CRKT Folts S.P.E.W. Knife

The CRKT Folts S.P.E.W. Neck Knife is another successful design by Alan Folts who CRKT has partnered with to mass produce. The S.P.E.W. or small, pocket, everyday Warncliffe is a compact neck knife that features a plain edge Wharncliffe-style blade that will cut through a variety of tasks better than most other knives of this size. With the versatile carry sheath you can ensure that the SPEW is always available.

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The CRKT Folts S.P.E.W. is a small yet powerful knife that continues upon the successful neck knife designed by Alan Folts. Those who have used a neck knife recognize the versatility and functionality that knives of this type provide. The S.P.E.W. is one of the most innovative neck knives, chiefly from the use of a Wharncliffe style blade and the proven design profile from Alan Folts.

Where neck knives like the CRKT Folts S.P.E.W. excel is their size and availability. These knives are designed to be worn around your neck, which the S.P.E.W. is capable of with the sheath and paracord that is attached. You do not need to fish around for your knife in your pocket or bag when you have a task that requires it, you simply reach towards the center of your chest and extract the S.P.E.W. No other knife design offers this level of easy access, with most coming close with a belt or pocket clip.

  • Factory New CRKT Knife
  • Neck Knife Design
  • Wharncliffe Style Blade
  • Includes Versatile Carry Sheath
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Overall Rating
Great for the Money!
Review by Keepshooting Customer
This was my first Ka-Bar, first neck knife and first belt knife with only 3 clips (for 3 main ways to wear it: under-quarter, under the belt, in a leg-belt, for instance). Great blade! My major reservation is that the knife's "handle" has virtually no shape, no indentations for me to place my hand, so my hand/index just hangs loose with the finger "leash". So that means that I can lose a lot of blood very quickly. But for under 30 dollars it's a bargain, no? And for just 30 dollars I think it's an excellent self-defense knife.
Overall Rating
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Excellent small carry! Highly recommended
Overall Rating
Amazing piece
Review by Keepshooting Customer
For the price point it is awesome! 1/4 inch solid for the budget buyer or collector. Comes with very nice little screwdriver as well
Overall Rating
Not Bad. But not Amazing either.
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Its sharp and holds its edge fairly well, and has a great feel to it in the hand. But the cross hairs CRATERS as you use it on harder things. A normal carbide bevel was too hard on my thumb. But, overall, its great for a back pocket utility EDC for those on the go. Its the size of a pocket blade with the edge and holding power of an axe. I use it to open Amazon's "5 inches in diameter or more" package without using my scissors. (Sometimes i forget my actual pair of scissors and don't want to be stuck in my Amazon locker, cutting it out of the envelope by hand.) Its also easy to remove the rubber cord from the scabbard, and it is also great as a scraping tool. Overall a decent blade and would recommend.
Overall Rating
A nice backup
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Nice to carry for any eventuality in everyday life. I got this for EDC (everyday carry) which works fine. However it is not ideal for large cutting tasks, more of a thorn for emergencies, but it works very well as a very thin, unnoticeable knife for backup. The case comes a bit open for some reason and is rather easy to pull off, so be careful with it if carrying it IWB (inside the waistband).
Overall Rating
Excellent concealable small EDC knife.
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Small blade that can handle daily tasks. Good for field dressing small game. The point of balance is towards the tip. So the ability to pierce makes this a knife that can be confidently used for piercing meat, with a thrusting motion as you slash. I had previously sharpened the edge on this CRKT fixed-blade knife to give it a dagger style blade. But it came with the blades of my desire.
Overall Rating
CRKT is my favorite brand, great quality knives
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Another fantastic CRKT product
Overall Rating
Excellent little fixed blade for an affordable price.
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Good light little fixed blade. Came with two sets of finger rings. You can make a cross with one of them for Christian decoration. Easy to carry and keep concealed. I can get the blade in and out of its sheath without taking my eyes off the road in my car. I use the other finger ring to hang it from my wrist. Nice comfortable strap on the back. I can keep my knife within an easy reach if needed.
Overall Rating
Great little EDC
Review by Keepshooting Customer
This is my first CRKT purchase and I am impressed. The sheath holds securely and has a great retention feature to prevent accidental loss. The blade is sharp enough out of the box and the handle feels good in your hand. It's small enough to be carried discreetly but large enough to be useful as a utility tool or defensive weapon.
Overall Rating
2nd one. A good light weight alternative EDC fixed blade to carry and throw if needed.
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Not a large fixed blade for throwing. This is a thin sharp blade to hold and throw, It fits in your pocket, car glove box. Kinda thin as in not a lot of material. My other CRKT for knife pocket with the big red tip fit in this as well. Thin. Not large like kbar. Just under two inches, very stiff but you can hold in the palm of your hand to use the finger holes. Thin. Small thin leather sheath included, good tip for knife pointing or stabbing as knife goes thru a mat of sorts that blocks knife when you go for throw motion of knife across front as well as behind you in same motion. Have a better knife for normal needs of opening packages that fits in the other pocket, this one would be hard to open a cardboard box or a hard item that I needed to use a razor sharp cutting action of this knife. Just use other knife or get a sharp knife designed for such action. Would like larger blade as others stated in this blade review but for throw action this is fine and holds up to normal wear of using the small stiff blade for motion, sharpness will wear out after some uses as the small blade wears out. Carbontip has an idea for re design of this one, but that would be big for this blade, nice throw as well as throwing blade but not sure a knife with carbontip end of handle with smaller hand hold for handle for smaller hand. CRKT carbontip end would be hard on the small hand as it was for me, so if you want to have a blade handle like that for knife handle get bigger handle knife and this blade can go into a pocket of that bigger blade handle as an alternate carry blade or backup when this smaller CRKT knife handle needs to be replaced with that bigger blade handle, this CRKT blade could not handle the wear on that carbontip handle if you got big hands. Just sayin, a good knife to have as well as alternative in the event you have big hands for throwing the knife or you need to use a throwing action knife and
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