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  • .308 Broken Shell Extractor .308 Broken Shell Extractor

.308 Broken Shell Extractor

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Target shooting is a great deal of fun – there is no arguing that fact. But the fun can quickly take a turn for the worse if you experience a case head separation or a ruptured case, especially if you have no way of quickly correcting the problem.

Case head separation and rupturing are two problems that can occur frequently if you often use reloaded ammunition or you happen to have a firearm with an incorrect headspace. When a cartridge ruptures or experiences case head separation, part or all of the case may get jammed in the chamber of your firearm. And, as noted, if you have no way of correcting the problem in a timely manner, then your fun will surely come to a premature end. Luckily, is all about fun, and we would never see our customers' range day come to a premature end due to something as pitiful as a ruptured cartridge or case head separation. That is why we carry the .308 broken shell extractor.

The .308 broken shell extractor is a pocket-sized tool designed to quickly and efficiently remove broken cases from the chamber of your firearm. As the name implies, this extractor is designed for firearms chambered for the .308 Winchester cartridge.  

The .308 broken shell extractor is now available from for just $9.95.

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As noted, the .308 broken shell extractor is a pocket-sized tool designed to aid in the removal of broken or ruptured cases from the chambers of firearms. This particular tool, which has been manufactured from stainless steel and finished with a black rust-resistant coating, measures approximately 3 1/2 inches and is designed specifically for those firearms chambered in .308 Winchester/7.62x51mm NATO. Interestingly enough, the tool can be reversed and used with firearms chambered for the .30-06 Springfield cartridge as well. This versatile tool is a must-have for your range bag or field pack.

Curious as to how a broken shell extractor works? Typically, cases that get lodged in the chamber of a firearm have their base or rim torn off by the extractor of the firearm, leaving only a thin brass tube that is difficult to remove. By loading the broken shell extractor into the chamber, the arms of the broken shell extractor latch onto the case and provide a makeshift rim, which provides for the removal of both the broken shell extractor and the broken case.

As noted, the .308 broken shell extractor is a must-have for any avid outdoorsmen. Throw in the fact that the design is based on an original USGI part and you have got something that is practically begging for a purchase. Grab your .308 broken shell extractor today for only $9.95.

Additional Information

SKU T-0002
Manufacturer No
Free Shipping N/A
Brand KeepShooting.COM Products
Gun Model FN/FAL (Metric), HK 91, HK G3, M14 Rifle, M1A Rifle
Construction Steel
Condition Factory New
Manufacture Status Reproduction Item
Returns Accepted Yes - Must Not Be Modified Or Visibly Used
  1. You SHOULD have one of these in your range bag review by Mark on 4/18/2015

    It is better have one of these and never use it than to not have one and NEED it. Fit and quality are good for the money.

  2. different style review by Michael on 2/9/2014

    The ones that I'm used to have a rimmed head and can be extracted using the bolt. This one will require a rigid cleaning rod to tap it back out. It will work well from the look though.

  3. you'll need it badly review by Michael on 1/10/2014

    You may make it through life never needing one of these life saving little tools, but the day you tear off a case head, you will be wishing you would have grabbed one! I haven't had to use one in 308 yet, but I'm due any day I suppose.

  4. Nothing quite like it review by RemMax on 4/22/2013

    I have owned these in various military caliber (308, 7.62x54R, 223, etc) and had carried them for years never needing one.
    Never gave them much though in their little pouch I keep them in buried in the bottom of my range bag.
    UNTIL..... that day came when I broke my first case neck off in my 50BMG and in the middle of a tournament had to run to the next range to borrow the 50bmg version to get that case neck out.
    Then again didn't think about these until last weekend when I blew a Mil-surp shell apart in my PSL.
    Dug the trusty ol Broken Shell Extractor out of the bottom of my range bag and walla, popped that broken shell case right out in a matter of seconds.
    I'll not think so little of them again.
    This is one of those tools you don't need very often but when you need it nothing else will do!
    I recommend you buy one for every caliber you shoot mil-surp ammo in and keep them in your range bag at all times!
    Well worth it then you need it.

  5. Essential shooting tool review by Michael on 4/6/2013

    Every shooter needs to have one of these for every caliber, especially if you a using surplus or suspect ammo. This is the only way to safely remove a broken case without damaging your expensive new toy. As usual, KS has these priced right.

  6. Must Have! review by Jose USMCR on 2/4/2013

    This is a must have if your are shooting steel cased ammo. Steel is more brittle and more breakage prone. I have never had a problem with brass ammo but I have seen steel cases get good and stuck.

  7. .308 Broken Shell Extractor review by Brian on 12/25/2012

    I like to have one of these for every rifle I own. I haven't found any better than those from KeepShooting.

  8. looks brand new!! review by Matthew on 7/10/2012

    looked brand new, hope i never have to use it!!!

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