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Swiss Military Bag

Switzerland is generally known for two things: neutrality and precision crafted watches. Officially known as the Swiss Confederation, Switzerland is a federal republic with a long history of neutrality. It has not been in a state of war internationally since 1815 and didn’t join the United Nations until 2002.

Description / Swiss Military Bag

Dating back to the 1970s, these Swiss military gas mask bags were originally produced for the Swiss Armed Forces as – you guessed it – gas mask carrying bags. They are military surplus items that have been issued, but are generally in good condition. Surprisingly, many of the bags come with individual service tags, which identify the soldier of issue by name – great for those who prefer items with a bit of personal history.

Each bag is constructed from rubber vinyl, which is not only tough but resistant to water as well. Whatever you choose to store in this spacious bag will stay dry. When closed, they measure approximately 12-inches long, 8-inches high and 4-inches wide. The interior of the bag is lined with mesh and also includes two pockets featuring Velcro® closure. One pocket runs the entire 12-inch length of the bag while the other is located on the 4-inch sidewall and is perfect for carrying pens, pencils and other small items. There is also a small pouch sewn into the bottom of the bag. The exterior of the bag features a snap fastener closure and several d-rings that make attaching a shoulder strap and additional gear simple.

The Swiss used these bags for carrying gas masks and filters, but you can use them as a multi-purpose bag for virtually anything. It is an ideal choice for use as:

- Travel bags – Store your toiletries and other travel essentials when away from home

- Medical kits – Put together a medical kit with medicine, ointments, bandages and other items useful in emergency situations

- Lunch bags – Carry your lunch to work in style as this bag will easily house a good sized lunch

- Range bags – Fill it with ammunition, magazines, optics, safety glasses and just about anything else you need at the shooting range

- Roadside assistance bags – Keep this bag in your vehicle stocked with road flares, small tools, batteries, rope and anything else useful in an emergency situation

- Almost anything!

Have we mentioned the price – $3.50? These bags won’t be around for long – order now!

Did you know?

By order of the Swiss militia system, Swiss soldiers are required to store all military issued equipment, including their personal service weapons, in their homes. Talk about surplus items with storied histories.

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Customer Reviews

Good Quality at Great Price
Review by Dale
I really like these bags. Size is perfect. I ride a motorcycle and this gives me the ability to pack specific items together and packs very well in my saddle bags and tour pack. Snaps closed, has small d-rings for strap or to attach to a pack and is basically waterproof.
Another good price well made bag!
Review by fireboy
I ordered this bag just to check it out. I did not have a planned use in mind. But, I plan to hang on to it for I have to much junk that needs a home. It will most likely become my possibles bag on rainy tote hunts!
The bag of many uses!!!
Review by Daryl
Great bag! There are so many uses for this bag you can't count them. Quality is awesome! The rubberized material is great for keeping the moisture and wet at bay. I use mine as a small truck medical bag. I will be ordering several more.
good for the Russian mask
Review by don
If you have the Russian gas mask, it fits great in this carrier. I replaced the cotton bags the Russian mask came in with these as they are easier to unsnap and get the mask out than unbuttoning the Russian one and the straps are more comfortable and more secure.
Great Value
Review by josh
Purchased two of these. Planning on using one as an IFAK. Nice sturdy rubberized material seems like it will hold up well over the years with the added benefit of water resistant. I wouldn't call this waterproof, but I would consider it weatherproof. If you were to dunk it the contents would get wet. I think if this was clipped to the outside of a pack, even during a downpour the contents would stay dry. Only time will tell. For the price simply can't be beat. Will be adding a few more to my next order.
Perfect for a shaving kit
Review by Scott
Well made, perfect for a dop kit. even came with a strap. need to order more for the vehicles, for flares and such. Great company to deal with.
Ideal toiletry bag for bugging out
Review by Josh
This little bag is great for holding toiletries when hiking/camping. With the strap and D-rings, you can easily attach it to the outside of a pack, a belt or any number of other carry configurations. It's also small enough to go inside a pack as well while keeping your "essentials" in place. At less than $4, you should order several - I did.
must have
Review by William
i got one then turn around and got 2 more so many uses for these thing i use one to keep my rain suit in inside my truck and going to use the other 2 for camping and stuff if you have a bicycle 2 of these would make for a badass sattel bags they have 5 D-ring so with a few zip ties you could give you bike a cool seat of sattel bags. and there nice and thick also
Must haves!
Review by tom
I bought 4 of these bags and they have turned out to be favorites among me and my wife. Put French mess kits and hobo tools in 2 of them.and stuff them in our Alice packs. Holds MREs, toiletries,first aid stuff, you name it! Nice!
Great buy
Review by David
Other site calls it Swiss Gas Mask Bag. Many uses for such item, and it is water tight too. Planning to buy more for myself and gifts.
Cannot say enough good things about this little bag
Review by David
A real Swiss-made product. Its many uses are limited by your imagination. Planning to buy more for myself and gifts.
Great Value
Review by Robert
Use these to organize gear in the Swedish rucksack. Makes excellent fire, medical, and maintenance kits. Carry strap makes them convenient for trips away from camp. Solid built and water repellent.
another 1000 item of 1000 uses
Review by Rob
I have a dozen of these. Most are tool bags for wrenches, etc. A couple are strapped onto backpacks to hold fire & toiletry items. They stink but set them out in the sun for a few days to remove much of the odor.
The Swiss rock! This bag is no exception - a great value
Review by Randy
So I love my swiss army knife...I bought 10 of the 60 L Swiss army water carrier bags here and they were fantastic quality. Now I get 8 of these bags and they are perfect size kit bags for my bug out bags and make it easy to organize everything. I did one for medical kit, one for the LI battery pack on my ebike, one for my ham radio transceiver with charger and spare battery, one for my esbit stove with fuel tabs, windscreen and nesting cup set. Super good quality but you have to wash them to get rid of the typical mil surplus smell...twice.
Great item
Review by Action
I clip mine onto B.O.B. and carry medical supplies- excellent for camping. Nice snaps and excellent construction and material(s), repels water nicely.
Cool little bag
Review by troy
Pretty cool little bag. Not real big but it will be perfect to keep smaller items organized in my range bag and it will also be great for tools in the truck and boat.
Utilitarian waterproof Gas Mask bag
Review by Philip
Tons of uses for this little bag. Its made of the ubiquitous rubberized vinyl the Swiss use for their packs. It has an adjustable shoulder strap or you can remove it and attach to something using any of the 5 D rings. It also has a small button connected strap for slipping through loop type connections.

The inside back has a flush velcro compartment for some papers or flat items. There is also a small flap at the bottom for keeping something flush to the bottom (a stiffener?).

Anyways, these are great for external use, or for grouping gear in a waterproof container inside something else (pack, etc.)
Odd little bag
Review by rodney
This is an odd little bag with a carry strap included. Bag is used but tough. 100's of uses. Might be an old gas mask bag, don't know for sure. It can hold ammo, several pistols, rifle scopes, knives, tools, magazines, just nothing real big. even being well used, still a lot of life left in these little bags. Can't beat the price. plenty of D-rings to hook onto a back-pack. Would make a great storage bag to store away pistols in your gun safe.
Only reason I give 4 stars for quality is that they are used bag. Included carry strap can be removed and used on something else, that cool.
great bag
Review by Daniel
You can make a good med kit with this
Swiss Military Bag
Review by Richard
Actually brought my lunch in this today. The bag is well constructed. There is one strap, sewed on one end and buttoned at the other. Mine also came with a longer carry strap that clips to the D-rings. Very cool piece of history.
Great Little Bag
Review by Jason
I ended up keeping fishing reels in one of mine. These are great little bags for keeping odds and ends in. As stated in other reviews they have straps that allow you to attach the bags to other items, kind of similar to the MOLLE system but way before the MOLLE system. The straps are attached to the bag permanently on one end and button on the other.
Great Value
Review by Bradley
Was going to put this bag on the collectable shelf but it is such a awesome "ditty" bag that I will be using it when I travel. I will have to order another one for the shelf.
Excellent quality bag
Review by Bradley
Great travel bag.
Hard to beat...
Review by Victor
...the price for this quality bag... Used but in great shape.This bag will last for another 100 years.Let me know if you can find the same quality anywhere for the same price! I have lots of fun with the way KS describes its products...
Great bag
Review by Alex
Great value, cheaper than the shipping. Which is why I gave it a ding on Price. Otherwise I'm very happy, it is the perfect size for ammo. I have a Ruger .22/45, three boxes of bulk .22 (remember those!), Eye Pro, and three magazines, and I'm still able to snap it close. The Ruger fits nicely into the Velcro interior compartment. I'm not sure how a full-frame duty pistol would fit. A 1911 would probably fit well, not sure about wider guns. The button snaps are difficult to close, and even more difficult to open, which is a good thing.

A+, will be ordering more.
Great Part of a System
Review by Robert
This is an awesome little bag. Like new and very good quality. It is made to attach to the bread bag. The Swiss bread bag attaches to the top of the Swiss Engineer Rucksack (which you can get here). It, in conjunction with the bread bag, then adds a lot of extra compartmentalized storage to the rucksack.
had to get this item from another site
Review by Robert
I got this item about a week ago from another site. I waited a few months but have not seen it back in stock. It is a great waterproof bag with a rubber coating
can be used for anything. It cost me a few bunch more on the other site so at KeepShooting the price is more than worth it.
Handy little bags
Review by Matthew
These are great little bags for making up little emergency kits for the car, camper, boat, or whatever.
Handy bag for holding your Gear
Review by xWiCkEdx
I Have this in my truck and use it to store extra fuses,collapsible four-way wrench,Pliers,electrical tape and vary lengths of wires. So that when I am stuck with a problem on the road I can usually get it fix. I am still working on what else I think I would need to put in it as I still have room.
Good bag!
Review by Nickname
The Swiss rule!
Great bag for an amazing price
Review by AvidShooter
I'm not sure what gas mask this bag was designed for but it wouldn't have been very large. Regardless though, it is very well made and totally water proof, well worth the price. I have been using mine to hold road flares and it keeps them nice and dry.
Almost Free
Review by Bobby
Nice small bag. I use it for gun cleaning supplies.
great price, great value
Review by Elliott
I got my hands on one of these bags awhile back and I loved how it was almost completely waterproof, had very secure snaps to keep it closed and overall was very tough. however the bag that I owned only had two D rings at the top, this made it somewhat difficult to carry it. It worked well with a shoulder strap but I wanted to be able to clip it onto the outside of my pack when backpacking, which did not work well with just two D rings. Anyway I saw this bag for sale and saw that it had 5 D rings and was priced very well. I got it and it is of the same high quality construction as my other bag, but now it can easily be securely attached to the outside of my pack and has many more carry options than my old one. My old bag is now being used as a purse by my sister.

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