Czech M10 Gas Mask For Sale

Czech M10 Gas Mask

The Czech M10 Gas Mask is an authentic military surplus gas mask from the Czech Republic. Well known, combat tested, and battle proven the M10 Gas Mask has become a favorite of American collectors and well prepared patriots. 

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Description / Czech M10 Gas Mask


  • Czech M10 Gas Mask
  • Includes Filters
  • Cold War Collectible
  • Based on the US M17 Gas Mask
  • Made in the Czech Republic

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Brand Czech Army Surplus
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Customer Reviews

Cost-effective gas mask against CS, mace, and pepperspray
Review by Jacket
Verified Buyer
I purchased this mask to uhh, operate in environments where CS, mace, and pepperspray might be used. It stands up to all three very well, for long periods even in dense clouds that you can barely see through.

For the price, nothing else really compares for this level of protection. You'll have to spend many times as much to upgrade.
Good for the price
Review by Survivalism is Freedom
Verified Buyer
These are good for the money. Hard to say what kind of protection they would offer against a lethal chemical or biological weapons attack, but they should at the very least provide protection against some of the more common nonlethal chemical irritants. Note that out of the several I bought, one of them was missing one of the necessary filters, so make sure you look through your order carefully if you buy any of these.
Great mask.
Review by April
Verified Buyer
I buy one of these every few years to use at work blowing out plasma cutter dust filters, the mask seals perfect to my face and the eye lenses are big enough I can see everything that is going on, great value and when it gets nasty just get another one.
Amazing Mask
Review by LaniusAtrox
Verified Buyer
This mask works wonderfully well and I've experienced no difficulties with it. There seemed to be no ware at all on it! There was a bit of a musty smell, but that soon wore off. All in all, it is a great mask!
Great price for a great mask
Review by Alexander
Verified Buyer
This is a great mask for displaying, or using as a respirator. I use it whenever I work with fiberglass resin. This is the best price I've seen for it so far.
Good mask.
Review by Connected
Verified Buyer
This is a fine mask. Arrived fast and looked new! The lenses had no scratches on them. The filter set that come with the mask works great for me, they block out paint and bleach smell. But the only down side is the filters are really hard to install. nice mask, but I would recommend a gas mask that uses filters that screw in to the mask.
good mask
Review by Jacob
Verified Buyer
Works with my beard. Just as good as US military gear. Seals great.
Damn good mask!
Review by Ohsplat
Verified Buyer
If you need a mask at a great price get this! I sweat easy and this thing did not fog up one bit. Seals 100% with a stubble beard even. Very light, very functional and I tested this with pepper spray and tear gas. Czech gear is always on my list for its outstanding quality! Get yours before they are gone!
Fun, comfortable, and functional
Review by Allen
Verified Buyer
I recently picked one of these up to add to my quickly-growing collection of foreign surplus gas masks. There's just something about M17-type masks that just evokes the look of a chubby hamster. Probably has something to do with the cheek pouches... but I digress.

The mask I received was in like-new condition, as was the carrier. Installation of the filters into the molded cheek pouches was a bit of a challenge, but after a little trial and error, I got them in and buttoned the flaps shut to secure them. Screwed in the inlet valves, wiped down the mask, and put it on. The first thing that struck me was just how unusually comfortable this mask is. It looks like it'd weigh a ton, but it feels deceptively light and comfortable once you have it on your head and the straps have been adjusted. Thanks to the integrated mouthpiece and airflow channels, fogging is non-existent, and thanks to the dual filters, airflow is relatively unimpeded when breathing heavily, at least in comparison to single-filter, single-inlet 40mm masks.

In any event, this is a great, comfortable, well-built mask, and a great addition to any collection.
Looks Awesome
Review by Tim
Verified Buyer
I'm very happy with this mask. It works and looks cool!! Plus, it comes with extra eyepieces so it's a great buy.

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