AK47 East German Mag Pouch

AK47 East German Magazine Pouch

These AK47 East German Magazine Pouches are military surplus and can hold up to 4 30rd magazines!

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Description / AK47 East German Magazine Pouch

Each magazine pouch:

* Is made of waterproof canvas
* Has a belt-loop for easy carrying
* Is genuine East German Military Surplus

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Manufacturer German Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

fits vz58 mags
Review by Glenn
I use this for my vz58 and they work great. They were tight at first but they were fine after leaving mags in there for a couple days. I have a makarov in the side pocket too.
Solid Mag Pouches
Review by Henry
I have a couple more of these pouches I got at a show and these actually are a better price, but same quality. The water proof canvas is nice even though I'm not out crawling in mud through rain storms, but is still a nice feature. You can put it on your belt although i wouldn't recommend it since it would be pretty heavy all full. Nice item from Keep Shooting
Great for the Kalash
Review by Gun Nut
These are great for steel magazines but also work for the low profile plastic magazines. These are very durable and work great.
Another use I forgot
Review by RemMax
I almost forgot but if you carefully remove the divider out of the inside of these pouches they will hold the 75 round Drums nice and snug!
I have 2 of these pouches that I removed the middle divider out of and now use them to store my Romaininan 75rnd drum in one and my Chinese 100 rnd drum in the other
Getting the divider out is a pain as it is not made to be removed but my Late Wife took her scissors and found where the divider was sewn in and neatly removed them for me
Now they fit my drums very nicely! :-)
I wouldn't want to carry them into combat in these pouches as they really are a "snug" fit.
But then again I live in America not the sand box so snug is good thing for me
Just one more good use for a excellent pouch!
My favorite AK pouch
Review by RemMax
I have about 30 of these full right now and love them. I bought mine from a variety of places about 8 years ago, paid more for some, less for other but overall they all together average about this price
Some of these have a small pouch on the side for either a grenade or a cleaning kit, I use those to store my AK74 mags in.
The others without the pouch I store my AK47 mags in, makes it a lot easier to tell what mags I'm grabbing without having to open them to look inside when I'm packing up gear to head to the range.
Every one of these I have is like brand new and they hold 4 30rnd AK mags perfectly, loaded or not
Plus being waterproof is nice, if you get caught out in the rain they will keep your metal mags dry so they are not so hard to dry off when you take them home
Some of my AK74 mags are those E German oarnge Bakelight mags wich anyone with a AK74 already knows those damn things are Expensive!
The way this pouch is made it has a T shaped divider inside that seperates the pouch into 4 seperate, pockets that are lightly padded in between. This not only keeps your mags from rattling around inside the pouch but also keeps them from scratching and dinging each other up
That makes it really nice knowing your expensive mags are protected from everything from the rough concrete top on the shooting bench but also from rattling against each other
Overall these are the nicest of all the mag pouches I have tried and these are now the only pouches I store all my AK mags in
Great pouches and good price, If you don't have pouches for your 30rnd AK mags then these are the ones to get
these are my favorite AK Mag Pouch!
P.S. The German Rain Camo pattern looks really nice as well, just what you need to keep your gear looking good when you head to the range!
Ugly as sinbut tough!
Review by Jose USMCR
These East German pouches are ugly as sin and smell a little funny. But who cares. This gear is super tough and blends well in multiple environments. Not as fast as kydex or current molle pouches but still good. Great way to store AK or AR mags. Tough and water resistant.
Nice indeed!!!!
Review by rochelle
i got some of these but not from here and also at a higher price :( They are nice and carry four ak mags /pmags with ease. I hope keep shooting gets some more in as i need about 20 more to put my mags in because their ak mags here are the best!!!!!!!!!!!
Great surplus AK47 magazine pouch.
Review by Robert
I really liked the 4 pocket AK47 East German Magazine Pouch, i just wished that more were in stock when i made my order!
A great buy for the money!
amazing quality
Review by cody
Perfect condition. Very cool camo pattern and very tough material. These cannot be better!!!
Best AKMag pouch out there!!!!
Review by Love to Keepshootin"
I have several of these pouches.
I feel the East Germans made the best one.
It has a nice water resistant inside lining and the craftmanship is above all the other Eastern Block Nations.
Also the Rain Camo pattern is unique.

The pouches for sale here also feature a small pocket on the side. perfect for spent stripper clips or an oil bottle.
What's Not To Like !
Review by Enfieldhope
Bought a bunch of these pouches. They are absolutely BRAND SPANKING new! These AK pouches are the best purchase I have made this year. Don't be afraid to order one or more of these pouches, you will be satisfied!
Good product, Great service!
Review by Gerald
Bought several. All in great condition. 4x 30 rd. mags fit fine. Thanks KS!
Perfect for 30 Round Mags
Review by Richard
These pouches are perfect for 30 round mags. Interior pockets keep mags from getting scratched up on eachother. The belt loop on back may need some working to fit on some belts/packs, but they are still worth the price.
Only $2!!!! What!
Review by Michael
I purchased only two of these because i thought that for 2 dollars, there had to be something wrong with them. I was the one that was wrong! These are absolutely amazing. I have to admit, they're a little different from what I'm used to in a mag pouch, but they are sick! I'll definitely be ordering a lot more of these if they're not sold out before i get the chance!
Great buy!
Review by ROBERT
These appear to be unissued. They've got four seperate cells so the mags dont touch or rattle while moving. They close up nice and tight with metal loops. Thank you!
Great AK Magazine Pouch!!!
Review by Rtalula
Just purchased 2 and the quality on both is near to perfect, the price is unbeatable!!! I'm purchasing the last one!
Best Deal
Review by Keith
Bought two, Both appear new unissued. Seem very well made and 4 30rd ak mags fit snug and quiet. For the price or even for more they are a home run.
Well Worth the Money!!
Review by jim
Great Deal well made,Holds 4 30 round AK_47 clips,and has a small side pouch id guess is for your rifles cleaning kit,Thumbs up to this Deal!
Perfect fit
Review by Matthew
These do just what they say they will - hold four AK47 magazines securely. I have bought two of them, and they both arrived in new condition. The fabric and hardware are all top notch.
german military!!!!
Review by dave
holds 4 30rd ak mags perfectly. it's well made and even has a small pouch on the side for a sight tool or other items you need to have for an ak. appears to be new unissued surplus and has 4 cells to keep the noise down and prevent magazines from getting scratched up. glad i got one!!!
Great pouch for AK47 magazines
Review by kepiblanc
I have owned two of these East German pouches. I gave one away as a gift. The person I gave it to uses it often and told me it's a great pouch. I still have one myself, and I also think it's a well made sturdy pouch. The belt loops on this pouch are sized adequately even for wide belts. This pouch also repels water well in the rain.

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