Czech M60 Rucksack with Shoulder Straps

Czech M60 Rucksack

The Czech M60 backpack is a medium sized pack made from canvas. With the brown colored canvas, design style, and aged appearance the M60 will be super popular with customers who desire a vintage rucksack.

Description / Czech M60 Rucksack

The Czech M60 backpack is a great vintage pack from the Czech army. Designed to carry a typical load out for soldiers, the pack has plenty of room for daily carry items and is suitable for field use.


  • Two large exterior rear pockets for storing frequently used items
  • Drawstring closure of internal storage area ensures reliably closure - no zippers that can break
  • Canvas shoulder straps included
  • Multiple D rings for attaching equipment
  • Dimensions: 17" W x 19" H x 7" D

More Information

Manufacturer Czech Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Great Pack with Einstein Level Straps
Review by John
Buy this bag, then go straight to YouTube to figure out how the straps work. Once that's done you've dealt with the only problem this bag has. Mine came with no defects of any kind. The canvas is a good weight that is pretty resistant to abrasions...not too light so that it won't stand up to some abuse and not too heavy that is adds a lot of weight to the loads you carry. Really excellent for shortish day hikes with plenty of carrying capacity.
Worth every penny
Review by Zach
Kind of a pain in the ass to put together, but this Warsaw Pact era surplus was built to last and it's stylish to boot
Poor condition
Review by Joshua
Nothing like the condition of the photo. Maybe I miss the condition notices? The main strap is just bad. A hole sewn shut on one of the pockets. The guys name on the pocket flap, a patch would cover that. Orange spots all over it and it's like a weird faded grey color not Brown. A thin plastic red white n blue paracord esque cinch cord
Best Day Pack Bar NONE
Review by Dave
46 review so far...that says it all! Like others have said, the straps leave a lot to be desired at first and I needed a "you tube" video to figure them out... But after figuring them out and lashing them tight with 550 paracord, they are superb. Great pack to grab and throw over your shoulder and carry whatever you need for the day or weekend. I'll be waxing mine in the near future so it can get a little wet without soaking up the rain. I think this pack will outlast me (not saying a lot but...). It's my favorite all purpose bag at a great Keepshooting price...what more can I say!
buy it? Yes
Review by Jeff
The vintage pack that I got has seen a lot of use. Part of the middle strap is missing, including the metal tip. But that is being taken care of, I've taken it to a local seamstress to have her sew on strap and to sew shut a minor tear. When buying mil surplus, one has to expect to get stuff that has been some hard use. As for the shoulder straps, to keep them from coming off the pack, I used some small zip ties to hold them together. I do like my pack for what it is designed for, carrying light loads. Love that it is a vintage item. I am considering buying another, just because.
By the way, my compliments to guys at Keep Shooting. I have no complaints with any of the items I have purchased from you.I am looking forward to the next must have item. Kudos to all
excellent buy
Review by RM
Let's be honest, at this price you can't go wrong. It is a great medium sized pack with a nice vintage canvas and leather look. No plastic or nylon. Made of a lighter canvas but functional and well-built. Very pleased with this purchase.
Great vintage style, useful pack
Review by Brandon
The description is spot on with this one, it is a great vintage ruck for smaller loads. The straps took a bit of figuring out, but youtube helped. This pack was used, and definitely vintage, but it still has a lot of life in it .Great collectible, mine was marked under the flap, and I hope to make a nice bushcraft style day pack out of it.
Great display item
Review by Carl
The bag has a real nice vintage look that is perfect for display along with my Mosin. Don't know if I will ever actually use the bag but it looks cool hanging alongside the rifle.
Nice Bag
Review by Richard
Perfect size for my commuting to work. Arrived in good condition. Very pleased.
had this pack before....
Review by carol
my son owned this pack a few years ago and wore it to a thread attending Harvard.. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was still available after all these years. thanks for carrying it.
Good shape
Review by Terry
Mine was in good shape ,but smelled bad. Put it in tub with some dish soap and soaked and rinsed it. .Air drying in garage solved problem.
Review by Jack
It's a okay bag, I got a bad one. The canvas was stiff and smelled. Nothing was ripped or broken, but the bag was used. Got it for $2.50 so returning it would of been too much. I'll find a use for it.
Good vintage bag
Review by matthew
This is a good vintage bag. Good for emergency bag for vehicle or in house. This is very a very good bag for collecting too.
Great Vintage Look and Feel
Review by David
My rucksack was marked 1952, so for being in storage for decades, it is in good condition. The straps and harness are all serviceable. Mine was apparently issued at some point, as there was a packing list inside with (according to Google Translate) socks, underwear, shirts, etc, the kind of obvious stuff that you have to remind Privates to bring into the field.

Compared to the utility of a current-issue 3-day pack, it should be no surprise that this falls far short. One would have to be particularly motivated to use this rucksack for any serious activity. For carrying a load of 10-20 lbs, or a day hike, it should work fine, and of course it wins big in terms of nostalgia and style!
Czech M60 Rucksack
Review by Dave.S
Once again a home run. You can't beat the price and the quality is great. Customer service is an A++, keep up the good work guys and I'll keep buying .Love this place.
Every day use - Still going
Review by Eremite
I have used this pack for a long time now. It is still going strong. I love the classic old school design. I have used it as a day pack when I travel, and even stuffed it full of poncho liners to be used as a rifle rest at the range. I would definitely purchase this again.
Immaculate Rucksack and Harness!
Review by Ross
"New Old Stock" is really the only way to describe this set. The Heavy Duty design has a definite "Eastern Bloc" look (the off-green/brown canvas color will always mean Cold War Communist to me), and the included Y-Strap Harness was equally immaculate. The Y-Strap can be attached to the Rucksack to act as a Back Pack via the bag's D-Rings, and there are additional clips for attaching it to a belt. Good for camping, living history, or just storage in your garage/workshop!
Awesome bag for the price.
Review by Owen
Bought the pack on sale for 4.50 and I regret nothing...the bag was in great condition and is really sturdy and large for the price. Currently using for a school bag and will probably be using it for a long time afterwards. Only a minor issue in that you have to use a pair of pliers to secure the straps on the pack but again....very minor complaint for the price.
I like it.A keeper.
Review by David
Yeah, the lid was designed to be oddly small to my eyes, the straps are euro complex and the soft cotton drawstring resembles a mop strand.

But, but, the pack is sturdy and new. I intend to wax/oilcloth mine. The strap clips are a one time nuisance, just crimp them, rhen replace the drawstring with a nylon boot lace. Done!

Do not fill the bag with canned goods and the straps are no problem. This is a 20 to 30 pound bag, and that's fine

I will likely buy another. I'd be pleased to give a fully set up one as a gift.
Awesome canvas ruck
Review by Derek
No doubt one of the best values in a surplus canvas pack. Definitely large enough for a 3 day plus pack. Only down side is the shoulder straps are not the greatest epically if any weight is put in it. But Alice straps or the original leather straps work great. You cannot beat this pack for the price, truly one of my favorite surplus items I have purchased. I plan to wax it to make it waterproof.
New Pack
Review by Douglas
The pack I received is new with inspection labels still on it, it is a great pack and a good size larger then most day packs, good for for a weekend trip. The straps where in serviceable condition with light wear and a little mildew on the leather parts from storage, but easy to clean and no worries after oiling. The only problem for me was the straps are a little small for me, but I am a little bigger then the average Czech Solider being 6'2" tall and 215 pounds. I added a set of large Alice pack straps that where easy to put on requiring no modifications to the pack and made for a better fit for me. For less then $10 you get a awesome heavy duty pack that will serve well in a number of rolls.
Review by Rob
I like this pack, it is designed to be worn on y style suspender system that most European countries styled after german Wehrmacht gear, that equipment was designed for trench warfare of WW1, so it's truly a retro pack. The strap system is effective for its intended purpose, which was to carry gear a short distance. Thus it's very similar in comfort to blind bags or decoy duffles, it works very well in that capacity. It is a great bag for the truck, or trunk of car. Anytime a bag is needed but not for long distance carry... This bag is perfect and durable and will last a life time or two.
Cheap and Rugged
Review by Edwin
These packs are often mispriced and unidentified by local surplus stores. My store prices these are $35.00 and it's outrageous because their conditions are far worse than KS and three times the price. KS is the go-to place if you want one! These are very thin and light, they're meant to hook to the web gear of the Czech system as a soldier's light bag. All you really need to do is clamp the hooks on the shoulder straps shut to close them and eliminate that clanking. DIY project bag for sure, I would only use it for light items but with a change of straps it might perform fine. Czech Surplus is high quality.
Amazing pack, terrible straps
Review by Adam
For ten dollars, you can't go wrong. Throw some ALICE straps on and you've got a solid pack. Took it on a 6 mile day hike and preformed very well.
Decent Day Pack
Review by Matt
I picked this pack up as a lighter alternative to my alice pack when going on day hikes. But it does have ample room to carry food and gear for maybe a weekend camp trip depending on how minimalist you go. The bag is very solidly built. I expect that it will last through many trips.

My only complaint might be the straps. They are not entirely uncomfortable (at least as long as you do not overload the pack), but they could use some padding. Also the hooks will often come loose. I tried bending them some without much success at fixing the issue. I may try duct tape or zip ties in the future. As long as there is tension on the straps they will not come loose. But I've had a few times where I set the back down for a minute and had to reconnect the hooks the moment I picked it back up. For the price I can easily over look this.

I plan to wax this bag once I have the materials and make it more weather resistant.
Great backpack....terrible strap system.
Review by Seth
I bought this backpack to replace my soviet Veshmeshok.

These do not have norma; backpack straps... rather, they integrate with the Czech army suspenders with a series of hooks.

The hooks are easy enough to figure out, and you can put these together in a variety of configurations. No matter what you do, the hooks will fall out of the d-rings. Maybe just one, maybe all of them at the same time.... You can either increase the strap tension and make yourself uncomfortable, or you can bend the hooks closed with pliers forever.

If you do the latter, be aware that this bag clinks around and everyone will know exactly when you're approaching because it's very...erm...distinctive.

All in all, these are GREAT as a source of DIY materiels or as a project. Buy some leather Y straps and rivet them on for an amazing backpack!

In any case, EXPECT SOME WORK FOR THESE TO BE USEABLE AND COMFORTABLE BACKPACKS. In this way, at worst you accept the faults of this bags system and enjoy it for what it is.
Decent pack for the price.
Review by David
Have one for a range bag. Gets the job done just fine and is well built. Only draw backs is the hooks that hook the straps to the pack comes loose as is. Zip ties or thin strip of duck tape fixes it. I used the duct tape method and am very happy. I want get another one soon for another use.
Great product for the price
Review by Randy
The only issue I had was the straps. Takes a bit of trial and error to figure out. The pack itself is really sturdy, worn but had a lot left to give.
Great affordable backpack
Review by Nik
This backpack is great, especially for the price. The bag is quite durable and the seems are strong. You can fit a lot in this bag and there is a large pocket separation in the main bag which is useful. Overall great bag that is cheap and well made. To attach the y-straps there is a YouTube video showing how to attach em.
Great for what it is
Review by Josh
So what is it? A low cost, smallish, very lightweight canvas back-pack that just happens to match the back-packs worn by the Rebel Commando troopers on Endor in Return of the Jedi. Yep. Same back-pack. So while it does all of the things everyone else describes it is PERFECT for a costume addition for anyone dressing as a Endor Rebel Commando either for Halloween or cosplay. Bet you didn't think you would see that in a review on a gun shop's page :)
Czech rucksack
Review by Tray
I bought this last year and I can say that it has plenty of room for everyday use. The straps aren't the best and are not adjustable. They work better on Small frame people.
great day bag
Review by charles
well made,tough, probably going to oil coat it i live in wet country. the straps are a little narrow will make some wider leather pads
Mine comes with a Y-Strap
Review by David
Excellent quality. Never used. Strong canvas. It will be a great day pack. For less than $10, there is no need to think about it. Get it as a gift?
Great range bag
Review by Jon
Very functional, strong, and well made. Great for an affordable bag to use for misc circumstances.
straps should have instructions
Review by Ben Jammin
This is a good little Alice pack, but figuring out the straps was a task. This company should provide instructions. Once you figure out the strap configuration. It's worth the $10.
Can use straps mod and waxing
Review by Sandro
I like this pack a lot. I am removing the leather and reattaching the top clasps farther up, to lengthen the straps. And of course tightening the clasp so they don't fall off. And if I don't like that I will get other straps. And I think I will wax it. It has that old fashioned feeling, but tough. I got one cotton and one linen pack.
Quality military surplus rucksacks at a bargain price
Review by Ramblin' Man
Bought 2 of these on sale earlier this month, now wish I'd bought more. Rucksacks arrived in individual sealed plastic bags with fully functional Y straps included. Both bags were well used but in great shape, all straps and snaps intact. No musty smell, no holes and no need to buy replacement Y straps. These rucksacks are well worth the money and are an even better buy when on sale!
Great pack
Review by Hale
Mine is in great condition and should work good for whatever i use it for. The only negative thing I have to say about the pack is it the straps won't be very comfortable with any kind of load in it, Not a deal breaker and certainly not a reason to pass up this great pack for $10.
Nice Bag
Review by Publius
The bag is slightly smaller than a medium sized USGI ALICE pack and the condition can be described as Grade II. The bag is fundamentally sound and seems to be influenced by the Soviet M41 model, but the straps are Grade III (heavily used/worn, though still serviceable) - I am going to pick up a pair of Czech Y Straps and delegate these ones to the spare parts bin.
Used, But Still Has a Lot of Life
Review by Roy
The rucksack arrived today and it certainly is used. But all the seams appear to be in good condition. It had a musty smell, so I ran it through a wash. The straps that came with it were in really rough shape. Looks like they were chewed on by a rat. I'm glad I ordered the leather straps that match the harness system.
Good pack, Great Customer Service
Review by Lance
I received two of these bags and one was in pretty rough shape. I was concerned about returning the bag thinking it was going to be a fight to get a replacement.I could not have been more wrong. Patty took care of the issue hassle free and I will definitely be doing more business with Keep Shooting!
Heavy duty construction reminds me of World War II
Review by Zachary
Like other reviewers have said don't count on this bag to be watertight at all. Also they do show age and they have been washed many times that being said I am in love with the bag it is extremely well-made I like the straps. I really want to order more before they're all gone this bag is a real gem!!
Great pack.
Review by Bradley
Excellent military surplus. Will be using everyday for work bag. Can not say enough good things about this pack.
Nice Looking Rucksack
Review by Dominic
I'm very pleased with my purchase. Took two business days to get here and was exactly what i expected. And it was packaged nicely. Now for the sack: mine was made in 1951 and is in excellent condition. Its old but is still in its new condition. It can hold more than it looks and the only thing i was unhappy with is the fact that the straps slide off too easily, but i know you can pinch them on with pliers. I'm already planning on buying two more, one to use for a backup and one to display with my surplus stuff
Cool Old School Pack!
Review by Oliver Cromwell
This is the Cold War, Communist-era Czechoslovakian pack. Perfect for collectors of Cold War militaria. Also perfect as a day-pack, or school bag. The prices are awesome, too!
Heavy duty canvas.
Review by Michael
I ordered one of these bags.. along with the Czech "y straps" here that mate perfectly to it for gorgeous leather shoulder strap replacements. I wasn't expecting much, but upon receiving the bag the canvas and build were spectacular. SO much so, that I have ordered 2 more bags since just as backups. I figured at this price, why not?
Truly one of the best deals on the market for an old were quality rucksack. Canvas appears to be identical to Frost River once waxed. Again, amazing value for money here.. and all 3 of mine came in great condition. Would not hesitate to send others here to buy it (best price on the web for this ruck).. and indeed have done just that. Buy one, wax it, buy the Czech y straps.. and you have one bad a** bag for pennies on the dollar!
Second pack great! customer service even better!
Review by John
The first one of these that I received was in pretty rough shape, damaged straps and missing closure tabs. But after a call to keep shooting I sent it back for a replacement. The one they sent me is mint condition and appears unissued, dated 1980 and the straps are 84. I couldn't be happier! it is a terrific pack with a vintage look that I try to keep in all the gear I buy. Five stars for the pack! And five stars for the folks at KS also! Thanks.
Solid rucksack! Awesome price!
Review by Shaun
I'm really pleased with this rucksack - I bought it to use as an vacation bag to keep a few days worth of clothes in. This pack is just the right size for something like that. This would also make a really great schoolbag - seems like the right size for a laptop and a couple of books. The item arrived fairly well used, with a pinprick hole in it where the bag caught on something at some point in it's life - nothing major or unexpected with surplus. Still has a lot of life left in it.

The rope drawstring to cinch the bag closed is a bit more difficult to close than other bags I've had, but it stays closed quite well and opens quickly.

As a plus, this came with a canvas set of suspenders that attach to rings along the top and bottom of the bag. You could replace them with any sort of strap that you wanted (including the leather Czech Y-Strap suspenders that KS has in stock as well!).
What a DEAL!!
Review by William
This ruck is perfect for daily carry. The size is like Goldilocks and the bears. Not too big and not too small. All straps and buckles were in place on mine and were in good condition. The fabric is a nice heavy weave and it has a warm feel to it. This is not a new polished current issue military bag by any means but I see it as more of a piece from a time when things were made carefully and by hand with quality fabrics. All the seams were in very good condition and the sewing was excellent. This was obviously made before "Made in China" meant you would get absolute junk. I keep coming back to for the surplus products because I am sick and tired of Wally World's Chinese junk and the surplus products are always quality. This ruck is definitely one of the good ones. I don't see how you could be disappointed if you get one like mine. I'm ordering another one today.
Czech rucksack is a winner
Review by Ross
So I ordered two of these since they've been tough to come by lately. I got one very used one, and one sort-of used one. Both seem to be of the older hemp type canvas. Both have been washed, many times. A bit floppy but well made and complete, no holes, rips, tears or defects. Both came with the very stout y type suspenders that mostly stay on OK but need to have the metal hooks pounded down or otherwise secured for any kind of lasting attachment. Honestly a better strap set up can be easily attached via the D rings- I think old school Alice pack straps would work great. Aside from the straps, the only drawback for the casual user is going to be the lack of any kind of water repellency- in fact just the opposite, I believe these will soak up water like a sponge, but I've seen several Bushcrafters turn these into perfectly acceptable dry bags, so think of it as a blank canvas to work from in that regard. I've also seen these bags turned into trendy hippy-chick purses with very little work. For ten bucks they are a great value!

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