Czech Mess Kit – Three-Piece Military Mess Kit with Two Pots

Czech Mess Kit

The Czech Mess Kit is a three piece mess kit that was previously issued to the Czech army. This modern mess kit consists of two cooking pots and one lid that can also be used as a plate for eating. Designed for use in the field, this mess kit is light weight and durable with a nested design that uses very little space in your pack.

Color Silver

Description / Czech Mess Kit

The Czech mess kit is a completely original Czech military surplus item. Originally issued to members of the Czech army for field use, these three-piece mess kits are the perfect addition to any survival kit. While they are surplus items, they are in great condition. As such, you will notice that no mess kits are in perfect condition. They carry some wear and some scratches but are still perfectly usable.

As noted, the Czech mess kit is a three-piece mess kit consisting of two pots and a lid. All components are constructed from lightweight aluminum and the entire assembly weighs in at just 1.15 pounds, which adds negligible weight to your gear. The larger of the two pots has a height of approximately 3.25 inches and a diameter of 6 inches while the smaller of the two pots has a height of approximately 3 inches and a diameter of 5.25 inches. Each pot has a folding handle. Additionally, the small pot fits inside of the big pot for easy transport.

  • Authentic  Czech Army Surplus
  • Light weight, Durable, and 100% Functional
  • Excellent 3-Piece Nesting Design

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Manufacturer Czech Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

THE perfect mess kit.
Review by Ron
I have had and used many mess kits over the years-- most were lacking in one area or another: too big; too small; too irregular; one good piece, several odd pieces; too many pieces; too few pieces-- a real pain. To me, this cookset is just right. The right number of pieces, the right size, and it packs beautifully. You will not go wrong with this set.
A mess kit for the ages
Review by Col.K
I needed a mess kt which will withstand the vigor of a hunting group,with some individuals that are hard on cooking implements. This mess kit is made well for hard use. Although not new,the kit became presentable with soap and steel wool which removed the aluminum oxide coating.For the price,I don't mind additional dents,knowing that it will last many seasons!
Well worth it
Review by tim
Mine came in 95% good shape, very minimal scratches and no dents. Small enough for scout packs, enough room for extra fire starting material and silverware.
Well worth the money
Review by tim
Mine came in excellent shape, all parts in perfect working condition.
Buy until you can! You will be happy!
Review by Valentino-Banat Wilderness & Urban Survival Training-
I bought this mess kit not to replace my old commercial hiking mess kit used for years on Search & Rescue mission or other adventures on the back woods, but for having a additional mess kit that will be bigger and stronger when the time will asking to have more fresh cooked meal on the "table" ( the size of this mess kit its double or triple in comparison with the size of my old one mess kit) and I am so happy that I made this step. The Mess Kit its listen like used and really its looking like had been used for years and years ( scratches, dents.... all you want ), but, all this its just for outside! Inside, a big surprise!!! Brand new and shiny like a mirror or close enough. The mess kit never been used and all its just from harsh storage on last 30 years or so. Definitely, I will recommend this mess kit here on KS website and on my wilderness survival workshop!
I will see the true how will work out above to a camp fire this weekend. I have a bunch of equipment from KS to test this weekend. The weather its getting nice again here in PNW and lots roads up on the mountain are starting to get open ..... :)
MESS kit
Review by Jack
Get those grubs some soap! Yup It's used....
Once cleaned, it will work just fine. For the price , I might just leave it behind for the next guy (used / dirty of course) . For my cooking , it is a perfectly useable product, I'm in a holding pattern until the fancy French stuff comes up for sale again. That will help with my cooking.
Simple ....useful
Review by j
Like all things on this site the mess kit is food value for money. Perfect for cooking and will withstand boiling H2O to sanitize. Very handy.
Great Kit
Review by RANDALL
Great mess kit for camping ond B.OB. Heavy duty and built like a tank,will last a lifetime price is great to. can't go wrong with this deal,get them before there gone very well made nothing cheap here.
Better than my Scouting equipment!
Review by Bill
I purchased my second kit and very pleased with the quality and price. Mine arrived yesterday in perfect condtion and is an excellent addtition to my camping gear.
Czech Mess Kit
Review by J.
Excellent piece of kit for ten dollars.
got the second for my father in law
Review by Robert
I just got the second one so I though I would review the new one. It is in like new shape and even better than the first. He should be really happy with it. Great gift for the hiker/hunter you know.
in very good condition
Review by Robert
Tbhis mess kit was in near perfect condition. Used on a recent hiking trip for several days and can say it works perfectly. Buying another for father in law.
Awesome Cook Set
Review by Jedediah the GyroCaptain
I absolutely love this Czech Army cook set; it is ten time better than the US issue set. The set I received had some dings and scratches, but that is to be expected in an army surplus item. The set comprises a 1 liter aluminum pot with a lid that doubles as a fry pan or plate, and a second smaller pot. The pots nest together to make a nice compact set. I ditch the inside pot, and use the inside of the 1 liter pot as crush-proof storage.
Czech Mess Kit
Review by J.
Bought one to use while backpacking. The quality of this is so much better than the one I got at Walmart. I plan to get another just for my b.o.b.
Great find
Review by jeremiah
I have been looking all over for the right mess kit for my bug out bag and I found it. Have not seen one in person but for $10 what the heck. I will be getting more,is the size of a small pot,but thats good I put two cans of beans,fire starter tool and stuffed steel wool (cheap fire starter) in there,homerun.
Its Freaking Huge
Review by robert
Just got one of these in the mail and its alot bigger then I thought it was going to be. The insides are perfect not a scratch on it, but the outside was all scratched up and a couple minor dents. This kit had some miles on it. Other than that it's perfect for camping or a shtf situation.
Czech Mess Kit
Review by Brian
Walmart sells a mess kit, which I own. This mess kit puts that one to shame. I have gotten so much use out of this set. I keep it in a surplus pack I bought here on KeepShooting.
Review by Michael
Works great. I love it,
Perfect kit!
Review by Nicholas
I used this (and other things purchased here) with the M71 Stove last weekend while on a camping trip and it was perfect for serving up food. I read a review on here somewhere that stated that the European kit and this kit work well together and that is absolutely true! It fits in the Swiss rucksack perfectly and takes up very little room. Perfect for camping!
OK design but a little beat up.
Review by AvidShooter
The kit I received was in like new shape on the inside surfaces but the outside surfaces were very beat up. Other than the various scuffs and scratches it had a few spots on the top ad bottom that had gauges out of the aluminum like something heavy was slid across it. It was also a pretty tight fit to get the lid/plate over the interior cooking pot.
Great Little Kit
Review by Joel
Mess kit arrived in great shape, some scuffs on the outside but the inside was brand new. Handles are pretty sturdy and there is plenty of room inside to pack up with a Esbit folding stove, matches, some fuel tabs, and a few sheets of paper towel.
Storage wear, inside looks new
Review by rodney
very nice design, mine showed no signs of use on inside. Outside showed signs of light wear. twice the thickness or more of walmart camp cookwear. I love it. Not flat like GI mess kit, can cook alot of food. Will work well with the E. German pocket stove. Outer pot has (2) brackets to hang pot over camp fire. Does make some rattle noise in a back pack, put a dish rag or 2 in to to make it quiet. great for camping or bug out bag.
One of my favorites.
Review by Manyclunkers
These Czech mess kits are great. Basically these are two pots nestled and a plate. The whole thing packs up somewhat compactly. I keep a mini Trangia stove, a stove stand, and a fire steel in mine. The stove stand I use is the Trangia one that looks like a metal cup. The kit is made rather heavy gauge aluminum. My cooking ability is limited to heating up canned soup or hotdogs and beans. I keep mine with my fishing tackel and it has provided me with quite a few warm meals, you know when the fish are not biting.

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