British Army MTP Camouflage Parka

British Army MTP Camouflage Parka

The British Army MTP Camouflage Parka is a current issue windproof smock parka from the British Army. With MTP (Multi-Terrain Pattern) replacing the standard DPM camouflage, this MTP windproof smock parka is one of the newest items to be sold as surplus by the British Army.

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Description / British Army MTP Camouflage Parka

The British Army MTP Camouflage Parka is a wind proof smock that features everything you'd expect in an Army parka, with the main difference being the use of the latest MTP Camouflage for the finish. This style of windproof parka has been used for decades by NATO aligned forces, with the British issuing them to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Authentic British Army Surplus Parka
  • Integrated Hood with Button Tie-Down
  • Two Large Interior Zippered Mesh Pockets - Plenty of Storage
  • Two Button-Closed Hip Pockets
  • Two Button-Closed Chest Pockets
  • Designated Smock, Combat, Windproof, MTP
  • NSN# 8415-99-317-8389
You can currently see this parka being worn by members of the Azov Battalion in the Ukraine. This alone makes this parka worth adding to your collection!

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Manufacturer British Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Good item overall but condition varies with military surplus
Review by John
When ordering military surplus, it is truly luck-of-the-draw concerning the condition of the item that you will receive. I ordered two of these parkas. One of them was in almost perfect condition (probably never used). It even had the soldier's rank slider in place on the front of the parka. The second parka looked as though it had been through 3 or 4 tours of combat duty and was in such poor condition that I could not justify keeping it for the price and returned it (large ink stain on sleeve; velcro stitching falling apart, no wire in hood, very worn). As for the parka that I kept, it is a great item. It's light-weight and functions perfectly as a wind breaker. It can be worn over warmer, insulated clothing. It is water resistant but not water proof. It has 4 large pockets on the front of parka, 2 giant, inner, mesh-lined chest compartments, and 2 slashed, fleece, hand warmer pockets. The hood has a wire sewn into it's border so that it can be molded to fit over your head or hat and stay in place with drawstrings / cord keeper. The MTP camo pattern is almost identical to multicam and will complement any US multicam clothing that you may have. Overall, it's a little pricey for used surplus but worth it if you are fortunate enough to receive one in good condition.
A great Jacket.
Review by KC
A great Jacket. Very well designed. Very well made. Perhaps a bit pricey for surplus condition. Mine came in overall good shape, but very faded...almost to a silvery color. It certainly has that "worn in " look. Maybe the camo pattern will darken if I hit it with some type of waxed-cloth conditioning agent.
Review by Terry
Definitely worn ,but good shape. I got one with the hand warmer pockets. Some say that when the fleece gets wet its heavy and takes along time to dry. Simple solution is to spray with waterproofing. Two coats and its good to go.
Like new
Review by Mark
Great construction of garment, mine was like new it may have been issued. But the tag was not crumpled like it has be laundered, and the hook and loop was like new. Great item thanks for obtaining another outstanding item guys!
Outstanding surplus gear
Review by carl
This British smock is top notch. It came in excellent condition, well constructed and has plenty of pockets for storage. The British MTP is very similar to Multicam so it should go well with USGI gear.
Excellent Used Camo Jacket
Review by Douglas
I ordered and received the camo jacket which was in very good condition for being used. All the buttons and Velcro were in-place and the zipper worked without binding.(remember the zippers on British clothes are on the opposite side as American). There were no rips or tears. There is a support wire sewn around the hood which was a little kinked but with a little time and effort was easily straightened. I ordered the larger size to ensure I could wear additional layers under this coat, and it fit very well. The cuffs are Velcro adjustable. The length of the coat goes below your waste for great coverage and includes a draw-string. It does have a somewhat of a loose fit but perfect as far as I am concerned. Great product for a great price.
Good value and price point.
Review by Natasha
The one i got seems to be in good condition. The first one i ordered was 170/96 which seems to be a size medium. The sleeves were to short for me. so i returned and exchanged for a bigger size 180/96 which fits better than the previous one i recieved. The mtp camouflage is nice and it also has a lot of pockets great for bushcraft. The jacket is good quality and i can layer up if i wanted to. mine also have the fleece line pockets. which is good to keep my hands warm during the cold months. I am 5/7 180lbs. If you have short arms just go with 170/96 but i like my clothes kinda of big so i can layer underneath. all in all good solid jacket.
Nice Jacket
Review by Helodrvr79
Very solid and functional jacket for outdoor use. I received one of the early pattern Mk 1 MTP jackets (same design as earlier DPM smocks), so unfortunately no side slash pockets, hand warmer fleece liners or sleeve pockets. That being said, the condition is excellent and at a very good price for a light/mid weight field jacket in MTP pattern. I'm 5/7 with 40 inch chest and the 170/96 fits me perfectly. Lose but not overly baggy.
Great value
Review by Jake
Shows wear a bit, but it is durable and comfortable and most of all, it is functional. People always ask where I got it; it is pretty cool.
Can't beat it
Review by JG
I have had one of the DPM smocks for several years, and I really like the windproof smock concept. Those island people sure are good at keeping the cold wind at bay.
This smock looks almost new, it has the pit zips and the fleece pockets, and it was a ton cheaper than trying to order one from the UK. If you want a good medium weight cammo jacket then get you can't beat this one.
great smock
Review by Panzerfaust
I am a bit confused by the hang tag saying made in Great Britain but the tag sewn inside says made in China. I thought mine was new unused until I found a 2 pence coin in one of the chest pockets. Mine has arm pit zippers, hand warmer pockets behind the lower front pockets and 3 slot pen inside both of the mesh slash pockets .I am very happy with this purchase!
Good smock
Review by B
I have wanted one of these for a while but no one in the US was selling them, until got them. These are the best military smocks out there. Be aware that they have both the newer and the older version of the MTP smock. I ordered two, both are in great condition, but one was the newer version with the lined hand warmer pockets and wire hood, the other was the older style but sill MTP.
good product, fair price
Review by Wyomarine
Just received 2 of these. Both are well used, mesh liners are a bit frayed, however, all the zippers, buttons, and velcro function as it should. The material has no rips or tears, and color appears unfaded. Hood wire on 1 was good, the other one resembles a spiral notebook coil, I will have to replace it. (Copper ground wire from Romex works well for this) Lots of life left in these. I already own DPM and desert DPM smocks, will continue to buy them, most functional smock/parka on the market.

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