Austrian FAL Magazine Pouch

We've received a shipment of Austrian STG-58 magazine pouches and they are some of the nicest we've ever had. The STG-58 was the Austrian version of the famous FN FAL rifle, so these mag pouches are designed to hold any 20-round FAL magazine.

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  • Austrian FAL Magazine Pouch
  • Holds Two FN/FAL Magazines
  • D-Ring for Attaching to Gear
  • Made in Austria

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Brand Austrian Army Surplus
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Customer Reviews

Fits CETME Mags
Review by Chris P
Verified Buyer
I had bought a a bunch of CETME Mags and needed some more pouches to hold them. My mags had no problem fitting these pouches. I ordered two and each was different. One was black on the outside and tan on the inside with some markings. The second was all black and the leather felt a little thinner. All in all pleased with these pouches.
Great pouches for misc items and good value
Review by Lucas
Verified Buyer
Very affordable mag pouches for a really good price. Good for hunting or hiking for holding various items like a fire kit or knife and cord. I bought 4 and use them in all my packs, buy now
Review by Benjamin
Verified Buyer
Bought two pouches last month, just ordered two more. I grabbed these vintage pouches for Star Wars costuming, and they are going to work great.
I also collect militaria, so from that perspective, these are still a fantastic deal. Value, these can't be beat.
Excellent Quality -- No regrets
Review by Robert
Verified Buyer
I bought these for holding magazines from the "H&K G3 Magazine Combo" for my PTR 91. The fit was a bit tight, but because the leather is soft and pliable, the leather stretched to fit.

Mine came in good/very good condition. A little wear, but all perfectly serviceable with no cracks, rips, or stiffness. The pics are an accurate representation of the condition.

These are the price I've found anywhere. From my experience buying from Keep Shooting, the product's quality and value has been quite good -- a reliable brand.
Excellent buy
Review by David
Verified Buyer
Local shop wanted $18.50 for pouches in worse shape. Ordered 4 all together. Two dated for 1964 and the others stamps were worn off. Pebble gran awesome on two and others worn smooth, but still in good shape. Excellent price! Would recommend.
Liked them so much I came back for more!
Review by Ross
Verified Buyer
Bought a second round of these and was not disappointed! Both the pouches I received were early examples made by the Stolla Wien Company in Vienna, Austria, and are dated 1962. The leather belt straps on the back are undyed, and the pebble grain finish is largely intact on both (near-perfect on one, even). Who knows, with a deal this good, I may even come back for Round Three!
Unbeatable Price
Review by Ross
Verified Buyer
I purchased four of these FAL Pouches, and was quite happy when they arrived. Of the four, one was dated 1964, one was dated 1974, a third bore a manufacturer stamp, and the last was unmarked. Originally Pebble-Grained, two of the pouches were worn to a more smooth finish, while two had almost perfect Pebble-Grain finish. All four were very soft and pliable leather, and still seat FAL magazines perfectly. For less than Three Dollars a piece, you really can't beat this price for a vintage magazine pouch!
The choice of cold war infantry everywhere!
Review by Niodox
Verified Buyer
I purchased a pair of these to build a KAZ57 style Austrian soliders kit. They are perfect for that without saying.

The pouches are designed to be worn on a belt and not really all that compatiable with any sort of ALICE or MOLLE type system. Each pouch also has a D-ring o the back for use with Y-strap suspenders.

The pouches secure with a metal bead and a cut leather strap. It is what it is but if you are looking for modern, secure storage you may consider looking elsewhere. The pouch comes up about halfway up the body and does not safely secure shorter mags (M16 20rds kind of work). They are only deep enough for 1 mag as well. Low profile but low capacity.

Leather cleaned up and oiled well, metal was intact. If you are looking for piece of old school kit to hold a couple of FAL or similar mags you could do a lot worse for 3 bucks. If you are hitting 3 gun you may need to look elsewhere.
Excellent for mags, not for your bags!
Review by Seth
Verified Buyer
I have four of these. I picked them up with the intention of using them to expand storage space on some of my Milsurp bags. Once received, I realized that these aren't good for carrying small objects around in.

They look like they would carry a lot, but the leather only comes up about half way under the front flap - anything that isn't roughly the size of a FAL magazine will simply fall out the sides.

If your cellphone or tablet is the same size as a FAL Mag then you're in luck, and these will be perfect. You can probably cut a pair in half for simple use. Would also be good for walkie-talkies that don't have silly antennae, STUD finders, Tape recorders or any other small electronic that's sort-of a chunky rectangle.
Fair value
Review by Terry
Verified Buyer
A little saddle soap for cleaning and mink oil for softening and they're good for many more years.

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