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Chinese AK-47 Sling

The Chinese SKS Sling is a green canvas rifle sling that can be used on either an SKS or AK-47 rifle. These excellent slings were made in China by a factory who has made them for over 30 years for the Chinese military. You'll not find a better reproduction sling for your SKS or AK-47 rifle than this one and the price is right.

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Description / Chinese AK-47 Sling

The Chinese SKS Sling is an essential component of either the SKS or Chinese pattern AK-47 rifle. These correctly reproduced slings will make your Chinese SKS or AK-47 type rifle easier to shoot, maintain, and you'll have more fun at the range.

  • Made in China by a military factory
  • Works on any SKS Rifle or Chinese Pattern AK-47

Customer Reviews

Great Addition to My AK
Review by Rick
I'm trying to keep my Norinco AK as authentic as possible , and this Chinese sling is a great addition to that effort. The inexpensive cost, along with the rapid delivery, were just icing on the cake. Great job KS, keep up the good work!
I really like it!
Review by Hank
Very nice sling it is simple compact and does the job but i do wish it were a tad bit wider but thats ok, also i like the leather attachment to the mounting points all at a very good price to boot.
Very good sling.
Review by Benjamin
Hope they get more in, bought a while back and slings were like new and true surplus slings and can't beat it for the money.
Excellent condition with the right look
Review by KP Duty
I ordered one which came in probably the original factory rice paper wrapping. Probably never issued, certainly has the right look. I actually think these are better than the European Style AK slings the site also sells, either despite or because of being actual surplus.
it broke!
Review by Michael
I don't know if all the people leaving outstanding reviews just never used this sling extensively or what, but both ends of my Chinese sling tore. I won't get it again. 
com bloc ak slings
Review by Daniel
i have 2 of these and they are both great.
Review by Dave
Bought 2, very nice slings
good for the money
Review by Robert
good sling for the money. I have been using mine for a few months and have not had any problems.
Review by Dave
Perfect on all counts ... can't be beat for price or quality
Chinese AK47 Sling
Review by Jill
Very nice. I have seen these at gun shows for much more money. Great sling for my Polytech.
The real thing
Review by powderbob
I like it, because it's the real, authentic military old style cotton made sling, still in the original packaging. It's good for the AK's, SKS's or even Mosin-Nagant rifles. Thank You Keep Shooting for having it in stock.
Blast from the Past
Review by Darrell
Authentic not a replica! Great add on for period correctness.
Awesome value.
Review by Joseph
These slings are very rugged. I've had bad experiences with poorly made Chinese slings in the past, but these ones seem very solid. I have no fear of these slings failing me while carrying any expensive rifles. I bought two.
Com Block Sling
Review by Jose USMCR
These are the type you will find in most 3rd world countries AKs. So in other words these are as tough as the Aks that they are mounted on. For that price I would buy a few.
Chinese Sling
Review by Brian
This is an excellent sling that came in excellent condition. I have one on my SKS and one on my WASR. Seven bucks a piece !!!
Perfect for MAK90
Review by Gabriel
As I expected, this sling fit the MAK90 perfectly. After trimming the leather for the front attachment, it was only a matter of getting the button/rivet to feed through the leather. Good quality. Seems to be very durable. Recommended to any MAK owner
Great price!
Review by Nicholas
I usually do most of my shopping at a different site, but ever since I stumbled across Keepshooting, I've been amazed at their prices! The price for this sling is about $5-$10 cheaper than the price other sites are asking for. So get these while you can! Mine is in excellent condition.
Nice addition to your ak
Review by Southernboy
Great price, look, and history! If you have a Wasr 10, like me, you will need to trim the leather part to fit into handguard sling hole, after about 5 minutes I was carrying the AK on my back! Good buy!
Great for my Chinese SKS!!
Review by Spencer
I own an actual 1973 Chinese SKS and I recently bought the sling, it was very durable. The leather was very stuff, so I bend it several times to get it loosen and it fits nicely on my SKS. I will buy another one for my Uncle's SKS! The price is too good to be true, people at gun shows would try and rip you off for a ridiculous price if you can get it for 6.95 dollars.
Real deal
Review by STEVEN
Real Chinese Military sling not a reproduction! The packaging was crude but what they used back in the day, waterproofing old-school. Kind of a time capsule of sorts. They try and rip you at gun shows for stuff like this. Am very satisfied, Thanks
great sks sling
Review by nancy
it was a little hard to put on but it looks great and its a really great price considering a guy at the gun show wanted $30 for the exact same thing. i would recommend this if you have an sks or a ak-47!
top notch
Review by Reddevil
If you like authentic parts for your guns,then you will love this sling.It it makes a nice addition to your SKS,and even looks good on my AK.
Nice Throwback
Review by SH
Came wrapped in sealed wax paper, metal on buckle had a slight bit of corrosion but nothing some CLP wont fix. Good alternative to other AK sling styles. No metal to giggle around and make noise.
Brand new
Review by Stephen
As others have said, getting the leather over the rivet was hard. I used a leather punch to enlarge the hole a bit because I was tired of fighting with it. It is made for the SKS, so you will most likely have to trim one end to fit the top sling loop on an AK. I had an old snap hook that had a D ring, and used that. On the SKS, a second sling fit perfectly. As an aside, the heavily waxed paper/fabric the sling is wrapped in makes a great fire starter.
works well
Review by dave
it sort of looks as if the buckle is sewn in upside down and should lie flat to the webbing. perhaps it is like that to allow for easier manipulation???
either way, it's cheap and works well and that's something that's often hard to say about a lot of other made in china items. i wonder why they don't sell these at wal mart!!! lol
bottom line is you can modify it or just beat the crap out of it and not care since it was so cheap.
Had to cut it to fit, but it is definitely strong
Review by Rob M
It didn't fit the front sling attachment on my WASR-10, so it cut it down a bit. After it fit getting the rivet thru the top hole on the sling was difficult, but after all that the sling isn't going anywhere.
Great buy
Review by Grizzly
Ordered 2. One went on easy, the other one put up a hard... Leather is very hard and tuff. Works great on AK47s or SKS rifles.
Very nice!
Review by TheDarkHorse
I've purchased two of these and about to purchase a third. They are very good quality and sturdy. Although they may have some collectability value, I actually use mine. I prefer these to the European type because there is no metal-to-metal noise or wear. They are very versatile for different variants. The only reason I didn't rate quality 5-star is because one of my slings had some color variation. I know that may be important to some and that's why I mention it. Otherwise, for my use they are excellent!!

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