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M3 Grease Gun Magazine

The M3 Grease Gun Magazine is a newly produced version of the iconic military original. We've produced hundreds of thousands of these magazines with more than a decade of experience behind each magazine. You'll find our M3 Grease Gun Magazine will fit and feed flawlessly in any firearm designed to use unmodified M3 Grease Gun Magazines.

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Description / M3 Grease Gun Magazine


  • M3 Grease Gun Magazine
  • Caliber: .45ACP
  • Capacity: 30 Rounds
  • Made by United Defense LLC / Keep Shooting

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Manufacturer United Defense LLC

Customer Reviews

grease gun mag
Review by Elmo
works great
Couldnt be happier
Review by Rory
Been searching for this magazine for a long time. Found many but prices were very high. Found this site made my purchase and couldn't be more happy. Great product packaged with care and in perfect condition for a great price.
Awesome mag
Review by Todd
I just bought 2 more for my AR-45 because how impressed I am about the quality (they are metal and made very well) and the price.
If your weapon accepts these mags, don't hesitate to buy at lease a few. You won't be disappointed.
No mod mag for MPA10T pistol
Review by Brett
Ordered the grease gun mags on a thursday, received them the following Monday and only selected the cheapest shipping at $10 for the 3 mags. Outstanding order processing and shipping. Usually I have to wait for other companies to process your order for at least a week or 2 and these guys get my order processed and shipped to me in 5 days which included the weekend. Just awsome. As for the magazines themselves the over all continue looks great (after cleaning the grease off) they all fit my Master Piece Arms MPA10T just as good as my factory mag and even though I did NO altering to the mags I couldn't pull them out of the mag well even forcefully. I only put 10 rounds thru each mag (ammo costs prevented me from doing a full 30 Rd per mag function test) with only 1 false to feed which was my fault for not fully seating the mag. My gun ran like a champ with them so now I'll be on to loading a mag up fully and letting it sit for a month or so and see how it feeds then. Other than that for the $15.95 these mags are you can't go wrong if you are gonna run them in a MPA10 varient in my opinion. Can't wait to see if they get any sten mags back in to try out in my MPA30sst. Figures crossed :)
bought more
Review by John M
These worked well in my mac 10 semi build. Had to buy 6 more before price went up! Cant go wrong for $15.95 and they work well, and they're new.
Great magazine
Review by Charles
I had a military mag that wouldn't work in my Vulcan V10-45. This mag worked great!
These work flawlessly!
Review by OCR
These work flawlessly in the MAC 10 during both semi auto and select fire. I've never had a problem with them during loading or 'unloading' at any rate of fire. I would not hesitate to buy more of these. I prefer them to the originals and I recommend them to friends with MAC 10s.
Better than MPA10sst original factory mag.
Review by Michael
I was looking for a cheaper mag for my MPA Mac 10 45 and I happened to run across these on sale for $15.95. I was really impressed with the quality of these mags. They are well built and have a nice blued finish. They look and seem better built than the orginal mag that came with my gun. The Masterpiece Arms web site wanted $35,95 plus shipping for their mags. These are cheaper and better quality.
Best M3 Magazines
Review by JB
Five-Star all around!!! Brand new and oily in sealed bag. Fit my M3 and M10 perfectly. Excellent buy (may need more in fact). Thank you! JB
Work great!
Review by Desperado
I bought ten of these magazines and each one functioned flawlessly with the Lage thumb release grip for my M10/45. Great fit and finish on the magazines, so much nicer than the surplus originals.
Great Mags
Review by RemMax
I originally bought these to use in my Uzi with a aftermarket grip handle that allows the use of GGMAGS AND THEY WORK PERFECTLY IN THAT GUN
I recently built a AR45 in 45ACP and with the use of a custom lower that has a mag well that's made for GG mags these mags are feeding it perfectly as well
Overall really nice mags that fit and feed flawlessly
I will definitely be buying more of these in the near future
Thanks KS

Good Product
Review by Robert
I bought 10 of these for an AR15 pistol in 45 ACP. For this application they had to have a notch milled in the left side and the back of the magazine and the forward part of the feed lips had to be filed down for bolt clearance. They were full of grease and had to be thoroughly cleaned but they performed flawlessly once they were adapted to the Bazoka Brothers lower.
Review by Curt
I purchased a Masterpiece arms carbine and bought 6 of these mags for it. I had heard horror stories about grease gun mags and was expecting the worst but once on the range the word Flawless came to mind.. I ran through over 200 rounds without one malfunction and will be buying more of these quality magazines
very nice good deal
Review by mark
nice buy.
Review by Ry
Great quality. Came in protective plastic.
Superior to OEM Magazine
Review by David
I just received my order of two magazines yesterday... and I am highly impressed with KeepShooting. This product is superior in every way relative to the original MPA 30rnd mag provided with the firearm. The fit and finish is clean, the rounds feed without any issues, and the construction is solid.

I placed my order on a Saturday (holiday weekend, 31AUG), and the KeepShooting order tracking system kept me informed of the progress of the order as it was processed on the next business day, shipped, and tracked (via USPS).

So, a better product, excellent service, simple and easy order process, what more can you ask for? The price from KeepShooting – is about 40% of the OEM… Need I say more?
Not perfect right out of the box
Review by sloppydogdrool
I bought 10. Some were a little tight fitting. Several would not load or feed properly. The follower kept getting stuck. I finally after loading and unloading a few dozen times was able to get the follower to move freely and the magazine started feeding properly. I'm dropping the quality to 4 stars since production seems inconsistent. I've only been through half the box at this point and I still have one mag that refuses to feed smoothly. Oh get the speed loader. Loading by hand royally sucks!
work good
Review by Marcel
these things are awesome mags, vary heavy when loaded
Run Beautifully
Review by RemMax
These fit and function in my 45 Uzi better than half the Mil-Surp mags I have, Plus they match the Uzi finish!
When I bought my 45 Uzi SMG, the only mags you could get for it was the 16 round Uzi Mags. Using 16rnd mags in a sub gun gets frustrating changing mags! And then the price of those 16rnd mags on top of it.
When Vector Arms came out with the replacement grip that converts your 45 Uzi to use grease gun mags I thought I finally had it made, Of course Mil-surp GG mags weren't so cheap or easy to find then either. When I found these I only picked up a couple to try them out, Once I took them to the range I was sold! These fit right in the mag well and feed the gun as fast as it can spit em out! Having them match the color of the gun don't hurt either.
I'm planning on building a 45acp Upper for one of my spare AR lowers this summer and when I do these will be the mag I use to feed it.
No worn out springs, dented mag bodies or bent feed lips on these, they are 100% brand new and work like it accordingly The best part is they cost about the same price as the questionable "Un-Issued" Mil-surp mags you run into using the originals and finding a new spring for a GG mag is not a casual chore!
If you have anything that uses GG mags these are the way to go.
Fantastic item
Review by DAINESE
you will not find a mag as good as these a++++++++++++++
very nice
Review by DAINESE
i am getting more of these works good in my mpa 45 thank you.
Great for Grease Gun
Review by Jacob
All 6 functioned great in my M3A1 Grease Gun. The tolerances of these magazines are spot on. I would buy more if they were available parkerized.
better than the stock magazine
Review by DAINESE
great item fast shipment
Fantastic item
Review by DAINESE
I purchased 2 of these to check out the quality. Once I received them, I immediately got on phone and ordered 4 more. Don't hesitate on buying these mags, they are the BEST out there. If i could have rated them a 10, I would have.
Much better than original GI
Review by Phil
I've seen lots of M3 mags and these are by far the most consistent, best made, best fit, best materials, best quality of all I've seen. Thanks!
Outstanding product!
Review by Andrew
Ordered one earlier and waited a bit to receive- the wait was worth the price. I expected some cheap knock-off but was surprised by the quality and the fact that this mag came NIW. I look forward to purchasing another mag at this price. Thanks, your efforts are appreciated.
great mags
Review by Xavier
Buy as many as you can I received my order quick. These mags are great don't waste your time buying other mags like I first did these are the mags for your Mac-10!
Built Well!
Review by StillKicking
These are great mags for a good price.
Review by LEE
mpa grease mag
Review by james
great mag works great, arrived seal in grease in plastic. should of bought more.
M3 GG Mags for AR45
Review by Deanno
I have built a set of AR45's that use the M3 GG Mags, I have to say that over all I am very pleased with all their performance. Sure I had some issues, with a small few of the mags, but with a little adjusting... (if you know what you are doing) they all worked just fine. Not one of the mags I ordered I could not get to work with out a problem. After fit adjustments, not one jammed on me. I would say about 20% needed some work, but over all Money well spent.
M3 GG Mags for AR45
Review by Michael
I have built a set of AR45's that use the M3 GG Mags, I have to say that over all I am very pleased with all their performance. Sure I had some issues, with a small few of the mags, but with a little adjusting... (if you know what you are doing) they all worked just fine. Not one of the mags I ordered I could not get to work with out a problem. After fit adjustments, not one jammed on me. I would say about 20% needed some work, but over all Money well spent.
QUALITY...all the way
Review by enterprise56
KS.....awesome mags guys. Waiting for more.
Review by Brent
Perfect fit for my MPA10SST. Even better than the stock magazine....not too loose and not too tight. It came with a nice coating of oil and in a sealed plastic bag. Good job KS!
Review by Matthew
used in my MAC-10 one had paint that was a little bit too thick but a quick sand took care of that, the rest were all GTG! no issues with any of them so far....
finally a mag that works :-)
Review by billy in oklahoma
finally a .45 mag for my masterpiece arms mac 10 that works ......iv never had any problem with thes mags and im sure glade i bought one when i got my mac cause my factory mag quit working right after i got it ............i ordered another one from masterpiece and it was junk as soon as it arrived .....it took awhile to finally find a place that sold a good mag but it seems Keepshooting.com is the only place that sales this mags.....ill be ordering more :-)
Great mags.
Review by ROBERT
If you have an older M-10 before MPA you'll have to change your mag catch to accept grease gun mags. Very simple to do and takes only a few minutes. I believe an m-11/9 mag catch will work. Worked flawlessly with my semi m-10. Great fit and finish.
These Mags ROCK
Review by 5StarGeneral
I just received my F4 for my PS M10/45, bought a couple of these to test if my MAC functioned well with them. I should have bought a few more while they were in stock. These mags rock, can't wait to order 3-4 more.....
Excellent magazine
Review by Stephen
I ordered a few of these for my Volunteer Enterprises Commando. They worked perfectly. I have a few genuine issue M3 mags, and except for age and wear, I can't tell them apart. I highly recommend getting the M3 mag loader as well, as your thumbs get very sore reloading if you shoot them a lot.
MPA MAC 10 shooter
Review by GI Joe
Great Magazine. Tight fit no rattle.. About a ten round break in each magazine, then they will feed without issue. I have a cute little bump firing rig, I use which is nothing more than a sized to length lanyard that clips unto a belt loop, providing the proper distance to the trigger finger, to bump fire from the hip accurately. These mags will empty in under 1.5 second of bump fires reliably. LOVE THEM!
great mags
Review by root
I have a huge pile of these now and they work 100% ALL OF THEM!
No wondering if they are going to fit or function like the WWII GG mags I have bought in the past.
these mags lock right up and run great. they are being used in a 40 YO PS Mac 10 sub machine gun and empty out in 1.2 seconds on a mag dump.
again nothing but praise for these mags.
decent magazines
Review by dave
like the mags a lot. wish they were a little cheaper but as with everything i've bought so far from these guys i can't complain. have yet to receive something i didn't like and that's hard to say about most companies! if they keep up the great work, I'll keep buying more stuff!!!
5 STAR MAG !!!
Review by MR MAC 10
The mag fit and function flawlessly in my Master Piece Arms MPA10T . Slow fire Bump Fire NO PROBLEM!! BUY IT !!!
Great Grease Gun Magazine!!
Review by PT-13Pilot
I bought one of these for a Volunteer Commando Mark III (Tommy gun clone). The magazine looks well made, and finish is superb. Took no modification or tweaking, just slap it in and go shooting. I will be ordering more! Much better option than new/used USGI mags of questionable quality.
decent mags
Review by dave
work great, have 5 so far, may get more...
15 bought, no complaints
Review by sanuces3rd
I've bought 15 or so this year and have nothing but praise for these mags. The price, quality and dependability are awesome. All mags have been used with not a single misfeed, jam, or pause. Thank you KEEPSHOOTING!
best I've found
Review by cpt. caveman
The fit and function of these mags is excellent. They work in my mpa10 flawlessly. Great item for a good price. Get some!
overall excellent
Review by joker
great price plus excellent function equals outstanding value. functions flawlessly in my mpa10.
Excellent product
Review by Happyface
I bought 5 of these because the price was so much lower than I found anywhere else. After talking on the phone with one of the customer service people, he quieted my concerns that they might be like so many other "cheap" magazine products out there. These are beautifully made, flawless in function and at a great price. Even when bump-firing my M10 they hum like a machine and no jams. :-D
Vector 45 Uzi
Review by Pennsniper
These mags run better in my Vector 45 Uzi than original grease gun mags. Best thing is they required no modification at all. Thank you Keepshooting.
These mags will save you $$$ and time
Review by ftldrben
These are the best deal out there and they are NEW! I was paying upwards of $65 for 30+ year old GG mags that may have been new in wrapper (but so are mummies) but the looked old and functioned at about 80%.
These run 100% albeit must be tuned to fit my unmodified M10/45 magwell. I use a 3 sided file an fit each mag to the weapon with about a 1/8" shave off the mag catch on the back of each one. Doesn't take long and gives me perfect mags for my M10!
Almost perfect
Review by Ganjatron
These are definitely the best grease gun mags I've found. Compared to the ones that came with my MPA-10, these are lighter, have a nicer finish, weigh less and do not wobble in the mag well. The only complaint I have is that I wish they had a window drilled at the bottom so you can see if the mag is full or not.

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