German Military Four Piece Utensil Set - Knife, Fork, Spoon, Can Opener

German Four-Piece Utensil Set

The German four-piece utensil set is a versatile utensil set suitable for home use or outdoor use. Each is an authentic German military surplus item. These utensil sets were originally designed for and used by members of the German heer, or army, which is one of the five service branches that makes up the Bundeswehr, or unified armed forces of Germany. Best of all, each utensil set is a like-new unissued set, meaning they are unused and in excellent condition. Whether you are looking to add another piece to your survival kit, you are a frequent camper or you just want to eat in style, the German four-piece utensil set is sure to please.

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Description / German Four-Piece Utensil Set

The German four-piece utensil set benefits from a durable stainless steel construction that is not only easy to clean, but also capable of withstanding any abuse you plan on dishing out. Each set includes one knife, one fork, one spoon and one can/bottle opener and each is marked with "BUND," which signifies the set as an authentic German military-issue item. Perhaps best of all, however, is the fact that each piece locks into another, serving to consolidate space in your pack or wherever else you choose to store your utensil set.

They are perfect for:

- Hiking

- Hunting

- Camping

- Travel

- Survival

- Much more…

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Manufacturer German Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Exactly as advertised..great,durable products!
Review by Roscoe
Exactly as advertised,durable utensils..You can't beat these utensils,they last for forever!...arrived a day early too!
really versatile set
Review by seth
These sets are more than worth the money. They fit almost anywhere due to the size - still haven't mastered the can opener though :p
One of my favorites
Review by William
These are a really great design, which could be in the Design section of a museum. I would like to know how these were developed or who was involved, because these embody a clarity of purpose and the pieces are rigorously worked out to be a complete set. All the utensils function well, have heft and feel good in your hand. The can opener seems a little dated, but with a little practice, it works fine. It's very clever the way everything fits together. The materials and the manufacture are top notch. And they look cool. I got 2 sets- one pristine from 1980 with an unblemished mirror finish, the other used with some patina with pieces mixed up from 1969, 1984, etc. but still in great shape. On the second mixed set, the differing pieces have different manufacturer's stamps, but all still fit together and the stainless steel is the same color, finish, etc.- a tribute to German quality control. Heavy, as in not for backpacking, but the solid quality makes them nice to use. I can't say they meet some deep inner need or that they have changed my life, but I enjoy using them in my lunch box. My opinions have solidified around considerations of aesthetics and sustainability. Consider these an antidote to the ubiquity of insubstantial plastic utensils, and small, but meaningful resistance to the hoary shit-load of carcinogenic petrochemical waste foisted upon us by industry. In addition to offering moral superiority at mealtime, this utensil set goes in the dishwasher at night and cleans up great.
Neat kit
Review by Sixgun
After getting this kit I sat there staring at the can opener and a can of beans trying to figure out how it worked. After a quick google search and a quick YouTube video I'm a pro at it. Good quality kit and I'm glad I bought it.
Great heavy duty cutlery!
Review by Hale
Mine only had minor scratches from storage.
These are very heavy duty and not likely to bend.Since there heavy duty there also pretty heavy.The spoon is very big which is a plus to me.
They're a bit hard to put together,i haven't quite gotten the hang of it yet.
I'm very happy with mine and at this price i had to order another!
The best field cutlery at the best price!!!
Review by 11B2P
These are genuine West German/Bundeswehr cutlery, comprising a fork, spoon, knife and a can opener. The knife-spoon-fork all slide into the can opener, and lock in place. When locked together, they don't rattle. So you don't have to wrap them in socks or handkerchiefs like we had to with the US issue cutlery (we never actually used them, but they were always on the packing list). These Bundeswehr cutlery sets are awesome, and are perfect for camping. KeepShooting has them for less than $10, which is a great price, since most other places sell them for a lot more.
Great Set
Review by Choice
I love this set, compact and practical. I always wondered about a bottle opener in the field or woods, but this is also a can opener, thus adding to functionality. Great kit.
Great item!!
Review by Jacob
Very sturdy and well made. I was very impressed at the thickness and how thick they are. It will be great for camping or a bug out bag.
Review by Ben
Love them! have tried a half dozen or more(lost count) camping/army utensil sets. These are the best so far. Really.
strongly made, fits together in a unit very nicely(once you remember the proper order) so no "rattling". Spoon is nice large size for stirring the cooking pot. Also with additional handle incorporated can and bottle need to pack additional equipment and search around for them in your ruck. Also good priced.
The only cutlery you need!
Review by T. Akers
When my wife left me, she got all the good wedding silverware (which frankly I did not want). She thought she was messing me over by leaving just my Bundeswehr utensil set. But I really love these--they are sturdy, easy to clean, and they clip together so they don't rattle around when hiking, camping, or living in a box on the street...A lot of sites sell these for a lot more money, and sell cruddy sets. But Keep Shooting only sells good quality ones, that you'd want to use.
Very high quality!
Review by Conrad
The two sets I received were brand new, shiny, and very sturdy. I love it and would definitely buy more if I needed them!
very sturdy, well built & definitely worth the price
Review by SM
Very sturdy, well built & definitely worth the price. Another quality surplus item from KS.
German Utensil Set
Review by Richard
A very nice set of camping utensils. I love the way it all clips into a single compact unit. Unfortunately, I made the rookie mistake of trying to put it back together with the knife upside down. Pay attention to the way it comes apart, or you'll end up scratching up your new camping gear and feeling very silly. Anyway, a good set for the price. Will probably buy another.
LOVE These Things!
Review by James
I purchased these from another milsurp store, but Keepshooting has the cheapest prices I have seen so far. These things are great! Very solid, durable construction. I will probably buy a few more to throw in some backpacks. Amazing value.
Quality, compact utensil set
Review by Mark
Better than cheap commercial utensil sets, these feel like normal domestic utensils. Make sure to wash/sterilize before use.
very solid
Review by jason
I bought 6 sets for camping. But I find myself stashing these things everywhere. In the car, at work, even in the range bag. Never know when a barbeque just might show up. Nice to be prepared.
German Utensil Set
Review by Brian
This is a very nice set. You can feel the quality when you hold the utensils. Ordered two, one for the BOB and one to use camping. German quality.
Highly recommend
Review by Nanners
Excellent value as camping or utility silverware. Could only be better if they were cheaper.
Great little set
Review by Jonathan
I use to have a "spork" that I hated using. This set is awesome. The knife actually cuts and all the parts are big enough for me to use with my big ape paws. I would give this 6stars if I could.
Genius in its simplicity
Review by VVD
This set comes together very neatly, having only four parts to it: no springs, no latches, nothing that can get dirty and impossible to thoroughly clean. The fork and spoon act as leaf springs, keeping the set solid.

The main selling point on this set for me was its compactness, while still producing normal, dinner-table-sized utensils. When it's put together, it's no larger than a single butter knife. It's also the perfect length for an ALICE pack pocket. If I get myself another pack, I'll probably buy another one of these, since this kind of die-hard elegant engineering is exactly what should be the standard for trekking, survival, and any other serious endeavor.
High quality set!
Review by Nicholas
These things are heavy duty! My set had a few kinks and scratches here and there but I love the quality!
Great German surplus!
Review by AvidShooter
This utensil set was a little bit heavier than some I have seen but with German surplus that usually means quality. Top notch gear and a requirement for any bug out bag. The can opener is a little but of a pain but all manual openers are in some way. Considering how much lighter it is than a gear driven opener though it does the job like a champ. Get em while they last!
Review by Robert
I will get some more. Great that they stick together so don't rattle around in my pack. Heavy duty. Just an all round good product at an awesome price!
Good product, Great service
Review by Gerald
Good condition. Heavy, well built utensils. I'll add a few to my next order to have on hand. Thanks KS!
Heavy Duty
Review by Manyclunkers
I have quite a few of these with the family camping stuff. I purchased mine a few years ago and I can't believe all of the use my family has gotten out of them, between camping and picnics. I like the fact that they snap together, it makes me check to see that we have all of the pieces when we clean up. Like the other reviews state, these utensils are large and heavy duty stainless steel. I don't feel like I have to pack extra cooking utensils for cooking when camping. The fork is actually thick enough to flip a steak, the spoon is large enough to serve as a small serving spoon, and the knife actually cuts meat, unlike some other camping kfs sets I have purchased in the past.
Serious Utensils
Review by John
These are very high quality, very heavy, and heavy duty utensils. If you are the guy who drills holes in his toothbrush handle to save weight, these are not for you. These are clearly made to last forever. You will be angry if you lose a piece and can't get them any more. I recommend getting extras now.
Review by William
Excellent, genuine German military surplus in used but serviceable condition. Perfect for the truck or the lunch box. Never use the plastic again! "OFW" marked stainless.
Quality set
Review by Keith
Well made German quality. Large full size and seemed new. Sturdy and packs compactly when space is at a premium. A must for bug out bags or back packs. You can pay a lot more for half the quality
Review by my67vw
Purchased two sets of these- in great condition. Bigger than expected- these are full size utensils. Should have ordered a couple more sets!
Top gear
Review by Evan
This utensil set has been a greatly appreciated piece of gear for camping, The knife, fork and spoon are large and made of quality German stainless steel. This set will most definitely last you a life time
Another great thing made by Germans
Review by kepiblanc
I love this utensil set! All of the components are made of high quality stainless steel. I also love the way how some of the components have the "Bund" stamp on them. That's how you know this item was made for the German military. I have had this utensil set with me on several wilderness outings already and none of the components have shown any sign of depreciation yet.

Remember what that "Shamwow" guy on TV said - "Germans make great stuff." He wasn't kidding...he could have just as easily been talking about this utensil set when he said that.
Review by Bucknball
Much better than I expected. Had to look closely to make sure they weren't brand new.
Great product
Review by Steven
These will became useful sooner then later sealed in plastic Great to use over and over and over again. Thanks
Really nice eating utensil set
Review by Fan of German Stuff
This is by far the nicest military surplus eating utensil set I've bought, and I've bought pretty much all of them. Usually the utensils are tiny, these are huge. You will be mad if you don't buy more than one once you get this.

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