In celebration of the centennial of the Spanish-American War, the US Army Center of Military History produced this two volume set for officers, historians, and researchers. This collectors set gives insight into the challenges the US Army faced in the first engagement to project American power far outside of North America. Considered to be essential reading for military scholars and would be enjoyed by anyone who collects books or enjoys military history.This two volume set was printed by the US Army Center of Military History and is a collector grade publication. These two volumes feature the highest quality hardcover design with a gold inlay of the Great Seal of the United States on the front of each volume. Collectors buy and sell this set for hundreds on Amazon, we made a special purchase where we can sell you the original two volume set for our low price.

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Correspondence Relating to the War With Spain, long out-of-print, is an invaluable two-volume documentary collection of the communications between The Adjutant General's Office and the field commanders. First published in 1902 and brought back into print to commemorate the centennial of the Spanish-American War, this facsimile edition provides a solid core of primary material and a starting point for research on a wide spectrum of topics related to the U.S. Army and its conduct of overseas campaigns in Cuba, Puerto Rico, China, and the Philippines. With an introduction by Graham A. Cosmas, who describes the War With Spain as a major event in the Army's evolution from a frontier constabulary into the military arm of a twentieth-century world power. The volumes serve as a hallmark of the Army's first efforts to project forces over great distances outside North America to achieve strategic objectives.


  • Correspondence Relating To The War With Spain - Vol 1 and Vol 2
  • Hardcover Bound with Gold Inlay of The Great Seal of the United States on Covers
  • Covers The War with Spain and Includes the Insurrection In The Philippine Ilands and the China Relief Expedition
  • Events Cover April 15, 1898 to July 30, 1902
  • Forward by Brigadier General Harold W. Nelson, Chief of Military History
  • Originally Printed in 1992 - Stil in Printing Press Plastic Wrap
  • Total of 1489 Pages of Text

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Review by Joe
Verified Buyer
Excellent quality. Very interesting and thorough source material on a rarely written about conflict.
The Fog of War Shines Through on Sunny Days
Review by Glen
Verified Buyer
Take a step back in time and catch a glimpse of the intricacies of running a war and an armned insurrection before modern war fighting technologies of satellite / internet.
What a steal
Review by Germina
Verified Buyer
Great price. Thanks KS
What! Only 9.95?
Review by MikeKY
Verified Buyer
The price is amazing. So far so good, it has quite a bit of information not before seen in books both fiction and non-fiction from this reader's eyes. This reader is still in process of reading the book.

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