Swiss M90 Rucksack

The Swiss M90 Rucksack is a fully water resistant rubberized rucksack from the Swiss Army. Designed to offer Swiss soldiers a heavy duty backpack to carry their support gear into the Alps, the M90 is capable of serving you well for your own individual needs. With an integrated harness system, plenty of cargo capacity, and typical Swiss over engineering this M90 rucksack is built to last a lifetime.

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The Swiss have a long history of being skilled at design, manufacturing, and engineering to solve problems. History is full of Swiss inventions that showcase this talent with some examples being the Swiss Army knife, aluminum foil, and the discovery of DNA. While these inventions are quite a bit more sophisticated than the M90 Rucksack, the design of the M90 was quite revolutionary for the time period.

With a construction consisting of a synthetic rubberized type material, integrated frame, and balanced shoulder harness system you have all of the hallmarks of a Swiss military invention. The rubberized material is not only stronger than natural fibers like cotton but also providers superior water resistance. Using an integrated frame ensures that heavy loads will not shift and their weight will be better distributed across your back and shoulders. The balanced shoulder harness is complete and is designed to assist the frame in ensuring the load in your M90 remains stable and balanced. Rounding out the features is a very thick padded lower section that will keep your back from aches and pains while carrying your M90.

  • Authentic Swiss Army Rucksack
  • Water Resistant Rubberized Design
  • Integrated Frame and Back Padding
  • Shoulder Harness System
  • Expandable Main Cargo Compartment
  • Dimensions: 24" x 18" (Approximate)

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Customer Reviews

Wonderful and Waterproof
Review by Tim
Verified Buyer
Much larger than I thought yet still very manageable. Size pockets are plenty large and the rubberized waterproofing is beyond excellent. You can carry all you'd need for a long trip in this thing with confidence that no matter what the weather it will be nice and protected. Would buy again.
Like new wow!
Review by Thomas
Verified Buyer
Love this pack a lot! Bombproof,water resistant and large enough for what you wanna do with. This is my second one I ordered and it was never issued. You can't beat the price and if you cut off the old uncomfortable rediculous shoulder straps and attach Alice pack straps with a sternum strap your in business for a comfortable carry! Thank you Keep and guys get one before they run out of these!
Lot of pack for the money
Review by Josh
Verified Buyer
These will make great BOB's with lots of internal storage as well as plenty of ways to attach items on the exterior. I like the additional strapping which will hold bed rolls or sleeping bags on the back. The shoulder straps are not the most comfortable, but you can always add padding to them. All in all, with the large capacity, water resistant material and adaptability, you cannot beat this pack for the money!
I love it!
Review by Victor
Verified Buyer
This pack is perfect for bushcraft, camping, hiking. It could easily be a 3 day pack or more if you open it up all the way to carry more gear. For the money you can't beat it .
Lack of information
Review by schau
Verified Buyer
I got this rucksack to put my tent and sleeping bag. The product is really good and seems like will last long. Price is also nice for this product. The only problem I have encountered, the bag has a frame so you cant bend it or if you want to put your sleeping bag this rucksack can't be flexed. So be aware of that. I wish they add this info here. Even when I called customer service about this problem she was surprised to learn that this bag has a frame.
Lots of Potential!
Review by Michael G
Verified Buyer
Bigger than it looks. You can add other components and attach to the Rucksack and make a full-blown backpack system that is waterproof and lightweight. Makes a good stand-alone B.O.B. also! These wont last long, Get one.
Value waterproof motorcycle bag
Review by Bill
Verified Buyer
I purchased this rucksack for motorcycle camping. The condition and quality of the bag was fantastic, I tried to use it as a backpack when full and it was extremely uncomfortable. I have large shoulders and could not get a comfortable fit. I'm currently using it as a waterproof bag for my motorcycle. I have an Ortlieb bag that cost over $100, this bag is built just as well and a great value at $17. ... just can't beat it for a waterproof bag.
Quality bag
Review by Thomas
Verified Buyer
I have tested this bag and twenty to thirty pounds works. I found out the two straps in front attach to belt hangers on a combat harness system, but just belt hangers will work and relieves pressure on your back. I cut off the helmet straps in front and now the bag looks awesome! Buy one and use your imagination to modify also.
Another great buy from KS
Review by David
Verified Buyer
Even the whole thing is made out of plastic (so completely waterproof & light weight), the strappings provide enough structure even when it is empty. I am planning to use it as my bike bag in the rainy Pacific NW weather. I can stow my bike helmet in the netting when I am not riding. It is slightly used but still in excellent condition. For this price, you cannot find a better deal. You won't be disappointed.
Fantastic Bag
Review by Conrad
Verified Buyer
I ordered this last week from KS and the shipping was very fast. The value of this pack is great because the product I received seemed to have little to no use. There was no rust on any of the metal fittings and not even a frayed end or scuff mark anywhere on the bag. I am very confident in saying that for the price offered you will not get the m90 rucksack anywhere else, much less one in as good of condition as the one I received.

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