M1 Carbine 30-Round Magazine

M1 Carbine 30-Round Magazine

The M1 Carbine 30-Round Magazine is an all steel magazine designed for use with the M1 Carbine. These magazines are designed to fit, feed, and function in any M1 Carbine that is built to military specifications. We have designed these M1 Carbine magazines to perform as good as the military originals, including the utilization of a bolt stop magazine follower.

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Description / M1 Carbine 30-Round Magazine

The M1 Carbine 30-Round Magazine is designed after the USGI magazine that was utilized by both the M1 and M2 Carbines. This magazine effectively doubled the capacity of the M1 Carbine and was designed in a manner that made it easy to manufacture. We have recognized the need for a high quality 30-round magazine for the M1 Carbine and have produced what some call the very best commercial M1 Carbine magazine for nearly a decade.

Rather than just make an exact copy of the original, we have taken steps to improve our M1 Carbine 30-Round Magazines to adjust for improvements in modern manufacturing techniques. We do not stamp these magazines with counterfeit makers marks like some do to try and pass them off as military production, our time is better spent improving performance and lowering manufacturing costs to produce. The end result is a modern 30-round magazine for the M1 Carbine that is priced competitively, performs well, and provides satisfaction to M1 Carbine enthusiasts. We do a lot of recreational shooting at our facility and these magazines get more use that virtually any other in-house magazine due to the popularity of the M1 Carbine.

  • Fits USGI-spec M1 Carbine Rifles
  • Feeds in Semi-Auto or Full-Auto M1 Carbines
  • Blued Steel Finish
  • Bolt Stop Follower

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Manufacturer United Defense LLC

Customer Reviews

Ordered extra clips for my carbine.
Review by Chuck
Received on time and were in excellent shape. Have not used on the range but all fit the gun perfectly.
Thumbs up
Review by DrCharly
I had two 30rd from before, BHO, these mags are exactly like those, great craftsmanship.
Best Mags I Have Found
Review by Joe Nobody
By far the best M1 magazines I have found out there. Korean ones are junk. These are my go to magazines.
Solid magazine
Review by Jay
These are quality magazines, similar to original military specs. Good condition overall at a really good price. I’d recommend them to others.
Had a minor problem
Review by 51 Fan
These are excellent magazines but I did have a minor problem with mine. The first time I loaded it I could only get 29 rounds in it and the last 2 were a struggle to get in. When I put the loaded magazine in my m1 I had to wiggle it to get it to fully seat in the gun and on the 3rd shot I had a ftf. The bolt didn't quite go all the way into battery. After firing all the rest with no issues I disassembled the magazine and found a sharp burr on the bottom back of the magazine follower. After using a file to remove the burr and smooth the follower I reassembled it and it now accepts 30 rounds with no problems and functions flawlessly in my new Inland M1! I previously had purchased a South Korean made 30 round magazine and had to do major modifications to that to get it to work at all. Thank you KeepShooting.com
Outstanding Magazines
Review by Nick
I purchased 4 and have used them exclusively for the past 6 months at the range so that I could give a truthful review. I have not have any issues and will definitely be back for more and recommend to all of my friends.
Great customer service
Review by Ivan
The first one I received was faulty. Cory from their customer service was super helpful after I sent pictures supporting my claim. I had a replacement in no time!
Functions Fully Loaded - Feeds As Far As You Pull Trigger
Review by Tom
These magazines function fully loaded in my NPM Carbine. If you have any issues with these magazines, check your magazine catch, or you have a carbine in need of a tune up. I only shoot quality brass cased ammo in my M1 and these magazines feed rounds as fast as you can pull the trigger. The finish is a traditional blued steel and they are one of the VERY RARE aftermarket magazines that work flawlessly. Would buy again!
30 round M1 Carbine Magazines in New Inland Carbine
Review by Jimmy
I picked up one of the new Inland carbines (used) recently. It came with two 15 round mags. I bought a 30 rounder that wouldn't even fit in the mag well. Ordered two 30 rounders from here based on reviews. Just got them. Cleaned the oil off, loaded them with factory and reloaded ammo and off to the range. Both fit nicely in the rifle. 28 rounds in each magazines and they functioned perfectly! Good, solid mags, nice workmanship - and they work! I know where I am buying my mags from now on.
Good enough for the range
Review by JT
My rifle misfeeds intermittently when the mag is loaded with 30 rounds. It’s good when I load only 20. It’s good enough for the range.
good mag
Review by Mathew
Waited a long time for them to be in stock. Only thing was they went up a few bucks when they arrived, but oh well.
Fits and works
Review by Michael
Exactly like the original magazine in appearance and functionality. Price is most definitely very very reasonable. However, functionality if foremost and this will deliver!
It was delivered quickly and works great
Review by Pooh
Great product
Finally got some more.
Review by Andy
Mags are a very important part of the function of a carbine. They are also a "consumable". If a 200 lb guy steps on the 'best-ever' mag, it is still toast.
You need an inexpensive mag that will function perfectly. This one will.
The cheaper import ones with "punch-thru" holes instead of spot welds come apart.
I shot with one and it's guts literally fell out on my feet :-O .
I have about 15 carbines in my flock to keep running. Keep these mags in stock!!!!
Review by Jim
Excellent quality at great price. Have already re-ordered after my initial purchase.
fit finish function and shipping three thumbs up
Review by John
Purchased three of these a few months ago. couldn't be more pleased. Fit perfectly in my 1943 carbine. Excellent finish and functioned flawlessly. No ftf or fte's at all
and shipping, what can I say 3 days and on my doorstep. way to go keep shooting I will be getting more. *****
30 Rd. Mag - no problems as yet
Review by GFa
Recently purchased 30 Rd Mag, have had only one opportunity to use it. No problems experienced. I agree with another reviewer that it would be nice to have the bold back follower incorporated into the 15 rd. mags.I've noted when loading that the rounds to be added must be parallel to the "ground", i.e., in a horizontal position. Otherwise the previously added round projects forward and blocks the descent of the added round.
As good as OEM
Review by roland
Worked as good as the GI spec mags.....AWESOME
Great mag
Review by Marathoner
This mag functions perfectly in my AO reproduction csrbine. Have ordered another and the 30 rd pouch. The hold the bolt back follower for the last round is a nice feature--why not incorporate on the 15 rd mag? See my reviews as Marathoner and Robert for the 15 rd mags which have weak springs and replacing the springs w/ springs from Wolff Co. COULD YOU SELL THE 30 RD FOLLOWERS SO THAT CUSTOMERS COULD REPLACE ON THE 15 RD MAGS??
Review by Jack
I have two M1 Carbines and these mags work flawlessly in both of them. I have not seen quality like this in any other magazine. I waited for them as I had purchased the M14 mags and expected that they would be of similar quality. Needless to say I made a good decision in waiting as they are both the best I have ever used! A big Thanks to KeepShooting.com!
Best on the market
Review by Michael
These mags function flawlessly in my Plainfield m1. The finish is nicer than the Korean mags on the market. These are near identical to GI mags. They drop free too which is nice (the Korean ones don't).
Great product
Review by Rakkasan
Very well made and the bluing is excellent!
These work great
Review by Bradley
When I first got my Saginaw S'G' carbine, I didn't have any magazines. I found a clearance on some slightly rusty USGI mags, and bought them. These, brand new, are cheaper than those were on clearance. These work just as well as the USGI mags.

If you don't have an M2 style magazine catch, you'll likely need one for these or any other 30 rounder to be 100% reliable. If you look at your magazine catch, if there is a little finger pointing toward the muzzle on the end of the catch opposite the release button, you have an M2 type release. If you don't have that little finger, you don't have one. I bought a USGI new old stock surplus magazine catch on another site for $15, and it took about 30 seconds to replace.
Great value and sturdy mags.
Review by Steve
Fits great in my universal and ww2 carbines. Please get more in stock from the same company! Thanks again!
Well made magazine
Review by Mike
I bought the 30 round magazine for my original WWII M1 Carbine and it fit and functioned perfectly. The magazine looks good and is very well made. The pricing is as good as you can find.
Get more in stock!!!
Review by Kevin
Ordered three of these and a 15 round mag. Please get more of these in stock so I can order more. Fit and function are perfect. Couldn't be happier.
Like it
Review by Joel
I have order about 12-16 of these magazines for use in an USGI M1 Carbine, along with 4 of the 15 rounders. I have been working to correct mechanical issues with the carbine and thought I was doing pretty good until I had several failure to feed problems today. One of the 30 rounders had the teeth that hold it in place inside the magazine well shear off. So far with the 15 rounder and the other 30 rounders no issues with the spring or the follower, but 1 of the mags had the teeth shear off after about 1 year of use.
Great Clip
Review by Phillip
This clip is perfect. Fits perfect and I like the way it holds the bolt open after the last shot.
Next time will ship thru FedEx. Post Office took a week to get them to me. Will by more. Thanks for great service.
Buy and don't think twice!
Review by Max
As some one who hates buying things that don't work, only having to send them back (on my dime) for a refund/exchange, I did a lot of research before purchasing and came to a list of three possibilities for 30 round M1 Carbine magazines: USGI, (expensive and who can find them anymore?) Fulton Armory, (of which I could find next to zero information or reviews) and KeepShooting. Keep shooting was $5 cheaper per magazine than Fulton and the reviews spoke volumes about the quality...I just hoped I could trust them.

I bought three and they were here in less than a week. I just got back from their range session (30 day warranty after all!) and all three worked flawlessly! Last shot hold open is nice too! I probably should have expected it, but hey, even some poorly made things on big-name sites sometimes get good reviews, right?

As I said, I did a LOT of research before committing to this purchase and regret nothing. These 30-rounders are simply outstanding.
They work!
Review by SD
Waited 6 months for these to come back in stock (& ordered 10 when they finally did!).

In short-- these are WHAT YOU WANT. No jams or misfeeds thus far, and they have the "M2 style" bolt hold-open follower. Also-- the spring tension is noticeably stronger than my 70+ year old USGI "original" mags.

Just lucky they don't charge 2x what they do, because these mags would still be worth it...
better than USGI???
Review by Douglas
Must admit was a bit apprehensive before ordering due to the most reasonable price to be found. Once they arrived however, I was impressed by the sound construction and finish. Performance on the range with my Plainfield was flawless. No FTF (fail to feed), no jams, no issues. Can hardly wait till these are restocked so I may order more.
Great Affordable Mags!
Review by Bo
I ordered 4 of these mags for my Pop's National Postal Meter M1 Carbine from 1943. Needless to say, he is quite the fan of anything WWII or Korean War Vintage. All 4 mags loaded up smoothly and fed just as well as the original Military Surplus mags that came with the M1. I highly Recommend these mags for the price they cannot be beat! Thanks Keepshooting!
great alternative to usgi
Review by David
I chose these over the Korean version because of the Teflon finish...tired of blued mags rusting all over & looking crappie.Fit & finish on mags is excellent.Fit my Plainfield fine and,function 100% with softpoint and fmj...gonna try some Hornady Critical Defence in them next week. Also,putting in order for a few more,never can have too many mags. :-) My plainfield doesn't have M2 mag catch but,full 30 round loaded mags were no issue.
Well Made , Reliable , Great Price
Review by James
These 30 round magazines performed flawlessly when I tested them. They are also well made and at a very reasonable price. I will be ordering more of them.
Brand New!
Review by Roscoe
Awesome brand new mags to keep the Classic rifle running with a little extra.
Great little mags!
Review by RemMax
I bought these to feed my original M1 Carbine and they fit and feed perfectly
Plus they are a lot cheaper here than a lot of other want for worn Mil-Surp mags
The finish on these is really nice and they work flawlessly
Overall a great mag for the M1 Carbine.
Nice enough I am ordering 2 or 3 more of them today even though I don't shoot my M1 very often
Just nice little mags to have for those days when you want to shoot your M1 without feeding issues!
Thanks KS

Fun range magazine
Review by KP Duty
These are a lot of fun! The same quality as the 15 round, you can really feel the weight difference but functionally is the same. These work, give it a tap to make sure it’s locked in.
Review by Richard
Just took my AO M-1 Carbine out for the first time. Using these 30-rnd magazines, they would drop out from the rifle upon the first shot. Only loaded 25 rnds in each. Having 7 of them, I gave up after the first 3. I do not know if this is a problem with the magazines or the magazine catch in the rifle. Does anyone know where I can get an aftermarket/better quality catch?

By the way, I paid $13.95 for these just a few months ago.
Don't load more than 15 rounds
Review by Phil
The springs in these magazines (I purchased 2) will not handle a full 30 rounds. Anything over 15 rounds caused feed problems. The rifle jammed after the first shot, it would not feed quick enough and caused the bullet to hang outside of the barrel breach about 1/4" stopping the lever from traveling fully forward. Using an original 20 round mag fully loaded worked everytime.
M-1 Carbine 30 round Mag
Review by Jim
I have a 3rd Gen Universal Carbine and had read that most after market mags don't feed in the Universal. I bought 1 mag just to test it out. Shot it recently with 10, 15 and 30 round mags. Had no problem with feeding. I will be buying more just as soon as I can get them. I'm very happy with the quality and operation of these mags.
works and is unique
Review by Marcel
great product
Great mags!
Review by Ron
I was lucky enough to catch these mags in stock a couple weeks ago. Bought 2 of them. Look great, feel great, and work great. No jams.....just keeps on feeding the ammo. Great deal.....should have purchased more. Highly recommended!
Would not lock into mag well
Review by Scott
I bought 3 of these a couple weeks ago. One of the magazines worked fine, but the other two would not seat into the mag well. I have a standard made WWII M1 Carbine in nice shape. I believe that some of these 30 round mags have crooked catches that will not allow the mag-catch to slide over all the way. This results in magazines that will fall right out of your gun. I filed the catches on the magazines just a little and they now seem to function fine.

Second batch was different, but still top quality.
Review by AvidShooter
I just received another 5 of these mags, good thing too, KS unloaded almost 2000 of em in a matter of days. They must be a new batch, the finish is a little different than previously ordered mags. Still function great though a bit of filing was required on all of them so they would seat properly. Only regret was that I didn't get a dozen for the best deal!
M1 Carbine Mag
Review by Brian
These magazines work fine in an old M1 my father has. He has had it for years and used the same four mags he got with the gun. These new magazines look so much nicer and work absolutely flawlessly. I think I will purchase a few more while they are available at this price.
Best magazine on the market for the M1 carbine!
Review by AvidShooter
At full price these mags are an absolute steal, but are an even better deal if you get em in bulk. Better made and sturdier than factory mags and at this point most surplus mags as well. The finish matches the barrel and handguard of my Auto Ordnance tactical carbine better than the factory mag. Also it feeds better than my factory mag and seems to seat more firmly. If you have an M1 carbine and are looking for mags, do yourself a favor and order 5 of these.
Work Great!
Review by David
Performed Flawlessly in my Mil Spec Universal (pre 68 manufacture) So happy to get some mags that actually work like they should so I can keep on shooting. Will be getting some more of these soon.
Excellent for my tactical carbine
Review by Spencer
You can't find a better price than this than other stores. I bought two of them for my M1 Carbine, never misfed or jam my carbine. Once you got some fancy 30 rounds magazines from this store with ammo for your trusty carbine, then you're ready to use it to protect yourself and your family when s*** hits the fan!
Top of the Line
Review by Thomas
Perfect fit no problems very well made will be ordering more, will order the stainless magazines next. Very quick shipping!
Review by RICHARD
I have run the four of these 30-round mags I bought from Keep Shooting in my Auto Ordnance carbine and experienced zero failures to feed. The steel is stronger than most others. Lockup was solid with no wobble. I've now ordered twelve more. Don't waste your money on lesser quality.
Have bought at least 100 of these magazines
Review by B.A. Cooper
These are the only 30rd magazines that I will use. I buy and sell M1 Carbines and each carbine gets 5 of these magazines as part of the package offering. Not only do I love these magazines, but most of my customers want to buy more after shooting them in their guns.

These may not be as cheap as the Korean knock offs, but they work as good or better and the quality of the magazine is 10x better than the Korean. Metal is harder, thicker, and the base plates have not warped like the Korean made ones tend to do over time as the floor plate doesn't seem to be heat treated at all.
doing the job
Review by Devo
these feed great and haven't given me any problems.
So far 100% reliability
Nice Deal
Review by Nice Guy
This mag is really nice. Base plate is way stronger than the Korean ones. No issues with feeding even Tula Ammo.
Great mag
Review by Jon
Got this mag and it is great and works well. However if you have a Universal made M1 Carbine and don't want to work on it i suggest you stick to 15rnd mags. i had to install a mil-spec trigger housing/mag well and take a dremell to the feed ramp to get it to function properly. the magazine is great it works very well and i am very pleased with it overall and after doing the work on my Universal it functions 100% these are great mags
Best aftermarket carbine mag I've seen
Review by Daniel
Fit, finish, function-all top notch. I'll buy more, that's for sure!
Pricey but work great
Review by Baseball Fan
These clips are mor expensive than the KCI. They do function great though. I shoot mostly reloads and these never jam.
Excellent mags
Review by SinoSoviet
Finally tried these on Saturday. They fit and function 100% in my IBM and Inland Carbines. Did not try them in my Universal but suspect they will work just fine.

Review by old times
works great does its job.
Review by Holst
Perfect fit and flawless performance. I have 5 standard clips to feed my m1a1 carbine. ALL have a problem unless you know how to load properly. This clip doesn't care and It just performs. Great product. Buy American.
Review by Nick
Perfect fit and function with this mag. Ammo loads and feeds perfectly in every M1 I have.
Using this mag since 2007 and its perfect
Review by Warbaby
This was the first M1 Carbine Magazine I bought from keepshooting. It has been working perfectly since 2007. It is the best 30rd clip I've ever tried, including the Chinese ones from Korea.

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