The M7 Bayonet was the work horse bayonet of the US military from the time it was released with the M16 rifle in 1964. There are still units using the M7 even though it was partially replaced by the M9 bayonet in 1986. This 50+ years of service is evidence of the quality, durability, and performance of the M7 bayonet with US military combat forces around the world.

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The M7 Bayonet was designed to be the standard issue bayonet for all M16 and AR15 rifles. Examining the M7 you can see it is closely related to previous USGI bayonets like the M4, M5A1, and M6. This standardized bayonet design made training, equipping, and maintaining bayonets in the field significantly easier when new bayonets were issued. Far from just being a desire to standardize, the US military bayonet design that the M7 is based on has been combat proven for decades with no compelling reason to change what works.

One of the most interesting things about military weapons is their ability to accept accessories. The one accessory that every owner of a military style firearm should own is the bayonet that would be issued with their rifle. Those who collected during the "Assault Weapon Ban" will remember the ban on bayonet lugs and how ridiculous it felt to ban this feature that was rarely ever used and never used in a crime. Now that you can have your choice of firearms with bayonet lugs, you need to ensure you have bayonets to fit them all. The M7 bayonet is a great choice as it will fit any AR15 style rifle that has a bayonet lug as well as the Mossberg 590 shotgun that is issued to the US Marines.

  • Authentic USGI M7 Bayonet
  • Still in Factory Packaging
  • Fits AR15 and M16 Rifles with Bayonet Lugs
  • NSN# 1095-00-017-9701
  • Includes M10 Scabbard
  • Part Number: 8427025

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Customer Reviews

This is made for the Short Barrel M-4
Review by S.N.A.F.U.
Verified Buyer
This is made for the 14.5 inch Short Barrelled M-4 rifle & does not fit properly on a 16 inch barrel.

For those who served knows that
the lock ring is supposed to lock into the gooves of the flash suppressor & not ride on the barrel itself like this one does on a 16 inch barrel. . . also when installed on a 16 inch the blade barely reaches pass the flash hider only by 3 & 1/4 inches which is not deep enough to cause a fatal wound . . .
Also the lock ring will flop around on the barrel and cause major damage to your finish when not properly attached!
Excellent New M7 Bayo and Scabbard
Review by Michael K
Verified Buyer
What a great addition to my bayonet collection. Came just as they said, new old stock unissued surplus in the factory packaging with a new M10 scabbard.
Great item at great price.
Review by Michael
Verified Buyer
Great addition to my Bushmaster Custom Shop AR-15! Fits perfectly and looks great.
Don't get the scabbard
Review by Dan
Verified Buyer
The bayonet is nice enough for the money and fits my Mossberg 590 as I expected it to. Don't waste your money on the scabbard though. The one you get simply does not fit the bayonet.
Good Value
Review by Gbrick
Verified Buyer
The bayonet is a nice addition. And it fits well on AR-15. Clips on soundly and releases nicely. The scabbard is not impressive and it is difficult to insert bayonet.
M7 Bayonet
Review by Jack A Voltrade
Verified Buyer
Being all too aware of the plague of Chinese "goods" being passed off as "mil spec" or military grade" I am pleased to acknowledge Keep Shooting for selling me a actual U.S.A. made product. Keep in mind that M-16 bayonets are marked not on the blade but on the hilt. The one I got was marked on the hilt "Gen Cut" which is General Cutlery, a U.S.A. firm. ALL SOLID and the Mossberg 590 special purpose will accept this item with pride. The M7 bayonet was in new condition, no field use marks, tip is intact... no discrepancies. I am a traditionalist by nature and opted for the M8A1 sheath, the M10 seemed a bit rough on the insert and extraction. The bayonet is sold as a single item and the add on IS the sheath, ala cart is the modern way of price optimization. I keep Keep Shootings phone number in my contacts and will use it again.
Nice Bayonet
Review by Dominic
Verified Buyer
My bayonet is in great condition and looks great on my AR-15, I would recommend getting a scabbard for it too in order to protect it
buyer beware
Review by Robert
Verified Buyer
I received my M7 BAYONET today it came with no sheath and no markings on the knife of any kind, I'm very disappointed with this purchase!!!
Excellent quality, price
Review by Glenn
Verified Buyer
I am very pleased with my purchase of this item from Keepshooting.
M7 Bayonet
Review by Brian
Verified Buyer
Another exceptional item from KeepShooting. Came in like new condition. My local surplus store wants sixty bucks for a heavily used one.

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