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Heckler & Koch P9S Magazine

Each single-stack, nine-round Heckler & Koch P9S magazine offered by Keepshooting.com is designed to hold and feed nine rounds of 9x19mm Parabellum ammunition to your pistol. And though they are patterned after the original Heckler & Koch factory magazines, they are available for a fraction of the price. Guaranteed to fit and function in your P9S, these magazines are a must-have accessory for any P9S owner.

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Description / Heckler & Koch P9S Magazine

Now you can shoot your P9S all day long without the fear of damaging your original factory magazines. Instead, retire them and use our Heckler & Koch P9S magazines, each of which carries a performance guarantee. But do not just take my word for it; check out the reviews left by our satisfied customers.


  • Designed for the HK P9S
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Capacity: 9 Rounds
  • Construction: Steel

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Manufacturer United Defense LLC

Customer Reviews

hard to find magazine this is great
Review by steve
great mag factory correct
Great mag; great price; REALLY works
Review by Celso
These aftermarket P9S 9x19mm mags work just like the original factory unit. Finish on these is actually nicer than that on the factory mag. Since buying these replacements, I have put away the factory original mag and use the repacements exclusively. They work flawlessly and are easier to clean.
Most aftermarket mags suck but these work like factory
Review by Robert
Usually aftermarket magazines for uncommon guns are pretty unreliable. (See: most Triple-K magazines). These are good!

I did not have high expectations but went in for 3 based on the other good reviews and the relatively low price. Hell, they are cheaper than HK mags for their current production guns like the P2000, let alone old factory P9S magazines which are ridiculously expensive.

Compared to my factory mag these are equally well-built and feel like they have the same heft. The metal follower has a black finish instead of the shiny silver of the factory mag but otherwise they are virtually indistinguishable.

All 3 of mine fed great and reliably locked the slide back on the last round. I have only ever shot my P9S with ball ammo so don't know if hollowpoints cause problems, but as far as I could tell these ran the exact same as the factory magazine.

I might buy more just because if they stop making these, there'll be no good source for P9S mags.
Review by Todd
If you have a P9s get some of these! Don’t pay $100 for factory or live with P38 mags to cheep out. These run flawless and quality is awesome.
Excellent Factory mag replacements - a must have!
Review by Kevin
I bought (4) of these mags in 2014. I have used them several times and am very impressed with the function, fit and finish of these mags. No issues with any ammo and I am very happy with them. I also have a P9S in 45, and would really love it if KeepShooting would procure those too!!! Excellent mag that works and if you like your P9S, you should round out your collection with 4 of these mags!
Not a hard choice
Review by Michael
New HK mags -- 60 bucks? I am a quality snob, so it was hard for me to pull the trigger even on one $25 non HK mag for my P9s -- now I know for the price of one HK mag, I can get 3 comparable mags from here. Do it.
Fits and functions exactly the same as the factory mags.
Review by William
I received one for Christmas but didn't get to test it out till today. Except for the fact that it looks newer, I can't tell the difference from my factory mags. There were no problems of any kind. This is a great find and a great value! If you are worried about the quality of this product, don't be. I plan on placing an order for more soon.
Ordered 4 mags.
Review by Jeff
All mags looked great and more importantly function well. Great product.
Review by LEE
Awesome mags!,
Review by Sovietak474u
I'm very pleased with these mags. The fit and finish are excellent. These in my opinion are just as good as the originals. By far these are the best aftermarket mags I've ever bought. Great job. I plan to by many more in the future .
Good product, Great service!
Review by Gerald
As good as factory mag at at a fraction of the cost. Fast shipping!
Perfect fit
Review by P9S
They are awesome and much less expensive than the originals, if you can find them. They feed with no problems. Thank you keepshooting.com for a great product.
Excellent Product
Review by Gibby
I tested two magazines for fit and function on 1/30/12. Both magazines performed flawlessly in feeding and the pistol extracted all cases without a miss. This product is an excellent alternative to the original.

I am very pleased with the magazines and will order more.
As good as the original. Or better!
Review by coshimo
I bought a P9S in mint condition from a fellow collector, but it had only one magazine.

I had all but given up trying to get spares when I found these mags online.

They are every bit as well made as the original but (1) they are better finished than the original and (2) they are smoother to insert / remove from the gun.

They work flawlessly and are just $25 each.

I couldn't be happier with the product.

great mags!
Review by Beagle
I bought 9 of these and they work great! i had to sell a couple to a buddy since he liked them so much. Now I need to buy more. I took one of my factory mags apart and was able to switch parts around with the aftermarket mags, including the followers and floor plates.
Review by P9S Fan
I bought my first P9S magazine three years ago to have another with the gun. IT COST $85!!! This magazine works AS GOOD AS THE ORIGINAL BUT ONLY COST $25.

ONLY difference I can see between the two is my original P9S magazine has a silver inside piece where this one is all black.

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