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The Czech Mess Kit is a three piece mess kit that was previously issued to the Czech army. This modern mess kit consists of two cooking pots and one lid that can also be used as a plate for eating. Designed for use in the field, this mess kit is light weight and durable with a nested design that uses very little space in your pack.

The Czech mess kit is a completely original Czech military surplus item. Originally issued to members of the Czech army for field use, these three-piece mess kits are the perfect addition to any survival kit. While they are surplus items, they are in great condition. As such, you will notice that no mess kits are in perfect condition. They carry some wear and some scratches but are still perfectly usable.

As noted, the Czech mess kit is a three-piece mess kit consisting of two pots and a lid. All components are constructed from lightweight aluminum and the entire assembly weighs in at just 1.15 pounds, which adds negligible weight to your gear. The larger of the two pots has a height of approximately 3.25 inches and a diameter of 6 inches while the smaller of the two pots has a height of approximately 3 inches and a diameter of 5.25 inches. Each pot has a folding handle. Additionally, the small pot fits inside of the big pot for easy transport.

  • Authentic  Czech Army Surplus
  • Light weight, Durable, and 100% Functional
  • Excellent 3-Piece Nesting Design
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