AR-15 Firing Pin

Today, is proud to introduce the new house-brand AR-15 firing pin. These brand new, MIL-SPEC AR-15 firing pins are guaranteed to fit in your MIL-SPEC AR-15 while offering optimal performance.

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The AR-15 firing pin is, as are all of our house brand spare and replacement parts for the AR-15 platform, a brand new part produced in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that holds several foreign military contracts. As such, all parts are compatible with and interchangeable in any MIL-SPEC AR-15.

Located within the bolt carrier group, the AR-15 firing pin is a steel pin that facilitates the firing sequence, as it is responsible for transferring energy from the hammer to the primer of a cartridge. After the firing sequence is initiated by a trigger pull, the hammer strikes the firing pin, which will jolt forward and in turn strike the primer. This serves to ignite the propellant gases within a cartridge and send a bullet downrange. It is secured within the bolt carrier group via the firing pin retaining pin.

Spare and replacement parts are an important consideration when it comes to firearms. Like any machine, firearms rely on a series of parts to function properly – especially those components that impact the firing sequence. In general, if a part breaks or fails, a repair or replacement becomes immediately necessary – not only to keep a firearm functioning properly but also to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you.

It is also important to consider availability when discussing spare and replacement parts. At this time, is seeking to provide our customers with a wide selection of spare and replacement parts for the AR-15 platform. Several brand new parts from the house brand are now readily available on our website at an affordable price. If you have any need or desire for spare or replacement parts, now would be a good time to take advantage of this offering.

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Customer Reviews

Great Manufacturing
Review by Korey A.
Verified Buyer
The replacement parts are great. Would recommend.
Review by Romond V.
Verified Buyer
Price is great and shipping was fast.
Exactly as described.
Review by Holly J.
Verified Buyer
Drop In spare firing pin for my AR15.
Fast Shipping
Review by Starling F.
Verified Buyer
Functions great as a replacement firing pin for my AR15.
Perfect Item
Review by Weston B.
Verified Buyer
The AR15 firing pin are awesome. Would absolutely buy again.
Flawless AR15 firing pin 5*
Review by Devante J.
Verified Buyer
Cost is excellent and shipping was speedy.
Great Price
Review by Cliff N.
Verified Buyer
Parts look excellent. Exactly what I wanted.
Fast Delivery
Review by Baird E.
Verified Buyer
Received in three days after placing my order. Will be back to buy at keepshooting.
Good Order
Review by Zacarias Y.
Verified Buyer
Drop In replacement firing pin for my AR15.
Very Pleased
Review by Brantley W.
Verified Buyer
I ordered two of these firing pins. Used one for repair, other is stored in my spares box.
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