The CRKT Chogan Woods T-Hawk is a two-handed camp axe. With a hot forged blade with a hammerhead side you will find the Chogan Woods T-Hawk is ideal for building fires or working on a shelter at your campsite. Featuring a genuine hickory handle you will be comfortable using the Chogan Woods T-Hawk either single or double handed.

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The Columbia River Knife and Tool CRKT Woods Chogan T-Hawk is a modern evolution from the tactical tomahawk design. What the Woods Chogan T-Hawk is made to go up against however is trees at your campsite or in the woods. You will be able to quickly tear through the old Douglas Fir with the solid 1055 carbon steel blade which is a rock solid head for this handy camp axe.

  • Blade Length: 4.21"
  • Blade Edge: Axe w/ Hammer
  • Blade Steel: 1055 Carbon Steel, 50-55 HRC
  • Blade FInish: Hammer
  • Blade THickness: 0.52"
  • Weight: 2lbs 1.4oz
  • Handle: Tennessee Hickory
  • Style: Tomahawk
  • Overall Length: 19.13"

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Customer Reviews

Very nice
Review by Sreya W.
Verified Buyer
I keep it in the car. Nice
Great, but heavy
Review by Johnney G.
Verified Buyer
Heavy for a tomahawk at 2 lbs. Had to re-do the edge, no big deal. Other than that it’s pretty awesome.
Couldn’t be happier.
Review by Jeanenne E.
Verified Buyer
I love it. Get the one with the extra weight on the back. Very good quality and design.
Awesome Tomahawk, very customizable.
Review by Sada A.
Verified Buyer
Super awesome Tomahawk, very easy to customize.
Great axe
Review by Royce Z.
Verified Buyer
Neat item
The Tomahawk I didn't know I needed.
Review by Butch U.
Verified Buyer
About 5 years ago I became interested in the Tomahawk. It has a long and storied history in North America, is particularly important as a fighting weapon, along with Bowie knife, and much later, the Ka-Bar in the US context. The Tomahawk and the Bowie, often used in conjunction, are the quintessential North American edged weapons. Yes, their development has multicultural and varied antecedents but forms the weapons finally took owe much to the history of US I think. That is all by way of introduction.

The only tomahawks I have are Cold Steel's admirable Trench Hawks. They are kind of heavy, and I wanted something a bit more reminiscent of the traditional Tomahawks used by Americans of the past. That meant handles of wood, rather than Cold Steel polymer (of which there is nothing wrong). CRKT's Tomahawks are universally well reviewed, so I thought I would give them a try. I'm glad I did.

The Woods Chogan is just about everything you could want in a tomahawk, which must double as a camp/bushcraft tool and weapon of self defense/general combat to really meet the definition of a tomahawk. Any old hand axe does not a tomahawk make. The Woods Chogan meets all the criteria necessary to be labeled "tomahawk." Its light enough to carry on long hikes, but heavy enough to double as a decent chopper for processing of fire wood. The hammer on the end is more than adequate for any camp task you would need a hammer for.

As a weapon it is forward heavy like all hand axes, but the tomahawk is light enough to make recovery after a strike more manageable than with dedicated fighting axes. The handle is stout and well made. If you are thinking about this tomahawk, I'd say go ahead and get it. This is solid product that harkens back to the tomahawk's unique North American roots.
Love it
Review by Rynisha W.
Verified Buyer
Light weight, durable, I can throw it at stuff and not worry about it breaking. Wish I was a viking so I could carry it everywhere.
A Real Deal Tomahawk/Axe
Review by Chauncey D.
Verified Buyer
I received this as a gift. Unbelievably better than expected. Solid throughout, well made quality, almost too pretty to use. But, it's made to be used and abused. I am so happy with this Tomahawk.
I have always been a fan of CRKT Knives, but they have outdone themselves with this Tomahawk.
I'm surprised it doesn't cost more. I was only unhappy with the gloss paint on the handle which I quickly removed and coated with linseed oil. That's Not a Tomahawk, This IS a Tomahawk!
CRKT greatness
Review by Talibah U.
Verified Buyer
I love this hawk, perfect size and weight for my pack. I don't think the beard is meant to be sharp, but I did sharpen mine, I can now use it for a gut hook, and with the easily removable head I can use it for a number of things like a Ulu or scraper, or even to tap in a small nail with the hammer head. I just love it!
It's a toy.
Review by Carrie Z.
Verified Buyer
First one I got was dull, by which I mean literally no edge at all, rounded off. The final grinding had been skipped. The replacement was sharp-ish, not like a knife but in shouting distance at least. However, the more I handled it and when I tried to use it, it became clear that this is not a tool for cutting wood or anything else. It will not stay on the handle unless I both tie it and wedge it, and I'm not paying $60 for a choose-your-own-adventure tool kit. The balance is terrible and the handle too long for convenience and too short to supply real swinging power. The whole thing is coated in cheap polyurethane except for the edge. If you wanted a camp or wilderness tool, this isn't it unless you want to put some work in to customizing it and if that's the case you can get a replica trade hawk head for far less elsewhere. I returned mine in favor of an Estwing camp axe, because even if that's not perfect, I know I'm getting something I can use on delivery.
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