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Switzerland is generally known for two things: neutrality and precision crafted watches. Officially known as the Swiss Confederation, Switzerland is a federal republic with a long history of neutrality. It has not been in a state of war internationally since 1815 and didn’t join the United Nations until 2002.

But enough about their foreign policy, on to the watches – or more specifically the craftsmanship they convey. Switzerland has long been recognized for their fine timepieces. However, that is not their only product that displays the high quality artistry they have come to be known for. Available now from is the Swiss military bag, a fine example of Swiss craftsmanship.

Now you can prepare for the best – or the worst – with these used military surplus bags. Each bag is generously sized and includes interior pockets to ensure the space you need when putting together a medical kit, range bag, lunch box or just about anything else.

As usual, we have saved the best part for last. These bags are being offered for the ludicrously low price of $3.50! We are practically giving them away, so act fast.

Dating back to the 1970s, these Swiss military gas mask bags were originally produced for the Swiss Armed Forces as – you guessed it – gas mask carrying bags. They are military surplus items that have been issued, but are generally in good condition. Surprisingly, many of the bags come with individual service tags, which identify the soldier of issue by name – great for those who prefer items with a bit of personal history.

Each bag is constructed from rubber vinyl, which is not only tough but resistant to water as well. Whatever you choose to store in this spacious bag will stay dry. When closed, they measure approximately 12-inches long, 8-inches high and 4-inches wide. The interior of the bag is lined with mesh and also includes two pockets featuring Velcro® closure. One pocket runs the entire 12-inch length of the bag while the other is located on the 4-inch sidewall and is perfect for carrying pens, pencils and other small items. There is also a small pouch sewn into the bottom of the bag. The exterior of the bag features a snap fastener closure and several d-rings that make attaching a shoulder strap and additional gear simple.

The Swiss used these bags for carrying gas masks and filters, but you can use them as a multi-purpose bag for virtually anything. It is an ideal choice for use as:

- Travel bags – Store your toiletries and other travel essentials when away from home

- Medical kits – Put together a medical kit with medicine, ointments, bandages and other items useful in emergency situations

- Lunch bags – Carry your lunch to work in style as this bag will easily house a good sized lunch

- Range bags – Fill it with ammunition, magazines, optics, safety glasses and just about anything else you need at the shooting range

- Roadside assistance bags – Keep this bag in your vehicle stocked with road flares, small tools, batteries, rope and anything else useful in an emergency situation

- Almost anything!

Have we mentioned the price – $3.50? These bags won’t be around for long – order now!

Did you know?

By order of the Swiss militia system, Swiss soldiers are required to store all military issued equipment, including their personal service weapons, in their homes. Talk about surplus items with storied histories.

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