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PPS-43 Lower Receiver

PPS-43 Lower Receiver


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  • PPS-43 Lower Receiver PPS-43 Lower Receiver

PPS-43 Lower Receiver

The PPS-43 Lower Receiver is the complete lower frame for the PPS-43 sub-machine gun. All of the components that make up the lower receiver are complete, including the trigger mechanism and magazine housing. The lower receiver assembly is a great starting point for building a display gun that does not fire, or using the included components to manufacture your own designed firearm. With the price point of this lower, you can afford to experiment with your own design without the expense of manufacturing each component your self from raw materials.


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The PPS-43 is one of the most widely fielded sub-machine guns of the past 50 years. Virtually every Soviet-era Warsaw Pact aligned nation either produced their own version of the PPS-43 or received thousands of them from the Soviet leadership. This policy and the vast numbers of PPS-43's manufactured is why no other sub-machine gun has eclipsed the PPS-43 in numbers or actual battlefield use.

The PPS-43 lower receiver is the main operating assembly for the PPS-43. Consisting of all of the trigger components, the pistol grip, and magazine housing the lower receiver assembly is second only to the actual receiver for importance. The trigger, trigger spring, and sear are all parts that wear with usage making this lower frame an inexpensive way to secure spare parts for your legally registered PPS-43 for years to come. As the assembly is complete, home hobbyist engineers can use the lower receiver assembly for their own unique firearm design as well.

  • Authentic PPS-43 Lower Receiver
  • Made in Poland
  • All Parts Complete and Functional
  • No License Required to Purchase or Own

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