HK Rifle Cleaning Kit

German HK Rifle Cleaning Kit

The German HK rifle cleaning kit was originally issued alongside the HK G3 but is capable of bringing any rifle chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO/.308 Winchester into the 21st century.

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Description / German HK Rifle Cleaning Kit

Though it might just look like a 50-year-old cleaning kit, the German HK rifle cleaning kit is also a unique piece of German military surplus. Sure, they may have cleaned a few G3s in their day, evidenced by used bore brushes, but there is nothing that will prevent these cleaning kits from continuing their service for years to come. As noted, the cleaning kits are used and may show signs of wear and usage, but they are still fully capable of use with your G3, HK91, PTR91 or any other rifle chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO/.308 Winchester.

The German HK rifle cleaning kit is a small, olive drab plastic case that measures approximately 5 inches by 3.5 inches. The kit consists of the following items:

- One pull-through cleaning chain

- One 7.62x51mm NATO/.308 Winchester bore brush

- One chamber brush

- One hand cleaning brush

- One oil bottle

- Assortment of patches

As these are military surplus cleaning kits, we cannot guarantee that every kit will contain all of the aforementioned items. Most do contain all aforementioned items, but it is possible that some may be missing a piece.

Whether you are looking to piece together a collection of German military surplus or you just want a cheap cleaning kit for your G3, the German HK rifle cleaning kit is sure to please. Considering it costs just $4.95, there is no going wrong with this one.

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Manufacturer German Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Used but serviceable clean kit
Review by
No cracks in case, a used but serviceable cleaning kit. FYI, case fits perfectly into one of the G3 ammo pouches KeepShooting sells.
Better than expected
Review by
I expected a well worn cleaning kit. The kit I received was in good serviceable shape and even had some oil left.....Great deal for $5
As Issued With The G3
Review by
I didn't need one of these kits but wanted one as an accessory to my G3 as it would have been issued with. One day all this sort of things are going to dry up and increase in value. It makes a rifle package look more attractive if it has everything with it it should have. $5 now may be much more later. Get em while you can.
Nice and clean
Review by
Very good surplus stuff! Worth the money. Good collection.
Pretty dang cool!
Review by
Ordered one of these to go along with my german field shirts (also awesome) since most of my rifles are of the 7.62 caliber.
Mine came with two bundles of cleaning ropes, plastic brush, plastic and brass brush, but a cracked oil bottle which I plan to repair with some epoxy.

Excellent! Works well, and my kit was barely used.
g3 military cleaning kit
Review by
What I received for a fiver. A absolutely new can not be upgraded kit. Superior deal! would not hesitate to order more.
Best Buy!!
Review by
These kits come with everything you need to do a field cleaning. Perfect for any .30 cal rifle or pistol. Thanks for such a great price.
Buy it - now!
Review by
If you have a rifle bigger than .223, you need one of these. I must have bought fifteen of these at this point. As the description says, these work wonders on .308 (7.62x51). I have also used them to great results on 7.62x25, 7.62x39, 7.62x54r, 8mm, 7.5 Swiss, and British .303.

Vastly superior to boresnakes, stronger and more durable. Comes with copper pull through to knock loose debris and soft plastic bristly to leave mirror shine. Do yourself a favor - buy one now!
Buy this!
Review by
This is a down right steal. Comes with a very sturdy case and is perfect for the range or to take on hunting trips. Everything fits perfectly inside. I'll be getting at least one more.
Better Hurry,,,They are .30cal
Review by
Summary tells it all.
what else do you need?
Review by
at this price KS is a great resource for the budget minded in need of quality mil spec items for their rifles.
Trow one in the trunk
Review by
Nice kit to take in the wood's
Small ,light ,strong chain
At $5 Skip nasty McDonalds meal - get this instead !

Made to pick in a back or leg pocket
Review by
These handy little kits have everything you need to keep any 30cal rifle working in the field.
I picked up one of these about 15 years ago and now anytime I go to the range I stick this kit in my leg pocket and it keeps my bore clean enough to keep me shooting accurately.
I also use bore snakes a lot for the same thing, Field cleaning Bore Snakes however don't come with a handy little case to allow you to carry it in your back pocket.
At this price well worth buying, does everything a Bore Snake will and is handier to carry.
Pretty cool
Review by
I like having a dedicated cleaning kit for my G3. The cleaning kit is very small, but has everything you need to keep your rifle in shooting condition.
Must Have
Review by
Issue cleaning kit for less than five dollar? Really? This is a no brainer. I am going to buy more and keep them everywhere I might need to clean a 308 rifle.
Nice little range Kit
Review by
Nice little kit for the range. Allows you to lubricate and do a field cleaning. Perfect for leaving in the car or day pack.
very cool
Review by
I love this kits, I have a pouch on my ptr s buttstock that I keep the kit in, also works good on a mosin nagant too.good price
HK Cleaning Kit
Review by
For five dollars you wont find a better simple, quality kit than this one. I keep this in my range bag and use it quite often. Very neat.
Quality cleaning kit
Review by
Looks in new condition. Missing some of the rope cleaning pads. Compact size. Great to bring to gun range and hunting trips.
Cant go wrong for the price.
Review by
Comes in nice case and can be used effectively for mosins ,ak's, psl's, g3s and any other 30 caliber rifle. Thank you Keep Shooting!
Review by
4 were new, one used very slightly, 4 missing cleaning ropes, no bid deal, use cleaning patch. Great for 30-06 or 7.62
All U Need!
Review by
I have to say, this is all that you need to properly clean your G3 type rifle, and it comes in a perfect little case.
At the sale price buy one, at least one.
Review by
Forget dragging a cleaning rod into camp, these are great for cleaning 30 to 35 caliber rifles or even up to a 9mm /357 caliber handgun in a pinch. I've even used one of these to clean my shotgun once in a pinch, not a through cleaning but it was good enough to prevent rust before I got it home on a rainy day. I pack one of these when deer hunting in a Ziploc bag. If you are a shooter or a hunter you might want to add one of these to your cart before checkout, or even a few for the range bag, hunting coat etc... For the price they can't be beat.
Nice cleaning kit
Review by
I ordered 3 of these 2 looked brand new and one was lightly used these thing are great and I plane to use them when I am away from home to clean various types of 30 caliber rifles thank again
can use with any .30 cal rifle
Review by
got this not expecting much and to go with my PTR/CETME, was surprised, decent quality and it would clean how many years later. everything inside was clean and looked good.
excellent product
Review by
This product will not disappoint you. It's very light weight and compact. Excellent for a day at the range or bug out bag.
Top Quality
Review by
This kit has served me well, and is a cool accessory for my PTR91 rifle. The kit has also long out lived any of my cotton bore snakes
worth the money
Review by
used just like it says but still very serviceable and in good condition. mine came with some wicking type material as well (2 bundles) which i assume is for cleaning as well. it won't be a "use all the time kit" but it will be great for an emergency type bug out piece of gear when space is limited.
Good Quality
Review by
I did not understand it was used, but still it will work great for my H&K and is in like new condition. Great price and quality.
Comes in handy and compact
Review by
I ordered 2 of these because i have many guns but not to many cleaning kits and this will work for all guns except the .22, and shotguns great price and quality.

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