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Czech M10 Gas Mask

The Czech M10 Gas Mask is an authentic military surplus gas mask from the Czech Republic. Well known, combat tested, and battle proven the M10 Gas Mask has become a favorite of American collectors and well prepared patriots. 
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Description / Czech M10 Gas Mask


  • Czech M10 Gas Mask
  • Includes Filters
  • Cold War Collectible
  • Based on the US M17 Gas Mask
  • Made in the Czech Republic

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Manufacturer Czech Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Cost-effective gas mask against CS, mace, and pepperspray
Review by Jacket
I purchased this mask to uhh, operate in environments where CS, mace, and pepperspray might be used. It stands up to all three very well, for long periods even in dense clouds that you can barely see through.

For the price, nothing else really compares for this level of protection. You'll have to spend many times as much to upgrade.
Good for the price
Review by Survivalism is Freedom
These are good for the money. Hard to say what kind of protection they would offer against a lethal chemical or biological weapons attack, but they should at the very least provide protection against some of the more common nonlethal chemical irritants. Note that out of the several I bought, one of them was missing one of the necessary filters, so make sure you look through your order carefully if you buy any of these.
Great mask.
Review by April
I buy one of these every few years to use at work blowing out plasma cutter dust filters, the mask seals perfect to my face and the eye lenses are big enough I can see everything that is going on, great value and when it gets nasty just get another one.
Amazing Mask
Review by LaniusAtrox
This mask works wonderfully well and I've experienced no difficulties with it. There seemed to be no ware at all on it! There was a bit of a musty smell, but that soon wore off. All in all, it is a great mask!
Great price for a great mask
Review by Alexander
This is a great mask for displaying, or using as a respirator. I use it whenever I work with fiberglass resin. This is the best price I've seen for it so far.
Good mask.
Review by Connected
This is a fine mask. Arrived fast and looked new! The lenses had no scratches on them. The filter set that come with the mask works great for me, they block out paint and bleach smell. But the only down side is the filters are really hard to install. nice mask, but I would recommend a gas mask that uses filters that screw in to the mask.
good mask
Review by Jacob
Works with my beard. Just as good as US military gear. Seals great.
Damn good mask!
Review by Ohsplat
If you need a mask at a great price get this! I sweat easy and this thing did not fog up one bit. Seals 100% with a stubble beard even. Very light, very functional and I tested this with pepper spray and tear gas. Czech gear is always on my list for its outstanding quality! Get yours before they are gone!
Fun, comfortable, and functional
Review by Allen
I recently picked one of these up to add to my quickly-growing collection of foreign surplus gas masks. There's just something about M17-type masks that just evokes the look of a chubby hamster. Probably has something to do with the cheek pouches... but I digress.

The mask I received was in like-new condition, as was the carrier. Installation of the filters into the molded cheek pouches was a bit of a challenge, but after a little trial and error, I got them in and buttoned the flaps shut to secure them. Screwed in the inlet valves, wiped down the mask, and put it on. The first thing that struck me was just how unusually comfortable this mask is. It looks like it'd weigh a ton, but it feels deceptively light and comfortable once you have it on your head and the straps have been adjusted. Thanks to the integrated mouthpiece and airflow channels, fogging is non-existent, and thanks to the dual filters, airflow is relatively unimpeded when breathing heavily, at least in comparison to single-filter, single-inlet 40mm masks.

In any event, this is a great, comfortable, well-built mask, and a great addition to any collection.
Looks Awesome
Review by Tim
I'm very happy with this mask. It works and looks cool!! Plus, it comes with extra eyepieces so it's a great buy.
Fits Great
Review by Timothy
This is a comfortable mask and makes shooting a gun with the mask on easy! Plus it is a really low price mask for what you get out of it.
item arrived in good condition, liked the look of the mask happy with the product
Review by Robert
very happy with the purchase the mask was in good condition, a good product as usual
Great Mask, no bulky filter, scary looking too.
Review by rodney
If I was exposed to tear gas, smoke, and the like and I had to defend myself and my family this M10 is the mask I would start out with. Fits good, great field of view and wears great. It's a good tactical gas mask, no bulky 40mm can filter to get in the way. The only down side is the pork chop filters. If you remove the sealed filters from their bags they will go bad in about a week or more exposed to the air and won't filter your air very well. The filters take a little time to put in and that might be a few minutes you don't have. Might be able to install filters and then somehow vacuum seal the whole mask until you need it. Also replacement filters for these masks are getting hard to find right now. If you can find a supply of these replacement filters (several sets) buy this mask. Really great to use when firing a pistol and not to bad shooting an AR15 (do have to hold it a little sideways). KS need to find more filters. The places that still have replacement filters are asking more than KS is asking for the mask and 1 set of filters. If you can't find any replacement filters this is a 1 time use mask. I found a good supply of these filters at a local Army Surplus store, I bought 6 sets, so I am set. If you are thinking about buying this M10 mask I suggest you do the same, start looking for filters. At the cheap price they are asking might be cheaper to buy 2 extra masks just to get the 2 sets of new filters.
Good fit, good price, great mask
Review by Logan
I was impressed with how great the mask fit, Seals real well too. At this price its a steal, just wish the filters weren't sold out! Bring more back KS.
Great mask at a unbeatable price
Review by Robert
I bought one of these last year from keepshooting and really like the mask. It is a great mask that still has good filters available. One company in Europe still makes the filters but I can't find a importer that carries the new filters.

To keep the older foil sealed filter good for a longer time put them in another airtight bag and drop a few oxygen absorbers in it. This should add a lot of extra time.

I came on here to order a few more mask the other day and saw they do not carry them at the moment so I had to get them from another site for more money.

I will get a few more as soon as they get back in stock.
Excellent for my money
Review by Jacob
I just got this in and I've been playing with the mask on and off. This is definitely a great mask. Gonna go and get it tested and see what it can hold up against. But this is a great mask. The filter is a little tricky at first though.
Very Happy with my order
Review by josh
so i got on friday night and ordered 2 of the M10 gas masks and 2 pairs of extra filters. they arrived on the wednesday of the following week.. so id say pretty good on shipping. i got 1 M10(no drinking tube) and 1 M10M(has drinking tube). the mask seem BRAND NEW never worn. filters were pretty simple to put in. just take a minute or 2. only drawback is having to remove mask to replace filters. other than that.. great mask.. great price. great quality. will be ordering more masks from to add to my collection, it appears they have the best prices around, good quality and fast shipping. they have new customer for life.
Wonderful Piece!
Review by Blaid
This was the first time I bought a gas mask, and I was pleasantly surprised. This thing feels very sturdy, and it fits so well, sometimes I forget when I'm wearing it (scared the mailman off that way).

However, it came with no instructions, which was a bit of a bummer, especially since I had no prior experience with gas masks. A few YouTube how-tos later, and the mask was in perfect working order.

Another thing to make note of is the filters. They go inside the mask, so you have to take it off and fiddle with it to squeeze in new filters, which seems it would be a bit disadvantageous in a potentially harmful environment.

All in all, a wonderful piece, and a wonderful value.
very good
Review by Nitro
Very pleased with this company
Great mask for a great price
Review by AvidShooter
These masks are a 80's-90's Czech reproduction of the US M17 gas mask. Great little mask for the price and the filters are fairly available, also at a good price. Best part is you can get the mask and matched chemical hood (US made) at KeepShooting for a very very reasonable price
New good value gas mask.
Review by FreeMason
This compact gas mask is a great value. Brand new with sealed filters. You can not go wrong with this mask.
Review by Neil
Other than a little hands on learning on my part on how to properly insert the filters, this came to me brand new out the bag for 12 bucks!! Cant beat that plus its a surprising quality for the price.
Awesome mask
Review by Hawk
Ordered two of these masks. Needless to say, they are brand new and in excellent condition. Probably going to be ordering a few more and a few of the Finnish masks. Keep up the excellent service and low prices and you have a customer for life.
Mine was new sealed in the original plastic bag
Review by jim
This is a fine piece of Soviet era equipment. These won't last forever, especially at this price.
The mask is great!
Review by gasmask77
The mask is size 2 (medium) and fits perfectly. The filters and lenses were hard to install. I have done some research on the filters and they only work for tear gas and biologically contaminated environments, not N.B.C. protective. It is a top notch mask for all collectors just like me.
excellent for what you pay for
Review by john
This is a great mask, and i love the fact that it's easy to get it cleared and sealed. I hear a lot of people complain about the filters and how they are hard to get in, which is by far one of the simplest tasks ever. The only hard part was trying to read Czech to figure out which side was which. I took it into a CS chamber for giggles, and it worked flawlessly. Now I'm not too sure how it will last, as far as longevity of the filter with it being so small and all. I expect that it would last for probably about a couple of hours at full CS exposure. I don't doubt for a minute that this thing would protect you in a NBC attack.

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