HK G3 Vinyl Magazine Pouch

The HK G3 Vinyl Magazine Pouch is one of the early magazine pouches that were fielded by the German army for use with the HK G3 rifle. While originally designed to hold two 20-round HK G3 magazines, this magazine pouch will also hold two similar sized magazines such as FAL or M14 magazines.

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The HK G3 Magazine Pouch is a great example of the first generation magazine pouch that was used by the German army for the HK G3 rifle. With a rubberized vinyl construction and typical German over-engineering, this inexpensive magazine pouch is great for toting not just extra magazines but other gear to the range or into the field.

  • Authentic German Army Surplus
  • Designed for the HK G3 Magazine - Will fit two similar sized magazines, M14 or FAL as examples
  • Large Belt Loops - Attach this pouch to your belt or other gear easily
  • Closure Flaps to Protect Magazines from the Elements

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Customer Reviews

Good for the Money
Review by Survivalism is Freedom
Verified Buyer
Since these are going at such a reasonable price, they make a good all purpose utility pouch. Know ahead of time that they will not hold 30 round rifle magazines. Some appear to be unissued, others have some wear and tear on them, but for the cost it is hard to go wrong.
Review by Josh
Verified Buyer
I ordered 8 of these, they came very quickly. I like to use them to hold shot shells of differing caliber. Most are almost like new, a few show a small amount of use but never-the-less, I am greatly happy with my purchase and will probably get some more as long as they are available.
Great at clearance price
Review by Dave
Verified Buyer
I got these for HK91 mags but as others have said, they have lots of uses. Some are a little dirty, etc. but nothing that a good scrubbing and sun dry won't fix. I have a bunch of mags that I plan to keep in these for storage, range use, SHTF, etc. Get them before they are gone.
New double mag pouch
Review by Erick
Verified Buyer
Exactly as described. It's a new mag pouch for the G3 and CETME C 20 round mags. Might also fit M14 and FAL mags as well, given their similar sizes.
Absolutly The Best Price Anywhere
Review by Rich
Verified Buyer
At .99 cents each I bought a dozen. They range in how worn they are but most are in excellent condition. There's no way I could wear 12 and carry 24 mags but I'll find a use for them. :) They are nice double pouches I could see many uses for other than their intended purpose. I'll probably give a few to friends.
Review by Lazy Glenn
Verified Buyer
Some Corrosion On the bottom rivets, easy clean up, other then that, clean and in great shape. Should have bought more ! Seems like it can have many more uses other then just holding mags.
Lot more uses than carrying magazines
Review by Frank
Verified Buyer
These are great for a lot of projects other than HK magazines. Made a small first aid kit out of one, pUT and ohm meter and some small tools in another, if your the least bit creative you can put multiple semi auto handgun mags in each pouch using some type of material to keep them separated. I used an old pair of leather house slippers which makes for a very silent carrying of 6 pistol mags. Great deal for a buck a piece.
Perfect for HK 91
Review by JT
Verified Buyer
Perfect for HK 91. Nice and clean.
Badass iphone carrier
Review by Kevin
Verified Buyer
Should fit 4th and 5th generation iPhones just right! Also takes about a pack of ciggarrettes. Of course, this also fits G3 magazines too. What a great price for these!
Nice pouch
Review by Mark
Verified Buyer
The one I received looks brand new with no growth or spotlessness as the other reviewer noted on theirs.

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