Esbit Folding Stove with 6 Fuel Tablets

Esbit Folding Stove

The Esbit Folding Stove is a combat tested and battle proven camp stove that has been a favorite for over 50 years. This simple to operate stove comes with six fuel tablets, which will give you the ability to cook a warm meal while in the field. Simple, stable, and reliable is what you will experience from the Esbit and if you've never used one before you will quickly become a fan.

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Description / Esbit Folding Stove


  • Simple, Stable, and Reliable Cooking Stove
  • Folds Down to Small, Compact Size
  • Constructed from Durable Galvanized Steel
  • Currently Issued to NATO Forces
  • Dimensions: 3.9" x 3" x 0.9" (closed)
  • Weight: 12.7oz (including fuel)
  • Includes Six 14-gram Solid Fuel Cubes

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Customer Reviews

1 Good, 1 Bad
Review by Derek
We'll I bought 2. One arrived in great shape, and only slightly used. The other though was extremely used, very discolored, and the hinge on one side worn out. I tighter that one up some by bending inward, but it still could easily fold up in use ,so can't trust it with large cup on it. So, I essentially paid $4 for one. Still, that one is a 5-star bargain and I'll try my luck again. Had I only bought one I'd be unhappy getting the damaged one.
Best $2.00 I ever spent
Review by Bernard
Great value simple design. Glad I bought 5 of these 1 for each of my backpacks and will have one in each vehicle. These also fit inside most mess kits.taking up no extra space.
Great quality for the price
Review by Brandon
I've ordered two of these now, one an Esbit, and one marked Natit, both were used but in good condition. I can't wait to get out in the woods and brew up some coffee with these. It fits just inside the French Mess Kit with room for a spork and some fuel too.
Indestructable classic. Perfect pocket stove.
Review by David
Simple, proven design. Very compact and bomb-proof. Old and used but in great condition. A little steel wool once in a while removes the grime. Great product and price.
Great value
Review by Computerdoc08
Used condition - works great! No issues!
It works and for the right price
Review by jeff
Ordered it on the fly while looking at other stuff and happy I did. Came well used and dirty but it works just fine. Dirty and well used but for $2 for something you know works why not.
Great for Survival/BO/Hunting Packs!
Review by Dan R
For $2 you are on your way to staying warm if you have to. Item exactly as described. Combine with fuel tabs, candles, etc to warm your tea.
can't go wrong for the price
Review by Joseph
Used but solid and completely functional.
good to have
Review by David
I bought 3 and all were lightly used and fully functional Three for 3 kits. Although I put a pack of Weber starter cubes wirh each, I know they burn twigs fine, or hold 2 or 3 tea candles.
Good versatile iiem, good quality and a good value.
great value, very handy!
Review by seth
These things are great for hiking - they fold up so small you can fit them in your shirt pocket. If you're going on a day hike, you can fit several fuel tabs inside so you don't need to worry about using up extra space for that.
great stoves
Review by Chris
Ordered four. All four were used. Two were really nice. The ither two had rust and accumulation on them but nothing steel wool cant take care of. Very good deal though. They will handle anything you set on them.
Good little unit
Review by Jack
Picture is a good indication of what you may receive... It's used but perfectly functional.
Folded it measures: 3.8x 4.8x .75
The room under it for fire measures: 2.25x 1.5x 3
Provided you work off a level surface, two of these could do a small tray or pot. The stamped edges are a bit sharp.
An Excellent Value
Review by Jonathan
Both of the Esbit stoves I received had been lightly used, but are still completely functional... The Esbit stove is a proven design made of durable material... At $2 a piece, these little stoves are a steal... You *could* spend a lot more for a brand new Esbit stove - but why?... After its first use a new Esbit stove will look (and function) the same as these gently used stoves...
Much Better Then The Other Guys
Review by Don
I bought a back packing stove from the local "Mart Mart" The first time I used it, it distorted from the heat. Wouldn't even hold a small cooking pot. So I tried KS's esbit stove. It not only worked but I was able to sell several to my back packing friends, my last order was 15 stoves. They are in great shape and better that that...THEY WORK .
Review by tom
These Esbit stoves are a steal at Keep Shooting. Came used but a little elbow grease cleaned it up nice. Gonna have to order a few more while they are in stock.
Inexpensive and Effective
Review by 53GR
I bought several to give to friends and family. The little stove works well, even with brush and small tinder instead of alcohol tabs. I keep one in my belt kit and have tea bags inside the folded stove.
Little stove, BIG value!
Review by Josh
What more could you ask for at $2! It is what it is - a great little compact fuel tab heater. Great addition to the old BOB for heating up water, MRE's, etc. I bought 5! A couple were brand new, a couple were "gently used." Excellent value!
kool little stove
Review by William
nice used condition nothing fancy can't wait to try it out don't think i could find one cheaper if i tried lol
Excellent deal
Review by Brian
My one unit appeared to be new. I intend to throw this into a vehicle for emergency use. I'm curious about the storage life of trioxane or other fuel tablets (not included) for use with this stove when in a hot car. I suppose the military chose heat stable compounds but haven't looked into it. Thanks again for the good deal, KS!
Totally Awesome
Review by mrk
This little stove is so cool. Very compact, about the size of two decks of cards. When it's opened up, it's sturdy as can be.

Mine was in near new condition.

This is a very handy little stove. I plan on using it with the French mess kit for boiling up some water for coffee or hot chocolate on occasion while out on the family land.

Thanks KS!
Great Price
Review by Dave
Just unpacked 4 of these. All usable, couple used, on damage. Just remember to stock up on fuel pellets. Great stove for hot drink etc., don't think your going to fry "taters" with this stove. Not going to fry a chicken in your lifetime. Not what is meant to be used for, boil water, Warm MRE, etc.. LIGHT weight heat source, (with fuel pellets) outstanding addition to "bug out bag"/emergency winter kit in vehicle" Way better than But* wipe, coffee can & rubbing alcohol.

Great camp stove
Review by Robert
These stoves are amazing for there size. Got 6 , 3 new 3 used all but one was in perfect shape and the one that wasn't just needed the rivets tightened nothing a punch and hammer couldn't fix .
Great deal for a quality camp stove!
Review by Allen
You can't beat this price for a genuine Esbit stove. Excellent piece of camping equipment. It did have a little bit of grime on it, but that easily scrubbed out and it's good as new!
Review by Carl
Unreasonably well built stove

Unreasonably low price (Dont tell KeepShooting)

I bought this as a backup plan. It is both light weight and durable, so I think it is perfect for this purpose.

I'm stoked about this find.
Love it
Review by Jeff
Cheap yet good quality. Mine was almost completely clean only faintly used. The hinges and steel are sturdy enough for a decent amount of weight and it's very light. I tried a 10 pound weight and it didn't snap shut or bend not even on the angles setting, probably the max for this. They should have the specs on here though the thing is only 3 7/8 inch long by 3 inch wide and 3/4 inch high and weighs maybe an ounce. Don't let that discourage you with these stoves you want small and light, they heat up cups of coffee and tea and single portions.
Tiny cooker
Review by Jim K
Decided on one of these for for use in a 72 hour bag. Got lucky and took delivery of one that had not been used, (unlike the one shown in the website photo), so no way I can be but happy. 2 bucks well spent.
Perfect Field Stove!
Review by 11B2P
When I first went into the Infantry (back in the 90s) everyone carried one of these. They were perfect for heating up coffee in the morning, or cooking up ramen noodles when you just couldn't stomach one more MRE...Anyhow, these are real Esbit stoves, of the same style that has been around for 70+ years. They are lightweight, easy to operate, and cook in all conditions. Esbit stoves are over ten bucks each brand new, and they go for ungodly prices on the internet. The fact that KeepShooting has them for $2 is awesome. If you buy one (or more) you won't regret it!
Review by Anon
It's a genuine Esbit. It came used, and smaller than I was expecting, but for $2 you really cannot go wrong. This is a buy any camper should make.
High Quality for Half the Price
Review by Gabriel
Really good, the classic Esbit stove I've seen for years. It's 2 dollars. Buy it and you won't regret it. Be warned: apparently the stove used to come with 6 fuel tablets but they haven't edited the page title or URL. It doesn't come with fuel but how could I complain?
German quality for a low price...
Review by JARED
It's a genuine Esbit and it's $2...enough said? These stoves are used but still perfectly serviceable. Probably the most versatile and widely copied field stove since WWII. If you need to travel light and be able to cook on the go, you can't go wrong with one of these stoves.
sturdy, lightweight,can use with all types of fuel.
Review by JB
Have used this product for years. Very low impact, has its own windshield and pot stand, almost indestructible, directs heat, very inexpensive, uses all types of fuel, and is a carrier for some, can be used up side down. It's the perfect stove.
Great backpacking stove
Review by Edward
A great value for a lightweight backpacking stove. Well made, simple, very few moving parts, rugged, and easy to use. Perfect for emergency kits, bugout bags, power outages, Scouts, etc. I hope they come back into stock soon.
you cant beat it for the price
Review by hobbyoutdoorsmans
It is not the best stove out there for camping, but for the price and value of it, it can not be beat. it is a bit flimsy and small but it works for its intended purposes and is super light weight.
Great for scouts
Review by Jay
I bought one of these with pocket change and I bring it with me on every boy scout trip. It is very lightweight and shipped fast.
Great Value
Review by Shawn
Very sturdy construction and in brand new condition. This little stove can fit in a wide variety of places on you back packs or even in your jacket pockets. For the price you cant go wrong.
Great for the price
Review by Lawrence
Picked one of these up last spring and let me tell you, this little guy is tough as nails. I've stepped on it while it was closed and kicked it in the dark and it didn't bend or dent and still works like a champ. I like to use it with the "European 3 Piece Mess Kit" but I find to boil a full quart of water you often must use two fuel tablets. It seems adding a small windscreen helps. Also, if you didn't know already, hexamine is stinky.
Fine stove for camping
Review by Sean
It's no wonder these little stoves have been around so long! They work great, get hot fast and stay hot long enough to cook all of your food. Excellent value at this price.

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