Swiss M90 Rucksack

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The Swiss M90 Rucksack is a fully water resistant rubberized rucksack from the Swiss Army. Designed to offer Swiss soldiers a heavy duty backpack to carry their support gear into the Alps, the M90 is capable of serving you well for your own individual needs. With an integrated harness system, plenty of cargo capacity, and typical Swiss over engineering this M90 rucksack is built to last a lifetime.

The Swiss have a long history of being skilled at design, manufacturing, and engineering to solve problems. History is full of Swiss inventions that showcase this talent with some examples being the Swiss Army knife, aluminum foil, and the discovery of DNA. While these inventions are quite a bit more sophisticated than the M90 Rucksack, the design of the M90 was quite revolutionary for the time period.

With a construction consisting of a synthetic rubberized type material, integrated frame, and balanced shoulder harness system you have all of the hallmarks of a Swiss military invention. The rubberized material is not only stronger than natural fibers like cotton but also providers superior water resistance. Using an integrated frame ensures that heavy loads will not shift and their weight will be better distributed across your back and shoulders. The balanced shoulder harness is complete and is designed to assist the frame in ensuring the load in your M90 remains stable and balanced. Rounding out the features is a very thick padded lower section that will keep your back from aches and pains while carrying your M90.

  • Authentic Swiss Army Rucksack
  • Water Resistant Rubberized Design
  • Integrated Frame and Back Padding
  • Shoulder Harness System
  • Expandable Main Cargo Compartment
  • Dimensions: 24" x 18" (Approximate)
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