Ka-Bar Dog's Head Utility Knife

The Ka-Bar Dog's Head Utility Knife features the legendary performance of the military Ka-Bar with some minor changes making it more suitable for a civilian setting. Specifically the blade and sheath are marked with a Dogs Head and Crossbones in the area that would normally have a USMC Insignia. Awesome version of the Ka-Bar that will be appreciated by all who handle it.

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The Ka-Bar Dog's Head Utility Knife has all of the performance of the USMC Ka-Bar Fighting Knife. With the addition of a fun Dogs Head and Crossbones on the blade and sheath this Ka-Bar packs all of the power and legendary performance that comes with the original. Taking the original and enhancing it Ka-Bar has added a metal butt cap to give you the ability to hammer when necessary in the field.

  • Authentic Ka-Bar - Made in the USA
  • Features Dogs Head and Crossbones Marking
  • All the Features and Performance of USMC Ka-Bar Fighting Knife
  • Includes Leather Sheath

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Customer Reviews

It's a solid kbar without a military angle
Review by Jamila I.
Verified Buyer
I've had this for a bit but not used it excessively. It is a good value for knife and the little dog head branding is cool. It's still crafted in NY . It has a great hand feel, I find myself just messing around with it sort of absent mindedly. Still it is fairly large knife for me to justify carrying. The rat tail tang is why I have it 4 for sturdiness
Good quality
Review by Rosevelt T.
Verified Buyer
A very tough knife. Took a lot of neats foot oil and some sanding to soften a few edges. Sharpens easily and holds an edge. Had to stretch the snap strap keeper.
Quality knife
Review by Geoff Q.
Verified Buyer
We were impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of this knife.
Great knife hands dow
Review by Daymond C.
Verified Buyer
Sturdy and feels strong. Sharpened very well and cannot wait to use it camping. Definitely a great purchase.
Value for Money.
Review by Bari M.
Verified Buyer
This is a SUPERB., All round knife. if your lucky too get one in the U.K.
Solid construction, surprisingly nimble.
Review by Benjiman X.
Verified Buyer
I take this fishing with me, I was surprised how easy it was to gut even smaller fish with this knife. It’s just heavy enough to give a good whack too.
Ka-Bar Dogs Head Utility Knife
Review by Franky F.
Verified Buyer
This is absolutely the best knife I have ever bought..... quality handle & superped steel...assembled by artisans. I would highly recommend this knife to anyone that wants a REAL knife. Thanks Ka-Bar & Amazon...you guys are the best.
Great purchase
Review by Cornelia J.
Verified Buyer
Perfect knife. It's exactly what I was looking for. I wanted the KaBar but did not want to carry the one stamped USMC since I did not earn it. This is just enough knife for most bushcraft and romps through the deep woods. Sheath that it came with is very snug knife will not fall out. Even with the snug fit the sheath still comes with secondary clasp to ensure the knife stays secured. I would recommend this knife for anyone looking for good bushcraft tool or shtf.
Review by Shanyce L.
Verified Buyer
i have several ka-bars and hands down i love my dogs head . i cant find anything wrong with this knife .made in the USA !!!! i jazzed mine up a bit with a Holtzman's Gorilla Survival Fire Starter Gift Set Emergency Ferro Rod Kit W/Leather Sheath. another great bush craft ferro rod. the sheath is well put together ,had to oil it but that's not negative . i recommend this knife , it my second dogs head . also the negative reviews are made by people that doesn't know what's in their hands. these are sturdy knives and if you break it KA-BAR will send you a new one no questions asked . this is a great knife. there's a lot of theories about the name .ive heard a couple but in my opinion the first one is the pummel is shaped like a dogs head. its up to you go out on YouTube and check it out. i love this knife defiantly my most favorite KA-BAR in the collection.
Review by Artemus Z.
Verified Buyer
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