AK47 Drum Magazine 75rd

The AK47 Drum Magazine is based on the proven Red Army design for a 75-round drum magazine for the RPK light machine gun. These drum magazines have been combat proven since they were first designed and have seen service in virtually every war since then. Red Army Standard has produced these drum magazines in a military contract facility in Romania who has decades of experience manufacturing this drum.

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This style of drum magazine has proven to be the best design for AK47 drum magazines. They are quick to load, supremely reliable, and can be stored for long periods of time with all 75 rounds loaded without damaging the drum spring. Other drums work just as good but are lacking features like the easy loading and ability to leave the drum loaded for long storage periods. Now you can have the best features on a drum magazine with the added benefit of having a factory new drum magazine that has never been used before you.

With these AK47 drum magazines you will have access to 75 rounds of 7.62x39mm ammunition for your AK47 rifle or pistol. You can quickly load these drum magazines, wind them up for use, and insert into your rifle. As fas as you can pull the trigger, these drum magazines will feed round after round of 7.62x39 into your AK47. You will appreciate the solid lock up in your AK47 and the reliable performance that you can expect with these AK47 drums.

  • Fits AK47 Rifles and Pistols
  • 75-Round Capacity
  • 7.62x39 Caliber
  • Loading Instructions Included

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Customer Reviews

Decent for a Korean copy
Review by RemMax
Verified Buyer
The last reviewer got it backwards, these are cheap Korean made copies of the Chinese Drums!
Most of the KCI brand Korean mags are really well built, These drums however are to date not their best work! :-(
Personally I was really disappointed in these Korean Drums, I have 2 or their Beta C-Mag copies for my AR's and those are well made, I also have 4 of their 40 round AK47 mags and those are well built.
These drums however don't have the quality their other mags have had to date.
These will work fine if you take care of them, don't over tighten the spring, and DO NOT clean the grease out of the inside of them before you use them, it is supposed to be there!
Just leave the grease as it is and after 1 or 2 loadings it will disperse and get into all the cracks where it needs to be. Meanwhile it won't get into your guns action or damage the gun or ammo.
I have a 100rnd Chinese drum I've had for years now and a 75rnd Romanian Drum I've had about 4 years now, they both work perfectly and a quality drums. But THEN I had to go try one of these.
I was really disappointed in the quality of these Korean drums, Mine has held up so far but a buddy at the range has already broken the spring in his, apparently he tightened it a half turn too many.
Also the welds holding the hinge connecting the back door to the drum is pretty cheesy, I have seen a couple of these that have been used a few times and despite trying to be careful with them the back door has all but fallen off them.
Really disappointed in these but they are better than nothing. for the quality they are though they should only be charging KS half of what they are, then they would be worth it
In short if you buy or own one of these be careful with it.
1) DO Not remove the grease from inside the drum, its supposed to be there!
2) Be careful not to over wind it, if the spring breaks I don't know of any way to fix that problem
3) Lastly the spot welds on the hinge holding the back door on, well if your careful with it they will hold up fairly well since there is only strain on it when its open. That said, If you do find your hinge is coming loose check to see if its the spot welds coming loose from the frame or door or if the hinge pin running through the middle of it is worn out or broken. If the problem is the spot welds most any welding shop can and will fix that for you for a few $$. On the other hand if the hinge pin in it rotates or it's breaking or otherwise going bad you can always find a piece of drill rod at your local metal shop or order it online at www use-enco.com Sorry I don't know the size of it as mine hasn't gone bad yet but drill rod that small and for only a single 3 foot piece is only about $2.00, the postage will cost more than the drill rod. Drive the damaged pin out and replace it with the drill rod, flare it on both ends to make sure it stays there.
Overall as long as your careful with that damn spring, these drums are not to bad but if the SHTF ever happens I wouldn't choose these drums to trust my life with, especially if it was a situation where you were going to have to reload it!
The one nice thing about these type drums is that you can leave them loaded for years without damaging your spring, just load it from the back, latch the door securely shut and don't wind it till your ready to use it.
If you wind it up then choose not to use it or only fire a few of the rounds from it you can just push the button on the front and release the spring pressure till you need it again and that saves your spring.
Overall These are OK to buy for range use but I wouldn't want to trust my life to it. KCI normally makes quality mags so hopefully their next lot will have the bugs worked out of these and bring them to their normal quality.
Otherwise though mine fits all my AK47's and feeds them without issue, at least they got that part of them right!
And finally, hopefully KCI will not only fix the flaws in these drums but will also drop the price to reflect that they are made in Korea and are only Copies of the Chinese drum's, they're not the originals!
If they do that I will buy another one and try it again, I know my Beta C-mag copy made in Korea is a quality mag!
And Last, on mine when I shoot with it I only wind it partially, I give it 2.5 twist, fire the first 25 to 30 rounds out of it then wind it 1 more round to finish emptying it on out.
Well designed drum mag
Review by AvidShooter
Verified Buyer
These Chinese style AK/RPK mags are well made Korean copies! The hold 75 rd. and are barely heavier than a normal 40 rd banana mag., unloaded of course. My only caution with them is their instructions tell you to turn the tension key 7 times. This means 7 half turns or 3 and a half revolutions. I have seen welds and tension springs snap in two if you over torque it. Great buy over more expensive Romanian made counterparts.

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