Schmeisser Tactical Pen

The Schmeisser Tactical Pen is a German engineered designed self defense tool that doubles as an executive style ink pen. Schmeisser is well known in Europe for producing the first all German AR-15 and has begun to branch out into tactical products like this pen.

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The Schmeisser Tactical Pen is a highly refined self defense pen that takes the concept to the next level. While there are a number of companies who produce tactical self defense pens, none have the same level of style that the Schmeisser Tactical Pen has. The Schmeisser Tactical Pen features a very unique style that is equally at home on the desk of an executive or in the backpack of a student at a community college.

One of the most important aspects about any tactical pen is how useful it is as an actual ink pen. We have tested the Schmeisser Tactical Pen thoroughly and those who have used it remark about how comfortable it is to write with. Well balanced, smooth, and with a sure grip you will be able to write all day with the Schmeisser. Equally important is how the tactical pen looks as you do not want to have a "weapon" on your desk or in your possession in most cases. With the Schmeisser brand not being well recognized in America, you will have no issues with your tactical pen immediately being recognized as a defense weapon even with the Schmeisser logo featured on the clip.


  • German Made Tactical Pen
  • Produced by Schmeisser
  • Black Ink Pen
  • Self Defense Design 
More Information
Overall Rating
I carry it daily
Review by Craig
This has a fits good in my hand for defensive needs and looks not so tactical. I placed it in my laptop bag and it past through TSA screening without a hitch. Also it is a nice writing pen.
Overall Rating
Excellent price and value.
Review by John
Excellent quality and value. It's my second tactical pen. Been carrying one for two years. The other cost $39 and this one is as good or better. It has a flat top which is what you want for your thumb and the pen is heavy enough to be effective. The clip is black so it should disappear easily into your front pants pocket which is a preferred carry location. Easy to access if a bad situation arises. Also tactical pens are allowed on planes so if you can't carry a handgun or knife this is what you need. I suggest buying one for every adult in your family. I'd also advise watching videos on how to use the pen so you have a general idea what to do in a pinch.
Also the pen writes just fine.
There are some really bad pens you can buy on eBay or Amazon but I'd suggest getting this one.
Overall Rating
Great Pen - Great Value
Review by Eremite
This pen is well worth the price. I have used it for over a year now and it has become an everyday essential piece of equipment. It has a good heft to it, and can be used in meetings or writing citations without anyone giving it a second look. I refilled mine with Parker refills when it runs out (which is not often at all).
It's always good to have a practical kubaton that will clip to your pocket.
Overall Rating
A Kinky Looking Pen With Defense Applications
Review by Gearhead
I love this pen. Unlike a pocket knife, playing with this pen does not cause people to stare and or call authorities. The all aluminum construction is durable yet not too heavy. Being all metal of course the implement has a reassuring heft to it which will sag clipped to your shirt pocket. One design flaw is the cap which simply pops off with a little tug, would have been more secure if it was a crew on cap. Would not want the cap to separate when used as a defensive tool and have half of it used against you. Realistically, its a cool, cheap, durable, refillable writing implement that you could use to mess someone up or tease your girlfriend. Ribbed for her pleasure, rigid and durable for your protection.
Overall Rating
Decent Defense Pen for a Great Price
Review by Michael
Very light yet solidly built to last. The only drawback I see is that there is no way to retract the writing ball point of the pen. This could make carrying it a bit messy. What I did is back off several turns where you load the ink cartridge until the tip is inside that pen casing. There is enough friction to easily hold the cartridge in that position. When you want to write, just screw it back out -- problem solved.

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