German Army OD Web Trouser Belt

German Army OD Web Belt

The German Army issues this excellent OD web trouser belt to every soldier in the German armed forces. Featuring a unique adjustable belt buckle that allows you to size the belt to your individual needs, you'll appreciate how comfortable and stylish this belt is.

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Description / German Army OD Web Belt

The German Army OD Web Trouser Belt is a modern issued belt from the German armed forces. Used by virtually every soldier in Germany, this olive drab colored belt looks great and is considered by soldiers to be the most comfortable trouser belt.

  • 40" Long by 1.25" Wide
  • Length Adjustable Belt Buckle for Simple and Exact Fit

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Manufacturer German Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Mine Was Brand New
Review by Barclay
Good looking belt. Would look nice with regular street clothes as well as your BDU's. I'm tempted to strip the green paint off the buckle and see if it's brass under there and then let it develop a nice patina.
Bought two more
Review by Craig
These are great belts and at the sale price of 50 cents I had to get two more. Fits a waist of 37 inches and under.
Fits a 36 inch waist
Review by Craig
I'm very happy with this purchase. Like new. If you wear over a 36 inch waist pair of pants forget about this. Love the unique latching buckle.
Simple and easy.
Review by Noah
Simply put- it's just a belt. It does what you'd expect it to do!
Adjusting for size is easy, and getting it to stay secure is easy.
Looks great for casual clothing, looks even better in BDUs.

Absurdly cheap, too. Get this belt.
Good inexpensive belt
Review by Niodox
Nothing particulary special, the adjustment is quite easy and the hook buckle makes it sit much flatter than a normal buckle which is nice if you need to wear it under other gear. Nylon was in good shape and fine for holding up pants. A little thin if you were looking to set up something like a pistol belt. For 5 bucks it can't be beat.
Very Nice Belt
Review by Richard
This is a very well made and good looking belt. The buckle makes it nicer than an ordinary web belt. I am a 36 + inch waist and the belt fits comfortably. Very good value at a very good price.
Sagging Pants, say it ain't so!
Review by Joe
Well made German surplus belt. Slick buckle and belt end tab retention . The sizing is a fit 38" waist so be honest before order. Mine fit well as other got 2nd to add to gear. Will fit dress slacks as well if you don't mind OD green.
Review by Duke
Great belt looks brand new but its on the small size. Fit me great 32" waist.
Watch the size
Review by Duane
I'm a 36 waist and can use the belt but there is no room to spare. Really nice buckle and very good quality belt. I would get a few more if they ran bigger.
Solid belt
Review by Sandro
This belt is tough, and the nylon is fairly stiff and solid, at least out of the box. The clasp is good; not as easily adaptable as a rolling buckle but I like it pretty well. I didn't cut the slack, and left it protruding; it goes under the buckle and through my pants loop on the other side. Works fine. I might get fatter, after all.
Too small?
Review by Michael
Probably my fault, but this guy is too small. I'm a size 36-38 or so, and I should have paid attention that this was 40" long. That's total length, not waist size. Anyways, it doesn't fit to say the least. Oh well, at least it was cheap!

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