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Growing up, I hated to do chores. I think it is safe to assume that everyone felt the same way as a child. Now, years later, I am a grown man that still hates to do chores. Mowing the lawn? No thanks. Washing the dishes? I will take a rain check; they do not look too dirty anyway. Cleaning the bathroom? Is that my phone ringing in the other room? I better go grab it.

But since I have to help out around the house, I do my fair share by taking care of the dirty laundry. Laundry is not so bad. After all, more than half of the work is done by a machine. All I have to do is dump in the clothes, add some soap, press a few buttons and turn a few knobs. Then, it is back to baseball and comic books.

The worst part about doing the laundry, however, is hauling around a heavy basket filled with stinky clothes, but even that can be avoided. Luckily, those crafty Germans designed the German military laundry bag. The German military laundry bag was designed as a lightweight alternative to lugging around stinky clothing in a heavy, cumbersome basket. This military surplus item made life in the field easier and now it is poised to do the same for life in the big city.

Order now and get three German military laundry bags for one low price – $13.95.

As noted, the German military laundry bag offered by is a German military surplus item. They were originally designed for and used by the members of the German Bundeswehr, the unified armed forces of Germany, which consists of an army, navy, air force, joint support services and central medical services. Each German military laundry bag is an unissued piece of German military surplus. As such, the bags show no wear and are in like new condition. They contain none of the typical rips, tears, stains or scents that are generally characteristic of military surplus, which is welcome considering they are laundry bags. Toss out your heavy plastic laundry basket and pick up a few German military laundry bags at a fraction of the price.

Each German military laundry bag is constructed entirely from a heavy cotton blend material that is soft and easily washable to remove any terrible odors your clothes may happen to leave behind. As expected, the bags are presented in a classic olive drab color. They measure approximately 31 inches by 19 inches and each includes a drawstring for secure closure.

Everyone hates chores, but they have to be done. Pull a fast one of your significant other by volunteering for laundry duty. Then, make the job simpler by ordering a three-pack of German military laundry bags. Or, consider using the German military laundry bags for one of any other possible uses, including:

- General purpose storage

- Sporting equipment

- Travel

- Survival

- Much more…

Remember, your hard earned $13.95 will net you three German military laundry bags. Just try and beat that deal!

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