Swiss M70 Rucksack - Swiss Army Rucksack - Alpenflage Camouflage Rucksack

Swiss M70 Rucksack

The Swiss M70 Rucksack is a medium sized rucksack designed by the Swiss for use with the Swiss M70 Field Jacket. This unique pack has attachment points that match up with the M70 Field Jacket to give you extra storage that is easy to carry and well balanced.

Description / Swiss M70 Rucksack

The Swiss M70 Rucksack is part of the Swiss M70 Combat System which has been fielded in the Swiss Army previously. Once the Swiss M70 system was sold as surplus American outdoors men quickly realized how good the system was for hunting in our forests.

The most common M70 article is the Swiss M70 Field Jacket which is tough, has plenty of pockets, and most surplus jackets are in great condition. What you may not have known is the Swiss army designed a special rucksack for the M70 Field Jacket. That rucksack is the Swiss M70 Rucksack which is now available and makes a killer addition to your Swiss M70 Field Jacket.

  • Authentic Swiss Army Rucksack
  • Designed for use with the M70 Field Jacket
  • Swiss Alpenflage Camouflage
  • Uses Lashing Straps - Can Be Attached to Other Packs
  • One Large Button Closed Center Pocket
  • Two Medium Sized Left and Right Open Pouches
  • Drain Holes In All Pockets

More Information

Manufacturer Swiss Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Good addition to an M70 jacket
Review by Survivalism
Excellent addition to the excellent Alpenflage jacket. Fits the heavy Alpenflage poncho nicely in the main compartment. For the price it is an easy choice – well worth the money.
good haversack and daypack
Review by Lucas
I dont have the jacket but i wanted the pack. It is very practical with one large pocket and 2 outer ones. I use it as a daypack for hiking in the woods. It is rugged and is a steal for the price
Review by Terry
Great as a protective outer bag. Not waterproof , but will protect plastic bags in the pockets.
An Acceptable Bag
Review by R.
The M70 Rucksack I received has straps sewn on, so it was slightly more expensive. This pack has no adjustments, sitting quite low on my 5'4" frame. It is overall rather well for general use, perhaps excelling as a tool bag. I will be purchasing a new pack as it is not large enough to carry my gear, and adjustments are required.
Review by Steve
This little bag is great for anything goes good with the m70 field jacket
Good for use as a vehicle survival bag
Review by DAN
Three compartments to organize your gadgets and supplies as your vehicle's survival bag.
as described
Review by David
I have the one with straps too, both good.

The fabric is a very soft canvas, like a flannel shirt. The main pack part is double layered, the side pockets single layer.
It is as described, incomplete without the coat but very adaptable beyond its intended use.
Review by Gordon
Nice add on 3 good sized pouches can be attached to about any thing. Bought to help organise back of jeep. If it works I will be ordering another.
Great bag to go with the Jacket
Review by Michael
I definitely recommend this if you have the jacket -- the two pieces go together and the bag hooks to the attachment points on the jacket. The bag itself is well made and together with the jacket you have a great combo for hunting or carrying a bunch of stuff out in the woods. On its own the bag might disappoint since its built to go along with the jacket. But as long as you know what you're getting I highly suggest it for the price.
My new favorite ruck!
Review by Kenneth
Just got my rucksack today and love it! It's a little bit brighter in color than my matching jacket, but works well with it. I can also 'rig' it for stand-alone use without the jacket. The rucksack alone makes a great day pack for a day in the woods for hiking, fishing or hunting. Another KeepShooting bargain. Get 'em while you can!
Good Value
Review by CaptMike
Decent for the price. It is designed to hang off attachment points on the Alpenflage jacket, it does not have it's own straps for carrying. Basically three extra jumbo pockets to add to the jacket.
Steadfast "Alpenflage" colors.
Review by Stormy
Perfect color match with other "Alpenflage" gear. The field jacket I have, not sure of its class, only designation is a "56" ink stamp that may be its size, has D-rings on the front to "hang", attach this pack. Seems like the open pockets on the sides of this pack could store a tent or sleeping bag roll.
One of my best purchases.
Review by JM
The value cannot be beat. It isn't waterproof but you can use some waterproof bag inside. This is a large bag and is very functional. Its price is unbeatable. Have a few of these around the house or in the car as a good bag is needed all the time.
great addition to the field jacket
Review by don
The Swiss make really nice military gear, for a country that never fights. They take equipment seriously. This pack mates up to the m70 field jacket. Its not made to be a main rucksauck but to haul addition light weight supplies like some food and a poncho I think. Between this and the jacket, you can carry almost everything you would need.besides maybe a sleeping back. Add it to the m70 jacket and you will have a excellent fall hunting coat that you can pack everything you need. If you carry any more than this, you carry to much gear.
Great product. B+ Quality. A+++ Price to Quality Ratio
Review by Jake
You can't beat its quality to price. Definitely pair this with the matching swiss jacket and you have a great conversation piece, great item for camping, and a great prepper item.
Straps vs. no straps
Review by Sandro
This is the version without straps, that mates to the jacket. I have the strap version, but those straps are so weirdly long that I had to cut them anyway. You could use some fabric to make straps, or do something else, like attach it to a pack. I nicked it on quality because a)the design is pretty strange, and b) the fabric is thin. But it is pretty distinctive. It is so light that I can bring it along inside a big pack as a sort of day pack. The long thin Swiss M84 canteen/cup fits on the sides.

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