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Here we are again, coming back to one of my many comparisons that link the parts of a gun to parts of the human body. I always like to think of the iron sights on a rifle as the eyes of the rifle, as they allow the rifle to “see” its target. The rotary rear sight on the Heckler & Koch G3 is no different. Get ready for a short biology lesson on the human eye.

The eye is one of the most complex, amazing organs in the universe. Think about it for a second – your eyes detect, collect and focus light before turning it into electrical signals that are sent along a neural network to your brain, which then converts those signals into visual imagery. Of course this description does not do the eye justice, but what do you expect – I am a writer not a biologist. Part of the aforementioned neural network is the optic nerve, which also connects your eyes to the visual cortex in the brain. Now it is time for the crude comparison. You can think of the G3 rear sight as the eye and the mounting base on the rear of the receiver as the visual cortex. Finally, think of Keepshooting.com’s new G3 rear sight clamping screw as the optic nerve, the connector between the eye and the visual cortex.

The G3 rear sight clamping screw serves to mount the rear sight onto the mounting base on the rear of the receiver. Looking at the rear sight housing, one will notice an oval-shaped cutout. This cutout houses not only the rear sight oval washer but also the rear sight screw washer. In fact, if you look at the underside of the clamping screw head, you will notice small indentations intended for the rear sight screw washers locking teeth.

You can never have enough screws. That’s why we’re ready to offer you a 5-pack of our original HK-produced G3 rear sight clamping screws at only $2.95.

The G3 rear sight clamping screw can be found in the G3 rear sight housing. It is used to mount the rotary rear sight assembly onto the mounting base located on the rear of the receiver. It is an original factory part made in Germany by HK.

Spare parts are an important consideration when it comes to firearms. Like any machine, firearms rely on a series of parts to function properly, including screws. If a part breaks or fails, a repair or replacement is necessary.

It is also important to consider availability. At this time, Keepshooting.com has a wealth of authentic, original factory parts from HK for the G3/HK91/PTR91. Not only are they readily available, but also they are cheap. Now is the time to take advantage.

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