Czech M85 Bag with Shoulder Strap

Czech M85 Bag with Shoulder Strap

The Czech M85 bag is a medium sized shoulder bag that was issued to soldiers in the Czech Army. We were told these were intended to be gas mask bags, but that soldiers found them so useful they became an all purpose transport bag.

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Description / Czech M85 Bag with Shoulder Strap

The Czech M85 bag is one of those military surplus deals we love. For less than the price of a cup of coffee, you get a military grade shoulder bag that no commercial bag can compete with. Order one today and you'll be hooked on military surplus deals like this for years to come.

  • Water resistant exterior
  • Multiple internal pockets and dividers
  • Large adjustable shoulder strap
  • Top flap seals using two adjustable straps
  • Name tag window
  • 1990s manufacturing date
  • Dimensions: 10.5" W x 9" H x 5" D

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Manufacturer Czech Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Very Good
Review by SomeGuy
Bought two. Use them to store jumper cables.
Great little bag
Review by Muzz
Go anywhere. Water-resistant. Roomy. Can't beat the price. Great for carrying cold weather stuff like a watchcap, muffler or gloves. Make a fine first aid kit too. I added a nice big patch of velcro for a quicker closure. May order another.
Nice for the Money
Review by Survivalism is Freedom
Good quality shoulder bag for the money. The only problem I have noted is that they are somewhat slow to work the fastenings on. Nice quality.
My 2nd order
Review by Craig
I'm planning to modify the two bags to mount as bicycle panniers
Very Good Quality
Review by Uncle Mike
I bought this some time back last year and it has held up pretty good. Definitely weatherproof!
Nice bag
Review by Lee
I use mine every day for a lunch bag. Plenty of room and easy to carry. Thermos will strap on securely underneath with a couple extra lashing straps.
Very Good
Review by Nick
The bag I received was in very good condition and ready to use. I'll probably order a few more at this price.
Great Bag, Cant Beat It
Review by Lucas
For 2 bucks you get a very useful utility bag. Its material is durable and water-resistant. I personally use it as a Bushcraft bag and would be a crafty little travel bag!
For only $2 bucks get one before they are gone guys!
Review by Thomas
Great bag for bushcraft,tough,cheap and newish!
Great for a Preppers NBC kit
Review by MaterielGeneral
I bought 6 of the Polish Gas Mask sets and two of these Czech bags. I figured for $1.95 if they sucked I would just sell them in our yearly yard sale. When the package finally arrived I was really impressed with these bags. I liked them so much I ordered 6 more that same day.

The bags are vinyl which is a plus when it comes to being water resistant but a negative for long term heavy use. They seemed durable enough for light usage. As you can see in the pictures there is a shoulder strap but its is kind of thin which will cut into your shoulder if the bag is heavy. The carry handle on top of the bag seemed nice. As you can see in the pictures there are some cinch type buckles to secure the straps and keep the cover closed. I am going buy some clip type buckles and convert it over to allow quicker access to the inside.

Now what I liked so much about the bag is that it is the perfect size to put a gasmask/carrier in it, a HAZMAT suit, NBC gloves and boot covers in it. Rubber boots maybe to much??? I will have to try and see how close it is. Once my six bags arrive I will assemble the kit for emergencies. It will be nice to have each family members name on their bag and all proper fitting equipment inside of it.
Versatile and great bag
Review by Dale
Like others have said "No Brainer" Less than $2, perfect size to fit in my saddle bags on my motorcycle, easy way to carry and organize the necesities I need on my rides.These are new but are old and have issues from being stored in a plastic bag for so long, nothing that a little TLC won't fix. My 6 cleaned up fine and I got extras for my buddies. Can't beat KS for quality and price.
A No Brainer
Review by Duane
For less then 2 bucks you can own a piece of Czech Army surplus. An interesting bag with many uses. Not pretty but a great utility bag. The 2 I purchased appear to be in new condition.
Nice bag for storage
Review by Ian
I ordered this back just to keep some gear in the trunk of my car. Works nice to store a small kit, but I really wouldn't want to hike with it.

Over all, not a bad deal for 5 bucks.
Review by John
Well designed and totally solid. Big enough for minimalist overnight trips, small enough to be worn on the chest. With a little modification it could be a poor man's kit bag, pannier, etc.
As usual, great for the price.
Review by Craig
Ugly as sin but functional. Smaller than I'd expected- guy in the picture must not be very large. Bag seems it would be very tough to beat up. Strap is relatively thin- wouldn't want to lug anything around for a long period of time. Capacity is roughly equivalent to a .50 ammo can.
Terrific deal
Review by Craig
I missed out when they went of sale but even at under five bucks this is a deal! It is in brand new condition. I don't have a specific use in mine yet but glad I ordered one!
Great little bag!
Review by Mac
Mine was used but in fairly good condition and for $2.00 I can't complain. It does seem smaller than the one in the pic over the man's shoulder. I expected it to be a little larger but it's no problem. I have the larger bag and this goes with it nicely.
Great Bag
Review by Steven
This is a great little bag. The few pictures here don't do it justice. It's waterproof. There are panels on each side that lay across the inside top ( covering whatever is inside, and they tie together, then the outside flap goes over the top and is strapped down in front. Not to mention the inside pockets with snaps. It was raining last week and I carried my shoes inside, I wear a size 11 so there is ample room to carry whatever!
Great value
Review by Krueg
Nice little messenger type bag - we got a couple while on sale for two bucks each . Came brand new. Two hip satchels for price of a cup of fancy coffee !
A great value
Review by Steve
Like others for 2 bucks you can't go wrong. I use mine for keeping my lines and tent stakes along with a large mosquito net as part of my lean to set up. The little pockets and snaps could be useful for other uses and I should have bought a couple more.
Well worth it
Review by Les
These were on sale for $2... TWO BUCKS! At that price, I'd be happy if they were good enough for a tool bag to throw in my vehicle but, I gotta say, these are a bargain at three of four times that price. I got four and three of them are brand new; the other was issued but still in excellent condition. Makes a great day pack especially if you're expecting inclimate weather.
Great bags
Review by Dan
Tons of uses for these strong durable bags. I use them for my camping cooking gear, I use them for rifle specific bug out bags - i.e. one bag per rifle with ammo and magazines for immediate bugout. I always add a couple to my order. They put them on sale for 2 bucks each!!!
Roomy haversack with lots of pockets
Review by Douglas
The one I received looks to be new un-issued, well made with all the nylon straps sewn and reinforce with rivets. Inside the main compartment it has two nylon pockets with a flap cover each is large enough to hold a couple boxes of center fire ammo. The main compartment has two side flaps made from the same Rubberized nylon, each with a small pocket with snap closures. There are 4 d-rings on the bottom to strap on extra gear and 2 more at the top of the where the adjustable shoulder is attached. There is also a reinforced nylon carry handle with two loops that can be used to attach more gear to the top. The back has small clear "ID" pocket and a rivet reinforce loop. For less then $5 you can't go wrong with this bag. Makes a good water resistant haversack, and I will get another before they are gone to use a camera bag.
Pretty Great Bag
Review by Shane
This bag seems to be all that it was intended to be! Great exterior with plenty of room inside, all at a great price.
looks very good, water resistant
Review by Lionel
protects very well against rain , whatever one puts inside , I use it frequently to store gear in my Jeep
water proof
Review by sam
this is the smaller version of the back pack, i purched both of them, and i'm glad that i did .
Review by Tray
I used this bag as my haversack since it is a good size and waterproof. Excellent price as well.
Great Bag
Review by ryan
I bought these for using as front pannier bags on my bike. I actually thought they were a dull black in the photo but they are a military green. Rubberized cloth, they are very very strong bags and weather tight aside from not having any inner flaps to resist rain. The cover is the only "flaw" as it doesn't cover the sides so water could get in.

Plenty of D loops for mounting
Pretty Universal Bag
Review by Conrad
This can be used for almost anything. For me, I put 3 MRE's inside and strapped it to my go bag. The condition I received the bag in was pretty much new, with some scuffs that seem to be just from storage. For 5 dollars you aren't going to find a better product, KS does a great job!
Brilliant for the price, lightweight, not quite waterproof
Review by C O
I bought this along with some other bags to try out as handlebar bags for bike touring and camping. It's very lightweight, and while it's clearly not for carrying heavy loads the seams feel strong for the overall weight. The handle feels very sturdy. Like other reviewers, I don't think the shoulder strap will cut it for long treks or heavy loads. Exterior material is waterproof. The cover comprises three flaps -- one on each side joined together by a strap, with the 'lid' flap (the one visible in the photos) covering the sides and fastening with straps at the bottom. This is a nice system, but it leaves some exposure the elements at the corners. This allows rain to get in and, because the bottom of the bag is nice and watertight, pool there. Not a big issue for many applications, but if you're looking at this bag solely for its water resistance you might reconsider.

An additional plus for this bag's use on a bike is the straps and d-loops on the bottom -- these provide a mount point for a rack or decaleur to keep the bag from flying around in transit.
best deal.
Review by warren(skip)
a must bag,use it for anything.guys-u can even use it for a beer cooler.service was great.
Big and Roomy at a Great Price
Review by David
Durable, have not yet put it to test to have it handles heavy load. The strap is thin. Planning to use it as an Emergency Kit.
Great Bag
Review by RANDALL
I had bought a couple of these bags and they are new,the price was great i use mine for medical first aid bags. Y ou can fit a whole lot of stuff in these. Get them for this price before they go up. or run out of stock.
Incredible value
Review by Edward
This is another great addition to my military bag collection. The waterproof material is a definite plus. The two interior pockets are also a nice feature with organizing contents. Someone has mentioned the narrow strap, but that is easily remedied for the cost this bag is being offered at. This may be the best $5 I've spent at this website.
Cheap bike panniers
Review by Sandro
I put these on my wife's bike as panniers. Not built for that and not as functional as purpose-designed panniers, but water won't get in and they won't break.
Excellent Haversack
Review by Robert
Bought several. Use them for carrying essentials when away from camp. It fits nicely under flap top on the Swedish rucksack and frame. Stitched a wider cover over narrow strap and now they are pleasant to carry even when loaded heavy. Great bag for the money.
Good Value
Review by Publius
This is a nice big bag and was in new condition. No smell was evident and it will make a good gas mask bag/haversack. The shoulder strap is narrow and a bit flimsy and will probably be replaced by a USGI GP sling. There are straps and rings on the bottom of the bag, though noisy (tape will fix this), will allow extra equipment to be strapped onto the bag, if necessary. All in all, a decent bag for the money.
Great bag for the price
Review by Hale
The bag i received is new and unissued,
It has a really strong plastic smell i don't know how to describe,i haven't had it long enough to try airing it out so i can't comment on that.
The small buckles are a bit annoying to use so i wouldn't want to open and close the bag to much.
The strap is really thin,i can't imagine it being comfortable with any weight in it.The strap is also a bit short for me (I'm 6'5" though) but i will most likely mod it anyway so not a big deal,especially at the price i paid.
The inside has 1 big slot pocket between the front and the divider and 2 slot pockets inside the main compartment.The inside of the green material is white and striped,the divider pockets are brown nylon like doesn't match but works fine.
Awesome little waterproof haversack
Review by Allen
The bag I received was in brand-new condition; so much so, there was quite a powerful "new car" smell to it, but it's mostly dissipated after airing it out for a couple of days. I'm currently using it to store my German Drager M65; who knows what I'll end up using it for in the future. The one complaint I have is that the shoulder strap is rather thin, which could cause some discomfort if you intend to carry heavy items.
more than you think
Review by kyle
This pack is great I use it with my m85 backpack and she works great she holds all the gear I need immediate access too such as flashlight,waterproof matches,knives, whistles ECT. I like it have no complaints good bag good price I think I pairs well with the m85 backpack also both of those have Been tested in a downpour and not a drop got in... she can hold more then you think
carryon for many things
Review by Jim
A little smaller than I thought it would be, but big enough to store most of the things we all want to carry. It's waterproof which is a huge benefit to me. Seriously, for less than the price of a bag of popcorn at the theater, you can have something that is durable, functional, and will give you many years of service.
Awesome Haversack
Review by Austin
At first i thought the buckles would be cumbersome, but it works extremely fast and the bag is very well constructed. I have used this bag for about a month on various hiking trips and has held up well.
Very nice
Review by Richard
Received this item in my order today and was very pleased with it. It was still sealed in plastic and came out smelling and looking brand new. The rubberized surface will keep things nice and dry. It's a nice smaller sized bag that is perfect to carry along side my main bug out bag for other odds and ends. Great product!
Great Bag
Review by John
The Czech M85 Bag with Shoulder Strap, is a rubberized carry haversack. That is the closest description I can come up with. If you watch Dave Cantabury on YouTube, he has a video on his haversack. This bag is identical as the one he carries, with out the Pathfinder Logo. If you watch his video, you will see the amount of room and the reliability of carrying a bag such as this. Due to its rubberized exterior, your belongings will not get wet even in a downpour. If your serious about camping/prepping or hiking I would certainly buy one of these bags.
good inexpensive carry bags
Review by don
good rugged construction that will last 200 years if a dog doesn't chew it. Not quite as big as I was hoping but still good bags. It has two internal pockets for gas mask filters. Will make good tool bags or for truck bags for your necessary items and odds and ends like flares, tools, water bottles,ammo, whatever.

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