Finnish Gas Mask Bag

Finnish Gas Mask Bag

Whether you are looking to complete a collection of Finnish military surplus or you just want an inexpensive, well-made bag to use in the great outdoors, the Finnish gas mask bag is the bag for you.

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Description / Finnish Gas Mask Bag

Before going further, you might question why a gas mask needs a gas mask bag. Well, you see, a damaged gas mask is a useless gas mask. Therefore, gas masks are typically issued with gas mask bags that are designed to protect the mask from damage.

As noted, each Finnish gas mask bag offered by is an authentic piece of Finnish military surplus. These gas mask bags were originally designed for and used by members of the Finnish army, one of the three service branches of the Finnish Defence Forces, and would have been issued alongside the then standard-issue Finnish gas mask model M61.

>Despite being previously issued, each Finnish gas mask bag remains in great cosmetic and working condition, free from the rips and tears that would typically be associated with decades-old military surplus equipment.

The Finnish gas mask bag is constructed almost entirely from a heavy-duty canvas material that is available in two different colors – olive drab and brown. The bag measures approximately 12 inches by 11 inches and offers a wealth of storage space that can be used to accommodate the Finnish gas mask model M61 or other similarly-sized surplus and current gas masks. The bag is secured via an oversized closure flap with socket snap fasteners. Additionally, the interior is lined with three pockets that can be secured via a closure flap with metal snap fasteners. Presumably, these pockets were originally designed to hold technical manuals, spare parts, chemical detection papers, nerve agent antidote kits and similar items. Today, they present a wealth of options, including firearm magazines, tools, medicine and more. Other features include a 3/4-inch belt strap that allows the bag to be worn at the waist as well as an adjustable 1 1/8-inch webbed shoulder strap.

Another noteworthy feature is the inclusion of proof marks on each Finnish gas mask bag. Each bag includes one of two different proof markings (choice of marking is not available). Some feature the tower that is present in the symbol of the Finnish Defence Forces while others feature the letters "SA," which stand for suomen armeija, or "Finnish army."

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Brand Finnish Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Quality bag
Review by Nobody Special
Verified Buyer
Mine does not have the separation in the main pocket, which is actually better for me. The lift the dot snaps were stiff so I gave a quick brush with a nylon bristle brush and a drop of oil in each "snap" and now they function flawlessly. I cinched the waist belt all the way tight and it has not gotten in my way once. Heavy duty cotton canvas should outlast me. Overall great product. fits my needs perfectly.
Great for a Quick Hike
Review by John
Verified Buyer
Grab the dog, your wife, 3 or 4 bottles of water, a couple sandwiches, some snacks, dog food, and a windbreaker or two...shove them into this bag and get outside and enjoy the day.
love it again
Review by mark
Verified Buyer
I just had to buy another Finnish Gas Mask Bag....... They are so handy..... Perfect for carrying just about anything....
Better than Indy Mk VII Bag!
Review by Will Lloyd
Verified Buyer
It will probably infuriate hard-core Indiana Jones fans, but I really believe this bag has more advantages over Indy's faithful Mk VII bag. It has the frog eye clasps which I love and an interior pocket section with a flap closure, with side snaps, perfect for flashlights, cell phones, pocket knives, etc. The side strap ensures your bag stays close to the body when you bend over. The elastic band in the bottom of the bag is perfect to hold a military sweat towel, Kroma scarf or more modern Military desert scarf rolled up and in place. I placed a leather strap on one of my Finnish bags just to give it a more "Indy' feel and it looks great. I urge all to buy these now while prices are cheap. Good military grade canvas is getting scarce, and these little gems will be as popular as Stainless Steel Trangia Mess kits, and as rare, in a very brief time! Overall. Well made, durable and lots of room inside for daily use or outdoor hiking/camping or tomb raiding!
Outstanding shoulder bag
Review by Harry
Verified Buyer
I needed a small shoulder bag for occasional day hikes and this bag filled the bill so completely that I ordered a second bag for my friend.

The bag gets its biggest workout, however, by being used to carry supplies for our homeless ministry. It holds plenty of food, water and clean socks for the people we encounter in our work.

Thanks for making such a tremendous bag available to us.
Good bag
Review by Jason
Verified Buyer
I actually bought two of these bags to store Finnish gas masks. I bought one brown and one green. The green one is as shown in the accompanying photos (with an internal divider which I assume is for holding filters), but the brown one lacked this feature. Both are well-made, however, and both included a set of mask instructions in an interior pocket (in Finnish of course), which was an interesting find. They easily hold a gas mask, extra filters and other small items. Carrying strap allows you to easily lug it all around if you wish. Very pleased.
The best small bag out there
Review by Dave
Verified Buyer
I bought two in the brown so they look less "Army Surplus". Both came in near new condition and are very durable. Will make a great bag for gun shows, car swap meets, or an everyday "man purse" as needed. Can easily throw some mags, ammo and pistol in it for a quick range trip. Haven't figured out all the uses for it yet but I'm sure it will quickly become my favorite. Great bag for the price - Rather have the uglier rubberized French one for an actual gas mask bag and save this for nicer things!
This is just a great bag !!!
Review by Mike
Verified Buyer
Purchased a number of these from KeepShooting and have always been impressed with the quality and condition of these bags. The price is great and quite candidly you can't beat these shoulder bags for range, tool or everyday carry. Very pleased with purchase of this item !!!
Best deal in a shoulder bag /haversack
Review by Derek
Verified Buyer
Get these while you can. Great condition, I bought 2 one was brand new, one barely used. Perfect size for hiking, edc, computer whatever... only thing it needs is a shoulder pad if you carry a lot of weight in it. One of the best values in surplus currently available.
Great Bag for Many Uses
Review by Roy
Verified Buyer
Great bag. I've added a camera bag insert so I can safely carry my mirrorless in it, as well as extra odd-and-ends I typically take with me. The bag does a good job of canceling what the actual contents (camera gear) might be. I was thinking about using it as a day bag on an upcoming trip to China. But I don't think the studs will provide enough "security" against a pickpocket.

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