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Our FAL Magazine is based on the widely proven metric pattern FAL mag, which was commonly used by virtually all Western aligned forces during the Cold War. With the FAL rifle continuing to be prized by collectors and shooters, the demand for quality magazines increases with each new rifle sold. True to the military classic metric pattern FAL mag, our magazines not only function just like the original but look just like them as well.

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Description / FAL Magazine


  • FN/FAL Magazine
  • Metric Pattern Design
  • Caliber: .308 Winchester / 7.62x51 NATO
  • Capacity: 20 Rounds

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Manufacturer United Defense LLC

Customer Reviews

Great mags, bought more
Review by PaulC
I have had ZERO misfeeds with these mags. They are perfect. Top notch construction and finish. And these are only a few dollars more than used mags, and well worth it.
Will buy more
Review by PaulC
I bought six, and all six insert and drop free, and feed flawlessly. Top notch.
Review by COZ
These FAL mags, are some of the BEST I've seen!!!
Fal magazine
Review by Rstate
Great mag for me good quality no issues I will be buying again
Review by Coz
The BEST FAL mags on the market!!
Review by Jim
The mags I got were top notch would buy them again
FAL metric pattern magazines
Review by PaulC
Ordered three of these, went to the range, excellent... no, repeat NO misfeeds. So I ordered three more. All good.
Recommend this product
Review by KPWillis
Magazines are full metal and high quality
I bought 1 FAL magazine
Review by Larry
Magazine worked out great I plan to buy more
FAL Mag for a Scar 17
Review by Bob
Alter mag to fit my Scar 17
Seats in magwell and cycles dummy rounds well! Have not had chance to shoot yet
Bought some, buying more
Review by PaulC
These worked great in my Metric pattern FAL. No issues.
Fal mag
Review by zeesnutz
awesome mags, fit well n look great. Hope they cycle half as good as they look. Ordered 4
They worked great
Review by Richard
I was skeptical at first but I ordered 4 FAL Magazines and I was glad I did they were what I was needing for my LAR 8. I will order some more real soon
Fal steel mags
Review by JG
Excellent condition and price. Shipped and received very quickly. Thanks
Good mags.
Review by Marvin1974
Good mags, worked great in my rra lar-8. I didn't have any failures of any kind. I'll be getting more.
Works great
Review by Chuck
Good job folks.
Stars above speak for themselves
Review by 64ROF
Mags work very well, and look good too.
Review by Coz
NEW, still in shrink-wrap, what more do you need??!!
good mags average price
Review by Ryan
mags came in the mail earlier then expected and were in great condition
Good magazine.
Review by drcharly
Even though I haven’t fired it, the craftsmanship is top notch, I dry tested it, it cycles fine, just one hiccup, a little oil and some breaking in and it’ll do just fine .
Overall good
Review by DAJ
Overall good mags. Bought 5 and ran them over the weekend with no reliability or feeding issues. The fit is tight and scratched the top of all the mags. My rifle is metric pattern just like these mags.
Review by todd
Brand new mil spec. Parkerized finish is thin. I will buy more.
Works great!
Review by Thomas
Bought one to try-works great in my RRA LAR-8. Easier "in and out" than the Thermold mags. RRA marked mags are ALOT more.
I prefer steel. Will purchase more of these when the extra funds are available.
Best New Steel Mags On the Market
Review by Levi
On a wing and a prayer I ordered up five of KeepShooting's FAL mags and all work beautifully with no failures of any kind. The issue was the mags and not my FAL though I do think Slo cat's FSE checkered mag release helped a bit as well as it sits taller than DS Arms' factory mag release lever.

Anyways, all of KeepShooting's mags run beautifully in my FAL and the FTFs and bolt-over-base issues completely disappeared. These are the best steel FAL mags on the market today and the only other new mags I trust other than Moses' polymer magazines.

And at a hundred bucks for five mags these are well worth the money!
Top notch
Review by Ryan
Seriously well made with great fit and finish. The search ends here, these are the mags you want.
Nice Mags
Review by RemMax
I have 10 of these KS mags as well as several Mil-Surp mags to feed my Fals
With the current prices of Fal mags these are a great value, they fit feed and function as well as any of my OEM mags do and they have the added benefit of looking nice
Since these are brand new they have a nice finish on them and since they fit and feed perfectly that's a definite plus
Overall a really nice mag to feed your Fals in several variants
I have 1 CAI, 1 el cheapo and several Imbel receivers and these mags work in all of them
With the discount for buying 5 or more they are even nicer
Thanks KS

these mags make the gun
Review by bruce
Just got a brand new DSA FAL along with 4 of their mags----the DSA mags all failed to work, wouldn't feed the chamber. Bought five of these mags and perfect functioning-----got my gun back!
Works great in my DSA
Review by Mark
Purchased recently for use in my DSA FAL, and worked fine.
Review by Jeffrey
I bought five of these mags last July based on the reviews here. These mags won't even cycle the rounds by hand let alone the guns action. I got a bolt over and my gun locked up right from the get-go.

The mags stuck in the well also. The rounds jamb. It appears that the feed lips are not machined properly to allow the rounds to slide out. They don't feed nor did they fit well in my RRA LAR. The parkerized coating on these mags is what causes the binding in the receiver.

Excellent mags
Review by Joe
Ordered these magazines for my inch rifle because inch mags are expensive and hard to find. These magazines functioned flawlessly in my rifle and locked up tight. I will be ordering more very soon!
Great mag for RRA .308
Review by steven
Got ten and no failures. The only other mag I had that much success with is the .223 Pmag. These work great in my RRA AR10. Love my RRA AR10 with these mags. No FTF no Jams and they hold the bolt back when empty. THANKS
good price
Review by Marcel
even better price when bought in bulk
Great Magazines, Great Customer Service
Review by James
These magazines function flawlessly in my DSA Para. They are brand new and the price is great. KeepShooting's customer service is top notch as well. Get some you will not be sorry.
More of the same.
Review by Patrick
Great mags and a great price. These are brand new mags and very similar to the Austrian mags in my collection. A very nice product at an attractive price.
FN FAL in house mags are great!
Review by Pat
These magazines are dead ringers for the Austrian STG 58 FAL magazines. They have the witness holes and I have trouble telling them apart unless I look very closely. They don't have the military manufacture marks like on the Austrian mags and the witness holes aren't as clean. I have no failures to feed in my rifle when I tested these magazines. Great mags :)
Nice Mags
Review by Elijah
These mags are great they really are brand new and I compared the specs to my surplus mags and they are right on Thanks Keep shooting.
Great New Production FAL Mags
Review by Cody
The mags fit well in my Imbel L1A1 sporter. The finish looks good and they feed well. No problems with the magazines at all!
Review by Brian
No rust. Good shape. Bought five and they all function properly. I will most likely buy more if I can. These are hard to find in my area.
Nice mags for the price
Review by Elijah
I bought 4 of these mags and they are used surplus. These are the same mags that came with my Ds Arms stg58 and the fit is perfect. I have yet to test fire them but I did break the 4 mags down and 3 of the 4 were in excellent condition and 1 was in good condition I am buying more of these thank you keepshooting.com I will be back for more.
tight fit in my DSA SA58 but worked!!
Review by Matthew
my FAL is hit and miss on mags, some don't lock, some work well, some are tight. ordered one and tried it. It was tight but locked up. Condition was good!
Review by Dillion
Best thing ever. I have bought like 3 clips and they are in good condition.
Good product, Great Service
Review by Gerald
Mags are good quality, minor wear. Individually packaged in sealed plastic bags. Everything very well packed for shipping. Bought 14, plan to buy more. KS is on my top ten list of suppliers!
good magazine.
Review by Kobe
I had a hard time finding these,so when I found em on KS I picked up 3 to give em a try. The mags were in great shape,keepshooting had great customer service.I will be back for future purchases
Barely used
Review by Andrew
Magazines arrived timely. No rusting at all! All the used magazines required is some dusting and refinishing. Springs are still strong too.
straight up
Review by reggie
.308 magazines came faster than expected and they were in very good shape, a little cleaning up will do the do.
Great Service, Great Product
Review by Duke
I would recommend this company, I'm very happy with my purchase. These Magazines are very hard to find. Get these while they're available. Thanks Again.

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