Ruger LC380 to LC9 Kit

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The Ruger LC380 to LC9 Conversion Kit is a complete kit to change your LC380 into an LC9. This genuine Ruger factory accessory includes a new slide and magazine that are easily installed onto your LC380. Once installed you can fire standard 9mm ammunition from your LC380 while it has the LC9 conversion slide installed. With 9mm ammunition being less expensive than .380 this is an excellent way to train more with your LC380.

The Ruger LC380 to LC9 Conversion Kit is an excellent accessory to have for any LC380 owner. Recognizing that the LC380 frame is the same as the LC9, Ruger has produced this conversion kit to give LC380 owners a new option for caliber and all the benefits that brings. With the installation being as simple as removing your existing LC380 slide, installing this conversion slide, and using the included LC9 magazine this conversion can be installed by even novice shooters.

There are many benefits to owning this LC380 to LC9 Conversion Kit. Chief among them would be the cost savings from using 9mm ammunition for training as it is cheaper and more readily available than .380acp. Factoring in the cost of the conversion kit, you would quickly have paid for the kit and began saving money depending upon the frequency and volume of target shooting you enjoy.

  • Convert and LC380 to LC9 Quickly and Easily
  • LC9 Slide marked "LC9 Conversion"
  • One LC9 Magazine with Extended Floor Plate
  • Instructions for Installation of Conversion Kit
  • Backed by Ruger's Legendary Customer Service
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