The Schemisser S60 60rd AR-15 magazine is made from glass reinforced polymer and features a unique follower system that allows for double capacity from a normal AR magazine without being bulky or cumbersome. Designed to shoot both .223 and 5.56X45mm, the S60 will give you an instant capacity upgrade over the standard AR mag.

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  • Schmeisser S60 M4 60-Round Magazine
  • Caliber: .223 / 5.56
  • Capacity: 60 Rounds
  • Fits AR-style Firearms
  • Made in the Germany
  • UPC: 4251366500857

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Customer Reviews

Affordable and dependable!
Review by Gianfranco O.
Verified Buyer
I bought 4 of these during a new years discount sale for a little over 30 bucks a piece, and am extremely happy eith my purchase! They're pretty hefty due to the round count, but are textured extremely well for handling, relatively well balanced and have given me nearly no issues!

For more detail for potential buyers: These drop free no problem when the mag release is pressed, can withstand falls fine reportedly, they feed fine with no jams so far and CAN be loaded by hand but you may want some gloves, as towards the end you'll be putting a lot of pressure on your fingers.

The only issues ive faced have been the mag doesn't smoothly insert like some others ive used, I tend to have to point the rifle straight up, slide the mag in and give it a good slap on the bottom for it it seat correctly. Slamming it up into the magwell doesn't seem to work and the weight keeps you from being able to slap it up in there while the rifle is level. Im using a stock DPMS lower though, so perhaps other rifles will have different results.

The only other issue is one out of my 4 mags had some catches while I was loading it, where the follower or spring essentially got caught down in the magazine leaving a gap up top for the ammo to fall out of. Some smacking and jiggling would fix it but that's still obviously a problem. I did FIX it however. I took the magazine apart, inspected the parts, saw no real issue and reassembled it, haven't had any more issues since. It loaded fine the last time and hasn't given me any more trouble since.

Overall they're affordable, seem just fine performance wise abd require very little finagling to get to work. Im using a pretty budget build so results most definitely may vary with better hardware or different hardware.

So if you're wanting perfect, smooth operator stuff, obviously you're better off with PMAGs and such. These are meant to give you a higher capacity at the cost of ergonomics, so like any gun or gun part, it's situational. It's better for sustained fire where you can take an extra second or two to reload.

Anyway, hope this helps! Hope anyone else who picks these up enjoys them as much as I do! Maybe someday I can update this after picking up a Tommybuilt G36... hopefully they fit the STANAG magwells!
50+Clearing Drills=60
Review by Raymone N.
Verified Buyer
I did research before my purchase so I knew what I was buying. Before I even bought it I knew this was a range only novelty. I wouldn't bet my life on this mag. When it transitions from the lower spring to the upper, it misfeeds. It may work itself out over time...it may not. But I'll take 50 rds at the range...and take advantage of the chance for clearing drills. I have Pmags for dependability. I also have a couple pairs coupled together. I'm working on making that a sub 2 second reload. It would be nice to have 61 downrange before reload....but 31 (Pmags) has proven to be as reliable as you're going to get sans a belt fed MG.
Really hard to load after
Review by Robin M.
Verified Buyer
Really hard to load after 40 bullets
2 nd order two tx
Review by Caprice L.
Verified Buyer
2 nd order two tx
Schmeisser 60
Review by Gordon R.
Verified Buyer
Love it. Works smooth.
Review by Demitrus X.
Verified Buyer
Will not fit if you have a magwell grip
Review by Ned P.
Verified Buyer
Definitely a great buy
Review by Ervin Y.
Verified Buyer
I have 2. One for my AK and one for my AR. Both works well.
Easier to carry than a drum
Review by Nickalous A.
Verified Buyer
I loved the first one I bought i decided to order two more. Thanks again guys, when my friends bought theirs they spent 80 dollars
Schmeisser 60 Round Magazines
Review by Jonatha Z.
Verified Buyer
I purchased a couple of these because they were on sale at a good price. I have a metal Surefire 60 round magazine, that is similar in design and function. Both of the Schmeisser 60 round models I purchased ran flawlessly in the 2 AR's I ran them in. (A Colt 6940 Monolith, and a Bushmaster Modular Carbine). I'm going to order a few more seeing as they work well, and are on sale. They are a quality product.

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