Mil-Tec MultiCam Boonie Hat – Tactical Boonie Hat by Mil-Tec

Mil-Tec MultiCam Boonie Hat

The Mil-Tec MultiCam boonie hat is a brand new item from Sturm-Miltec USA's house brand. Designed with a unique camouflage pattern and a style all its own, the Mil-Tec MultiCam boonie hat is a wide-brimmed hat that is perfect for those who spend hours in the hot afternoon sun or hours in the woods on the hunt.

Description / Mil-Tec MultiCam Boonie Hat

The Mil-Tec MultiCam boonie hat boasts military-grade stitching and a 100 percent cotton construction. The inclusion of four metal grommets, two on each side of the crown, serves as ventilation ports and offers relief from hot weather. Additionally, its three-inch brim is perfect for protecting your face and neck from harmful ultraviolet rays. Also included is a thin drawstring cord that can be used to tighten the hat or secure it around the neck when not in use. The real draw, however, is the inclusion of a ring of canvas branch loops sewn around the crown. These branch loops provide a means of adding foliage to the hat, furthering its camouflaging capabilities.

Whether you wish to look like Gilligan or not, the Mil-Tec MultiCam boonie hat is an excellent choice for:

- Camping

- Costume

- General outdoor use

- Hiking

- Tactical operations

- Much more…

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Customer Reviews

Well made boonie hat
Review by AvidShooter
While this hat is well made, it seemed a bit expensive for what it was. It has maybe one tenth the fabric of the load bearing vest of the same make, but costs over 25% of the vests price. All that aside it is still a good deal for its high quality and comfort. If you are looking for a multicam hat to compete your loadout you can't beat this boonie hat.
Needed for the field.
Review by Jose USMCR
Multicam works great in a wide range of environments. Mil-tec makes a quality boonie and I own several. Some guys don't like the wide brim so they simply cut it and left it frayed to make it look salty. Overall good kit.

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