Military Surplus Bayonets

You've just found the best selection of military surplus bayonets in the world. We've sought out current issue military bayonets and military surplus bayonets that consist of current issue and vintage designs. There is no better accessory for a battle rifle than a bayonet designed for hand-to-hand combat, which is what you'll find for sale right here. With bayonets beginning to be only issued in limited numbers, now is the time to add to your collection of military bayonets. Once you see our offering you'll see why experts always choose Keep Shooting for their military bayonets.

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M4 Bayonet 1943 Style with Sheath
M1 Garand Bayonet
US M6 Bayonet
Spanish CETME-L Bayonet
M10 Scabbard
Enfield SMLE No4 MkII Spike Bayonet
OKC3S USMC Bayonet Knife
M1 Garand Long Bayonet with Scabbard
CETME Bayonet
USGI Type M9 Bayonet - Taiwanese M9 Bayonet
US M1917 Bayonet with Scabbard
As low as $500.95
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Items 1-15 of 35