The British Commando Knife is an authentic British Army Commando Knife that is still being made and issued to Royal Marines. This knife is commonly referred to as the Fairbairn Sykes Commando Knife based on the two inventors of this knife. The design of this knife has reached legendary status from the combat issuance during World War II and later from continuous use by the British Ministry of Defense.

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The British Commando Knife has been in continuous service with the British Army since it was initially fielded in 1941. This legendary blade has proven to be ideal for Royal Marines and other elite commandos who need a fighting knife designed for their special missions. Far from being just a commando knife, the Fairbairn Sykes has become the iconic symbol for the best of the best in the British Royal Marines.

These British Commando Knives are made in Sheffield, UK by the same contractor who produces this knife for the British Ministry of Defense. These are not a commercial copy by an unaffiliated manufacturer, they are the genuine Fairbairn Sykes knife as issued to soldiers presently serving in the Royal Marines. Each commando knife comes with the correct leather sheath to ensure your genuine British Army Commando Knife is well protected and remains a prized treasure for years to come.

  • Authentic British Army Commando Knife
  • Modern Version of Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife
  • Made in Sheffield, UK
  • Includes Commando Knife and Sheath

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Original UK Knife
Review by Mike
Verified Buyer
This is an original production knife from Sheffield and I had a leg sheath customized by Mr. Robert Jones at http://www.handsewnleather.com/.
Gets the job done
Review by Mike B
Verified Buyer
I have owned a British Commando knife for a long time and its a great knife. It is so sharp and reliable that one time I drove the tip through a dime. It is a true defensive/offensive knife, not a camping or hunting knife. A long time ago it saved my life and it has a place of honor with me ever since. Its a true fighting knife and not a toy. Enough said.
Excellent Knife
Review by johnB
Verified Buyer
I have had my eyes open for a knife like this, ever since I saw one from WW2 that my father had in his collection.

This knife doesn't seem to the same materials as the original MK1 or MK2, but this is still a great knife.

This is a great piece for anyone who loves knives and if it was ever pressed into service, I have no doubts that it would do exactly what it was designed to do. Great Price and pretty solid materials!
Good value.
Review by GrampyTom
Verified Buyer
I got Nowill manufactured knives. These are actual MOD issue right now to Royal Marines. When compared to the mkI an mkII knives, these mkIII knives are very cheaply built but are made to present day MOD specs. They are still a fine weapon, just not overbuilt (?) like the original marks. These knives can, and should, be disassembled after a mission to be cleaned and lubed as there are many places for water to settle. These are carbon steel and will rust. These were never meant to be field craft knives and would not stand up to field use. They are meant for one function only and are superbly suited to that purpose. Thanks for making them available.

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