instead of gunbroker though as it seems quicker.
Better than OEM
Review by Jackie
Very pleased. They are better than what came with my gun! Fast ship.
wow,actually worked
Review by Gabriel
these actually worked pretty darn good. i was not expecting that as most aftermarket mags for my guns usually suck. but these are something else. no FTF,FTE,ANYTHING! all went perfect with these mags. When they say they guarantee to work, its the truth. about 3 day shipping to get to me. Good job guys
would give 10 stars if possible!!
Review by Lewis
I am in love with these mags! save yourself the hassle and money, make sure to buy at least 3. These magazines functioned PERFECTLY in my Walther P22. Cheaper than the original mags,and function just as good if not better! The stainless finish is great. I only have about 1100 rounds through these keep shooting brand mags and no problems at all. The shipping was quick too,about 3 days! For those of you wondering,these DO have the mag extension,even better deal! over all completely satisfied. keepshooting will have my business again.
great p22 aftermarket mags
Review by Bill Adkinson
these magazines worked flawlessly! 110% reliability with about 2000 rounds through these aftermarket Walther p22 mags.
the finish on the mags is great looking and they come with the magazine grip extension which was a great plus for me.
Extremely durable as well! have been accidently dropped and still function perfectly!!!! i love these and I am extremely satisfied with my purchase here at keepshooting
Review by dale hefferman
I am now selling off my Walther mags at ridiculously high prices and in turn are buying these. AWESOME product never a FTF!!!
Review by Mark
With only 10 round mags, one needs a bunch of mags for their P22! So buy at least the 3, save yourself a couple bucks because you will eventually buy a bunch of them.
So far i have 8 of these plus the 2 originals and these feed just as good as the originals.
They just look better!!!
Shipping was lightning quick! Like 3 days from the day of ordering.
I will definitely buy another 3!
500 rounds later, not a single FTF or issue
Review by Mark Preston
Received my mag today, I put a full brick of ammo through it. After 500 rounds there was not a single FTF or any other issue with the clip other than it bring a bit dirty from the Remington rounds.

I am buying the 3 deal now that the first one worked so good.
Buy With Confidence
Review by CH Kadels
I purchased ten of these magazines. These are almost identical to the original Walther P22 "A" marked magazines. The only difference between them and the "B" marked magazines or unmarked magazines is the Keepshooting magazine has the smaller spring retainer nub floor plate piece.

Walther increased the size of the "B" spring retainer nub due to people forcing 11 rounds in, which can make the spring pop off the older style retainer. Never been able to do it myself, even tried it with these Keepshooting magazines and couldn't make it happen. This is why you see do not load more than 10 rounds on the labels. The magazines are designed really well though, you can easily pop the spring back on if it does happen.

Couldn't be happier with this purchase. Would recommend these over even the factory "B" marked magazines as price and performance makes them clear winners.

high quality mags
Review by the shooter
I don't ever write reviews because i don't believe in them for the fact that if you were to give something a bad one, the site owner can delete if he wants to a print only the good ones.,why knock your own stuff. But in the case of the magazine for walther p22 i just had to i got 2 because i have 2 a series mags and they act up in the cold. I also have 1 b series that came with the gun that works flawlessly the 2 new ones I purchased work flawlessly also. I took for a try today put 300 rounds through each with not so much as a hiccup. Great product i told my gun shop about them and they said they plan to order some. These are great mag. I am 62 and have been shooting handgun since i was 21 and could get permit. Great product Bob
loving these mags
Review by Tom
These P22 mags from keepshooting were great!
Great stainless finish that looks shiny and brand new.
Fed 100% as promised
Packaged very well and neat
Best of all, shipping was lightning quick!
darn good
Review by louie
This magazine worked great. Worked just as good if not better than my B stamped p22 mags. No FTF at all,this mag worked FLAWLESSLY. My only regret is that I only ordered 1. Keepshooting,great job on these magazines,expect my order for at least 3-4 more in the next week!
Mags are Awesome!!! Get Some!
Review by Jman
As Posted on Walther Forums.
Just put some rounds downrange through my New Keepshooting.com Mags!!!
Ordered 10 mags Thur 29th. Shipping was so fast! Considering Holidays.
Very Stoked!
Fit & finish is perfect! They seat very well & Ran better than my stock mags!
Slide locked back on all mags with Rem Sub sonic test!!!
Not the case with any of my OE stock mags.
New Mags Come flying out when released!
Stainless is beautiful & the finger rest look & feel great!
Great Mags, Great Price & Fast Shipping ... way to go Keepshooting.com
Works Well
Review by Wayne Bryant
Magazine works well in my gun. Price is really good.
Great Mags!
Review by TRENT
Works great in my P22!
Nice clips!!
Review by Marques
These are nice clips!!!!!! Work in my P22 perfectly.
Better than OEM
Review by M.E.
I have 4 of these and they work better than OEM. I usually find on the OEM that the last round will not chamber (weak spring) and the KeepShooting mags work flawlessly. I am more than happy with my purchase.
Review by Stephen
This magazine is just as good if not better than my Walther factory magazines. My family has shot thousands of rounds through the ones I ordered, and we have had zero magazine issues with these (we had one Walther mag fail when the feed lips bent). As they practice drills, these mags get dropped, sometimes on hard surfaces, and they just keep going. We love them!
10 Star Quality
Review by Capt. America
Perfect copies of the Long Slot "A" Style magazine. Work as good as the factory mags.
Brand new P22 = Hours of fun
Review by New Fan
So I finally got a P22. Followed Walther's suggestion and used the CCI-Mini Mag's and 200+ rounds later it will feed perfectly in both the factory clip and the keepshooting clip.

Before the break in, I had numerous jams on both clips. It was the walmart ammo I bought. It now will shoot the walmart ammo just fine.
Follow up from past post
Review by Rob
I kept having FTF and problems with the last round hold open. I was still using CCI minimags so the ammo shouldn't have been the issue. It turned out to be the one factory Walther mag causing the problem. I never had the issue with the Keepshooting mags that I bought just days after I got the gun. I have to say the Keepshooting mags work better then factory! You also can't beat the price anywhere! Please start making mags for the Sig Mosquito, factory mags are highway robbery.
awesome deal.
Review by TiceSD
Works and looks better than factory mags. Shipped quickly and at almost half the cost of a factory mag with finger rest. I'll be picking up two more of these very soon. well done.
Love these clips!
Review by Ricker
I wish I had found these earlier. They work great. Appear identical to the clip that came from Buds but cost A LOT LESS.
Great Mags!
Review by SA Loaded
My buddy has a P22 and just got one of these mags. I could not tell the difference between the factory mag or the KeepShooting mag while shooting. Every bit as reliable as factory, and much cheaper! You can't go wrong with KeepShooting.com!
As good as the one that came with my gun.
Review by Curt W.
I ordered three of these, they are as good as the one that came with my gun.
Great clip
Review by Rob
I got one clip to test it before I got more. This is one of the best clips at about half the cost of Walter clips. I'm going to order 3 more next week.
Great Price and Work perfect
Review by srIII
I bought four of these and after 500 rounds through them, they work great.
Review by MSE
Bought 3, all functioned flawlessly today during 2 strings of fire each. Great deal.
As good as the originals
Review by Rickster
These work as good as the mag that came with my gun. Do yourself a favor and buy them. The price is half what I paid for a second original a year ago.
Great magazine at a reasonable price.
Review by MDAR15Manager
I picked up a couple of these in late July. I've taken them out to the range a couple times and they have performed flawlessly with CCI Min-Mags and bulk Federal plated HPs. They look so much like the OEM magazines I have a problem telling them from the one that came with my Walther.
The best P22 Mag?
Review by WOW!!
I bought one to try and it feeds GREAT. My P22 isn't too finicky and neither is this mag. Feeds even the crappy Federal bulk pack with no issues.
These Work Perfect. Period.
Review by Chris43
These are great clips. They work perfect in my gun.
Shot mine today, worked GREAT
Review by Nick V
Ordered 2 mags last week, shot them both today. Zero problems. Worked just like the one that came with the gun. Would buy again.
Flawless Aftermarket P22 Mags
Review by Jonathan
I picked up 10 of these "KEEPSHOOTING.COM" magazines for my Walther P22. I wasn't sure what to expect since they were $14.95 for 10. Boy, was I blown away with how flawless they were. Not a single failure of any kind with 100 rounds fired through each magazine!
Finally an alternative to high priced mags.
Review by Susie B
I go to gun shows all the time with my husband and have been looking for an alternative to the original P22 mags.

I am an avid shooter and hate spending time reloading mags while shooting. I purchased several of these mags from Keepshooting and now can have more practice time at the range.

The mags seem to fit better than the original mags and for the price you won't have to take out a loan to purchase several.

Thanks to Brian for making this available. :)
Top Notch Mag
Review by GUNNER
Picked up several of these mags today and the quality of production is excellent.

The mags fit into the mag well with ease and have a positive lock up.

Range results were flawless. Several hundred rounds down range and no failures to feed.

Would recommend these mags to anyone looking for an alternative to the high price OEM mags.

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