German Flecktarn Combat Rucksack – Authentic German Military Issue Rucksack

German Flecktarn Combat Rucksack

The German Flecktarn Combat Rucksack is the main combat pack issued to soldiers in the German Army. This large rucksack features the unique German Flecktarn camouflage pattern that has become popular since it was first imported decades earlier. 


Description / German Flecktarn Combat Rucksack

The German Flecktarn Combat Rucksack is constructed almost entirely of water-resistant Cordura nylon. This synthetic fiber is known for extreme durability and resistance to abrasions, which make it a great choice for construction of packs like this one from the German Army. With any backpack but especially with large packs like this durability is essential. Cordura nylon construction will ensure that your pack holds all of your gear and does not fail when you need it most.

The carrying capacity of this back is enormous and it has been specially designed to maximize loading and carrying. With the main compartment you have both top and bottom access with a carefully designed opening. The bottom access point is achieved by exposing the covered zipper and unzipping the entire length of the bottom of the pack which will expose the bottom waterproof drawstring extension. You can quickly access gear that may have been loaded at the bottom of your pack without having to remove items that rest on top. For top access there is a buckle closed top flap that is designed to also offer three smaller external pockets that can be used to store essentials that you may need frequent access to.

  • Authentic German Army Combat Rucksack
  • Flecktarn Camouflage Pattern
  • Adjustable Padded Shoulder Straps
  • External Storage Pockets
  • Integrated Cinch Straps
  • NSN# 8465-12-328-1692

More Information

Manufacturer German Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Fantastic Bag. Get em while they're hot.
Review by Cody
This is a great bag. Well designed with plenty of space. Extra long straps on the top and middle which personally I love for being able to tie extras down. Large side compartments hold a lot of water. Small pockets tucked away all over as well as a large top section. Cinches up to seperate the bottom section from the middle. Some folks don't love the lack of frame but I find it really comfortable with my tarp folded up in the sleep mat pocket. Mine arrived in excellent condition, light use only evident from the braided excess straps. Seriously one of my best milsurp buys. Do it now before they're gone.
Review by timothy
no visible wear on the pack at all and it is a good size bag and made well.if you are looking for a large pack you won't be sorry with this one.
Review by seth
Spacious and comfortable, definitely worth the price of admission.
German Quality
Review by Dennis
Pack is next to new. Waist strap shows slight wear. A few very light scratches on a few buckles. Pack fabric looks brand new. No visible wear on bottom. Excellent overall condition. Maybe it was only used for a photo op & no actual real use. Mine has a 10/98 date. NATO number is also on label. This is the real deal & not a German "type" knock off. Great pack Keep Shooting!
Review by Adam
Review by Michael
I got this pack for bushcrafting. It is by far the most ideal pack for this that I have ever used. The Germans are extremely clever designers.

You can see that in this german made pack at every angle. The features, are integrated seamlessly. It is very comfortably, can extend nice and tall, and has all the bells and whistles one could ask for.

Mine was like new. Beautiful pattern. Has slots at the bottom for blanket roll, comfy shoulder straps, ax slots in the side pockets, a rifle sling down the middle back, a slot inside the back of the pack for a folding mat or foam pad to prevent items from jabbing your back and give support, waterproof interior, stability belt which does help bare the load, genius side pockets that are quick access (no need for buckles and I love this).. The list goes on and on.

I found the perfect bushcraft pack (after much testing) and I'm in love. Condition is great, build quality is amazing. Holds a ton of kit.. And best of all, it only weighs 3.2 pounds! Amazingly lightweight for the build quality.

If I was wealthier I would buy two more at this price!
Superb Ruck At A Superb Price
Review by Jonathan
I got this ruck specifically for a multi-day camping trip. It fitted all my gear with ample room to spare. I really like the adjust-ability and accessibility of its components. Mine appeared to be very lightly used, if used at all; more likely it was issued at the unit level, and sat in a supply room locker. I'm in the process of having Tactical Tailor change out the non-fastex buckles to fastex, and they're also making a closed-cell foam insert for the pocket where the original issue folding sleeping mat fit-it'll also double as a pillow, as well as providing structural rigidity when rucking. Keep Shooting was exceptional in their shipping of mine. It's a very well made ruck, and (as usual with Keep Shooting) a steal at the price.

Its of Great quality
Review by CalendarMan
I really want to like this pack alot but here are my Negatives:
Waist belt hits to high on my stomach and bugs me while hiking
I had to buy a plastic pack stiffener to make it useful in the field

The Positives: Big pack, plenty of pockets to stow things, Sleeping bag pocket good for a 3 season compression bag and even fits a US Army Patrol bag in the small compression sack, and it just looks cool!
Exactly as advertised
Review by Brian
Great quality, I packed everything I needed for a week of camping. The main compartment is large and the bottom zipper worked well for easy access to rain gear. The side pockets are large and though only a flap enclosure, everything stayed in place. The shoulder straps and waist belt are thin but adequate. I added the sleeping pad which works very well to add support to the pack. It is simple, effective and tough. A good value for the price.
Awesome Pack
Review by Jake
This pack goes well with the flecktarn camo smock, which look great. It will hold up for a while based on how it was made, and has lots and lots of storage places. Only downside was the price, but i got over that once i got it.
Not Quite a Ruck
Review by 53GR
I'm going to start off with my two complaints about this ruck:
1. It's not quite big enough. Though it's quite large for a day pack, this bag is not big enough to be a true rucksack. I have to really smash my sleep system in the bottom compartment, and even then, it's bulging out. Also, the zipper on the lower section seems a bit small. Much better as a large day-bag
2. The side and top pouches are rather small. they also aren't buckle closures. I'm going to modify them with some Fastex buckles.
The Good:
1. Excellent pattern. Flecktarn rocks in a temperate environment.
2. Great construction - Solid German engineering. It's going to stand up to a lot of abuse.
3. Side pouches are the right size for rations or magazines.
4. The Germans are genius. You can take one of their folding sleeping mats and stick it in the compartment in the back to form a sort of internal frame. I guess you could use a rolled mat, folded over as well.
Review by Sigmund
just received my pack, very excited to find like new condition and excellent quality. Keep up the good work! Buy it cheap and stack it deep!!
Great survival pack
Review by Ethan
Tons of room for camping and urban exploration equipment. I actually bought this one to replace my old U.S. rucksack, definitely worth the money.
Review by GUN NUT
This rucksack is extremely large and has pockets for everything that you could want to carry. It also is cool flecktarn camo so that makes it even better.
you get what u pay for
Review by Daniel
This is one more good pack well worth it
Not an ALICE Pack
Review by 39bore
About same as an ALICE, only not. Well constructed , lots of storage room. 'Bout same cost as a good ALICE pack, but has the "what the heck is that?" factor.
Review by Nate
I got this pack for an airsoft portrayal, and so far this has performed well. I haven't found the packs elsewhere stateside, and while being cheaper overseas, they are comparably priced once shipping is factored in. These packs are rated with a capacity of 65 liters, so you'll have plenty of storage. The only thing to watch out for with these packs is that they don't have much of a frame. Instead, the Germans designed these to work in conjunction with their folding sleeping mats. The mats, when folded, fit in a small compartment along the side facing your back to form the frame. You'll have to buy the mats, though they only cost $10 or so. This works well, as it keeps the pack light and provides enough stiffness to haul loads, such as old school radios (I've carried a SEM-35 easily enough with mine).
good value
Review by Zachary
Awesome pack, I own a ALICE pack, and even though my alice can hold more stuff, this German made assault pack is way nicer. I just went backpacking with it, and it performed well.

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