European Style AK-47 Sling

European Style AK-47 Sling

The European Style AK-47 Sling is a new production version of the most widely fielded AK-47 sling of the Cold War era. Frequently seen on Romanian AK style rifles, this sling is easy to install and the tough canavas style material will stand up to combat conditions.

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Description / European Style AK-47 Sling


  • European Pattern AK-47 Sling
  • New Production
  • Easy to Install

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Manufacturer United Defense LLC

Customer Reviews

Great deal
Review by Robert
Excellent sling, just installed 2 of these on 2 new AK rifles I had purchased. Does the job, and looks nice as well
Suitable Sling
Review by Survivalism is Freedom
This is a nicely made nylon sling. For the money it would be hard to do any better.
Review by David
Nice sling for the money.
As Advertised
Review by Jerry
Great sling, especially at that price. Strong synthetic fabric, good stitching, good hardware. KS was as quick in shipping as they ever. Several great ordering experiences, now. I'll keep choosing these guys if they've got what I'm looking for.
Review by McHoffin
Great price, well made, looks good. Get one.
Simple and Cheap
Review by Ian
It's simple, cheap, and holds up well. Fits fine, and I have yet to have a problem with it. I have yet to see a cheaper sling, especially one as cheap as this, and it does the job pretty well.
Great sling
Review by Jonathan
I picked one of these up a while back and thought I would report back after a few months of use. I put this sling on my Polish AKMS and have zero complaints. Its easy to adjust for different carry methods and I don't see it wearing out. Great bang for your buck.
Works great
Review by KP Duty
If you’re looking for something new and functional these fit the bill. Not much more I can say either way, if you like this esthetically, you’ll probably like it functionally as well.
Good Quality Strap
Review by Michael
This strap blows my old Chinese strap away. I read the reviews and decided to pull the trigger. I'm glad that I did.
great product
Review by Kimberly
looks good on my romanian wasr-10 akm
Fits like a glove
Review by Logan
Perfect fit, quality stitching and makes a perfect look. Great price and simply a great deal.
Better quality than is usually found in a non mil surplus sling
Review by David
I buy a lot of slings for my various rifles. I generally only buy military surplus slings because I know I can trust them to be well made. I saw this sling and the excellent reviews it had and decided to take a chance and buy one. The excellent reviews were well deserved. This sling is made at least as good as any of my military slings. I highly recommend this sling for anyone looking for a strong, functional sling. As a side note the price is a lot lower than I would have expected for this sling.
cheap good sling
Review by Marcel
no frills but a good cheap sling
Great quality, great price
Review by Michael
Good quality sling. Fits AK 47s like a glove and is durable and just as reliable as original Russian equipment. You can't beat KS's price on these anywhere. Wish I had picked up a couple of spares.
Bargain Purchase!
Review by Sinbad
Super nice sling that's comfy and looks like a normal Romy sling! Not to stiff and well made, Thanks KS!!
Best buy yet.
Review by cody
One of my favorite items I purchased here. Fits and looks great on my ak. Need this when its time to pick up and move quickly.
Great Sling for the price.
Review by Love to Keepshootin"
Purchased this sling a couple months ago and have used it quite a bit.
OK, it is not an original Eastern block canvas sling. I have those, too.
I keep the collectible ones in my safe now.
This one is way more comfortable and durable. If the nylon threads fray a little on the side, just use a lighter and gently seal the edge. It will be as good as new.
Thanks Keepshooting for offering this product at such a great price.
Great sling
Review by don
Although a reproduction (not sure where they're made), they more closely resemble the Bulgarian style (black metal) at a third of the price. The Polish slings are nice, but since I'm putting these on Bulgarians I wanted to match that style sling (and these are cheaper than the Polish).
Works for Shotguns!
Review by KC
All I had to do was add a sling mount to the stock of my girlfriends shotgun then wrap this sling around the ammo tube and hook it to the sling mount and swivel on the stock and it works perfect as an adjustable shotgun sling!

Very sturdy. Great price! Thanks!
Recommending my friends to your site!
Great Price
Review by JD
Great price for the product.
Great New Production sling for your AK type rifles
Review by Love to Keepshootin"
I normally try to only buy original soviet accessories for my rifles.
I hate those "tactical" AKs with weaver rails and plastic furniture. Either save up for a Galil or buy an AR and mount your cup holder.
This product maintains the originality of your AK, but is way more comfortable than your standard Chinese, Romanian, or Polish sling.
It is well made (quality stitching and rivets) and just might live as long as your AK. Thanks Keepshooting.
Excellent sling and excellent value
Review by Jon
I replaced my Romy green nylon sling on my WASR with the one from Keepshooting. It is identical to my Romy nylon sling but is much more pliant and comfortable than the very stiff, nylon Romy sling. By the way, I saw what I believe to be, one of these Keepshooting slings go for $25 on from a private vendor. Exceptional deal for anyone with a WASR. And yes, I do have one of the Romy leather slings as well.
Couldn't find a better sling
Review by AvidShooter
I bought this sling for my Century Arms RPK and considering how much heavier it is than a regular AK it works amazingly. Comfortable enough to use all day long and very well made. Once I figured out how to loop it correctly so it could be adjustable it was a snap to install.
Very practical
Review by SH
Yes this is a common sling for the AK but it works and it gets the job done. Also comfortable and will not bite into your body. The one I received looked like it had never been used before.
best sling I've slung!
Review by frogmike
Not only is this a correct sling for euro AKs, it is the toughest and most amazing AK sling available. And hey, you can't beat the way that the green makes your rifle have that crisp mean look!
Review by Bobby
High quality sling! Goes great with my WASR -10. I attached
Metal clip to existing bracket on barrel of Ak47,The other end, attached to stock sling bracket,with a leather union; from my old AK-47 sling. Perfect for me holding that 75 rd drum.
Another great accessory
Review by Richard
I bought this sling in order to carry my ak better what a difference, however I think I may also buy the Chinese sling as well
best value
Review by model 39
very strong and well made.
cant go wrong buying this sling.
Super Product
Review by Bruce
I'm 6ft 2in's tall 240 pounds and this strap still has adjustment for me.. Rifle barrel will hang well under your arm..You can use this strap if your a right handed person around your left elbow to help steady your aim while standing.. Worth every penny..
Very good!
Review by Fireman Ted
For the money...can not be beat!! All review are right on! Get one!
loving it
Review by louie
Now I don't have to set my beast down! And for only 7 bucks. Why pay more? This looks and feels great.
oh yeah
Review by louie
bought this for my brother and his AK,now he can keep that beast
Great Value
Review by Texas Jack Houston
Got this to finish my restocked Mac 90. High quality, perfect fit and vastly superior to most of the import junk on the market. Worth twice the price. Have to admit I had to search the Internet to find a "how to" video to get the installation right. Easy once you know how.
Inexpensive way to Sling up an AK
Review by Dylan
The quality present in this inexpensive sling is incredible. Why settle for expensive or ugly slings when this one only costs $7.
A good strong sling
Review by Matthew
This sling is amazing for the price. It is made of thick, soft material, with very high quality hardware. The belt loop is very secure, and the clip is extremely strong. It will NOTcome off your rifle until you want it to. Slide a piece of gutted paracord over the clip to protect your rifle and keep it quiet.
Best AK sling available.
Review by Lethal
Not military production, commercial production. But, an excellent AK sling. Probably best variety there is.
High quality sling at a low price.
Review by Andre
This sling is just what I was looking for, I purchased 2 for my ak-74, and my ak-47. These are high quality slings at a low price. I plan to buy more for my saiga rifle and shotgun.
The Best
Review by Russ
The best AK 47 sling I ever have used!!! It's strong and long as you could ever need, or short, totally adjustable.
WASR-10 - Fits it like a glove
Review by AKfanatic
This sling fits perfectly on my WASR-10. It is like it was made for it.
great sling for the ak
Review by warrior
very durable and thick with sturdy clip and hardware
High Quality
Review by Steve
Great sling to finish my AK-47 soft durable and not made in china

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