SKS Stripper Clips - 20 Pack - For Sale

SKS Stripper Clips - 20 Pack

The SKS Stripper Clips - 20 Pack is a great way to keep your 7.62x39mm ammo ready to load into your SKS or your AK magazines using a magazine loader. These stripper clips are new production and designed to last over multiple uses giving you real value with the time saved loading your firearm.

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Description / SKS Stripper Clips - 20 Pack


  • SKS Stripper Clips
  • Holds 10 Rounds of 7.62x39mm Ammunition
  • 20-Pack
  • Made from Steel

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Manufacturer NcStar

Customer Reviews

Great product
Review by Tiny
Great product, good bang for your buck
Good pricey
Review by Cal
Great for the price all seem to work well as intended after a day on the range. Do not hesitate if looking for affordable sks stripper clips! Will buy again!
SKS Stripper Clips
Review by Jascally
The units load like they should and allow fast reloads
Good product, good price, fast delivery!
Review by Jack R
Best price I've seen recently, and they had some in stock..most don't.
These do just fine
Review by Dave
I haven't run every one of the 40 I bought yet, but when loading them up they all seemed like they were in good shape. None of them seemed like the edges would need to be filed down like I've seen some complain about with NCStar. Out of the box, the springs were kinda all over the place, but it's nothing you can't just take the tip of a cartridge and fix in a couple seconds, bending them one way or another until they are how you like them.
Great deal
Review by DrCharly
Just what I needed to keep my 7.62x39 organized
Pretty okay.
Review by Willow
Two of the clips are really loose, but I was able to fix that by bending the taps inward a tiny bit. My main complaint is just that I felt like a paid too much for a bunch of bit of sheet metal. The price is far from extortion, but I don't think it would be a bad idea to lower it by a buck or two.
Good product
Review by Simon
Edge is a little bit sharp. But overall the product is pretty good. Will buy again.
Review by Tommy
These worked perfectly. Had one clip that feeds a little weird when pushing down. Other than that, great quality.
Good deal
Review by Keven
Ordered 60, all of them except maybe 3 hold the rounds 100 percent reliably. But to be fair, there was intense movement that probably knocked 1 round off a few of them. They work well, but have a learning curve to using them. Big thanks to keepshooting for getting them here quick and for great, responsive, customer service. Also, these might be the best price on the web for them. Will be picking up more at some point. At this price, I will be buying significantly more than I need
Great for SKS - Grab as soon as available!
Review by Shane
These are the perfect way to load any SKS. Good quality stripper clips that come in a nice box. I got mine as soon as they came back in stock just this week, and now they are already sold out again! Be sure to grab them as soon as they come in, as these are a necessity for anyone shooting an SKS!
SKS Stripper Clips
Review by Daniel
i bought these to load my rounds on for my bug out bag very happy with them.
You need these if you own an SKS
Review by Jose
These are the easiest way to reload your SKS. These are also a great way to keep all your loose ammo together. Buy!
At this price no wonder always sold out
Review by Love to Keepshootin'
These works great. This is the best price online and I use them with a stripper clip guide for ak magazines.
These are also great for transporting your ammo to the range.
good stuff
Review by powderbob
Well made,good material,useful.
Mil-surp Vs. Aftermarket: Mil-surp wins every time!
Review by AvidShooter
Second review on these stripper clips and the second order of two of these clip 20 packs. One of the first two packs purchased was short one stripper clip as told in my review below. Didn't mind because the other 39 clips were top quality military surplus and all worked flawlessly save one that only needed a slight adjustment. My second purchase of two 20 packs were different newer production NcStar brand. One pack worked fine (two or three clips wouldn't hold rounds) after adjusting every clip individually anyway. The other entire pack (all 20 clips) were poorly fabricated and would pop all the rounds out of the front of the clips. Its obvious form the change in reviews when the product was switched from mil-surp to aftermarket.
SKS Stripper Clips
Review by George
It is with a heavy heart that I should give anything on this site a bad review. Unfortunately, this Item is just not dependable. If you are buying it to do plinking, then you may get 8 out of 20 that function flawlessly.
If you are buying this because you think you made need it for self defense, or the defense of others, I must advise you to look elsewhere.
If you buy this you will need to adjust most of the strippers. As most will not securely hold the cartridges in place as they are.
I bought 20 of these to use in the SKS Bandolier. EVERY TIME I inserted a full stripper clip into the Bandolier, rounds fell out.
The only reason I am giving this a 2 star rating, is because I like this website. Otherwise I would rate these stripper clips with a Zero.
not recommended
Review by nancy
I have a Norinco sks and some of the clips work great but the others are too wide for my stripper clip guide but i can probably do something to fix it. I would recommend getting surplus clips instead of the after market kind.
19 pack? Good clips though
Review by AvidShooter
I bought two packs of these clips for use with an RPK, at 20 clips each there should have been a total of 40 clips. Unfortunately one of the packs only had 19 clips in it, would have given five out of five otherwise. The clips themselves worked great with every mag I have used them with and I had only one that required any adjustment.
fine product
Review by roy
All like new. Easy to use with my Chinese SKS. All so used to store loose ammo for quick loading into magazines.
Economical,sturdy,lightning fast
Review by Rotard
Clean brand new high quality item at the best price around.This is the place.
Didn't work on Russian SKS
Review by jeffrey Riddick Tonn
I love the price of Lots of great products.. However these don't work on 4 of my Russian SKS's.My SKS's are dated 1950..1951..1954.. And a 1956.... I could understand if maybe one didn't work.... But a pack of 20 didn't work on all 4 Russians. Not even one worked.. And I was given a refund.. Note... These were made For Norinco SKS rifles... (non-Norinco SKS rifles may require major fitting)

They work great
Review by Matthew
I've loaded dozens of these clips and fed them into my SKS without a problem. They hold the rounds securely until you want them to slide out. These go great with the Chinese bandoliers.
Speed Loading!
Review by Dylan
Makes loading 30rd mags a breeze. With 20 clips, you can easily carry 200rds. Get a Mag Loader and you're set.
Stripper clips
Review by Dave
Lowest price i've seen online, Fast shipping, Thank you
Very good for the price
Review by Greg
These are good stripper clips for the sks. I have a Chinese sks and these clips work very well. Some needed minor adjustment with pliers. These are blue steel and not painted like some that you can order on line.
great buy
Review by david
they work great in my yugo sks and this was the cheapest price i could find on web. will buy more soon.
Watch out world, I can reload in a hurry !!!
Review by Karl
Shipping was fast and well packaged. The stripper clips are well made and have a great finish. I had a little trouble with a few that were really tight but a "J" bar I bought at a auto store opened them right up. Now I go into the field with 1000+ rounds clipped up and just shoot and shoot and shoot. Great product and a must have for all levels of shooters.
Love using stripper clips
Review by DJ
20 of my 20 were perfect and worked great. A+ keepshooting
great to have
Review by ben
I love them and ordering more right now.
Will Order More
Review by David
For the most part great product to get. I did have 5 out of the 100 I got where shut and flat at one end or the other. no matter what I did or how long I tried to wedge it open it would just go flat again. BUT the rest are great and I’m reordering more today. With the cost of things going up it good to have a small stock of parts.
They work for AKs
Review by TRENT
I use these to load my AK mags. They work great!
Review by Stephen
These stripper clips were virtually brand new. They were rust-free, undented, and lightly oiled (NOT cosmoline coated like some sellers have). Not hard to load, they hold ammunition securely, but are easy to use. Definitely a good buy.
great for ak's
Review by dave
have been using these for years. great if you have the chinese bandolier that holds the stripper clips only (i think its sold as an sks bandolier) anyway if you have the military ak loader reloading is speedy quick!!!! can't do without em!!!
great product
Review by Robert
must have product for anyone with a sks they make loading so much easier and for the price you cant beat sucks loading them all up but it makes it so much easier to just go shoot one after another.
Worth having.
Review by L. N.
I'm a big fan of stripper clips. These all work fine so far. They are great with bandolier.

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