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The Czech M60 Field Jacket is an authentic Czech army jacket from the days of the Cold War. When Czechoslovakia was aligned with the Warsaw Pact during the Cold War, they would often adopt other Soviet aligned nations military equipment and modify it to make it uniquely Czech. These M60 field jackets are a great example of this as the base camouflage pattern is from East Germany's Strichtarn "Rain Drop" camouflage pattern with modifications made.

The Czech M60 Field Jacket was issued to soldiers in the Czechoslovak People's Army and was a central part of their official uniform. When you first pick up one of these M60 field jackets you immediately feel how durable it is. During the Cold War, the Czechoslovakian people took great pride in fielding an army that was competent, capable, and well prepared for any battle and that started by producing the best equipment.

With these M60 field jackets, the Czech army started with a well proven design for combat jackets. Produced from heavy cotton, these jackets were built to stand up to combat conditions. Most of the jackets are from the 1960s and 1970s and while they do look vintage, they are in better condition than today's combat jackets will be over a similar period of time. Recognizing how well the East German Strichtarn "Rain Drop" camouflage pattern performed in Central Europe, the Czech army used this pattern with a modification made to add a mottled backdrop which will help the jacket perform better when the enemy was using night vision.

We have sorted these jackets by size and found two distinct versions of the jacket. The first jacket type is an earlier generation of this field jacket, which while appearing the same as the second generation it is heavier in weight. Most of the first generation jackets we have found are from the 1960s with the second generation having dates in the 1970s. The condition on both generations of jackets is traditional Czech Cold War surplus, with the jackets being in used condition with the main visible signs of use being the material they were packed in. With the age of these jackets being 40+ years old, you will surely be pleased with the condition once you receive yours. Like all surplus, you will like it even more once it has been washed a few times to remove residue from the materials used for long term storage of the jackets.

  • Authentic Czechoslovakian Army Field Jacket
  • Produced During the Cold War
  • Czech Rain Drop Camouflage Pattern
  • Two Interior Waist Pockets
  • One Rear Flap Pocket
  • One Front Chest Pocket
  • Hidden Button Up Front
  • Wind Resistant and Combat Tough
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