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Whether you are looking to complete a collection of Finnish military surplus or you just want an inexpensive, well-made bag to use in the great outdoors, the Finnish gas mask bag is the bag for you.

Before going further, you might question why a gas mask needs a gas mask bag. Well, you see, a damaged gas mask is a useless gas mask. Therefore, gas masks are typically issued with gas mask bags that are designed to protect the mask from damage.

As noted, each Finnish gas mask bag offered by is an authentic piece of Finnish military surplus. These gas mask bags were originally designed for and used by members of the Finnish army, one of the three service branches of the Finnish Defence Forces, and would have been issued alongside the then standard-issue Finnish gas mask model M61.

>Despite being previously issued, each Finnish gas mask bag remains in great cosmetic and working condition, free from the rips and tears that would typically be associated with decades-old military surplus equipment.

The Finnish gas mask bag is constructed almost entirely from a heavy-duty canvas material that is available in two different colors – olive drab and brown. The bag measures approximately 12 inches by 11 inches and offers a wealth of storage space that can be used to accommodate the Finnish gas mask model M61 or other similarly-sized surplus and current gas masks. The bag is secured via an oversized closure flap with socket snap fasteners. Additionally, the interior is lined with three pockets that can be secured via a closure flap with metal snap fasteners. Presumably, these pockets were originally designed to hold technical manuals, spare parts, chemical detection papers, nerve agent antidote kits and similar items. Today, they present a wealth of options, including firearm magazines, tools, medicine and more. Other features include a 3/4-inch belt strap that allows the bag to be worn at the waist as well as an adjustable 1 1/8-inch webbed shoulder strap.

Another noteworthy feature is the inclusion of proof marks on each Finnish gas mask bag. Each bag includes one of two different proof markings (choice of marking is not available). Some feature the tower that is present in the symbol of the Finnish Defence Forces while others feature the letters "SA," which stand for suomen armeija, or "Finnish army."

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