Hostage Escape Card

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The Hostage Escape Card by ReadyMan is a tool you want now so that when you need it you have it. One small credit card sized profile "card" gives you the tools you need to escape from virtually all unlawful restraint situations.

The Hostage Escape Card by ReadyMan has the tools you need to address multiple scenarios of unlawful restraint. With tools like a small saw, handcuff shim, and lock picking rake you start to see the capabilities of the Hostage Escape Card. The pictures shown here give you an idea for potential uses of the Hostage Escape Card which will give you a sense for just how important possessing this card could be for you.

  • Credit Card Sized Escape Kit
  • Includes Saw, Handcuff Shim, Rake Pick, and Tension Wrench
  • Made in the USA from Stainless Steel
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