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Thompson Compatible 50-Round Drum

The Thompson submachine gun, designed by John T. Thompson in 1919, is an American submachine gun that utilizes a blowback system of operation and gained notoriety during the Prohibition Era due to a number of its features that made it particularly appealing to mobsters. Among those features are its ergonomics, compact size, reliability, high rate of fire and the .45 ACP cartridges it so quickly spent. I have a feeling that those mobsters were also pretty fond of the iconic drum magazines that fed their "Chicago Typewriters."

Description / Thompson Compatible 50-Round Drum

Ordinarily, I would advise firearm owners to seek out original, factory-produced magazines for their firearms rather than purchasing aftermarket magazines. Generally speaking, it is beneficial to seek out these original, factory-produced magazines as they are manufactured by the same company and to the exact same specifications and tolerances as those that ship with the firearms for which they are designed. Additionally, they are manufactured using the same materials, a provision which ensures both proper fit and function in your firearm. However, finding original factory-produced magazines for older firearms like the Thompson submachine gun can sometimes prove both difficult and expensive. But when the alternative is a brand magazine, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Each magazine, including our Thompson® compatible drum, begins with a guarantee. Our goal prior to production is the manufacture of a magazine that is not only 100 percent functional, but also 100 percent reliable. As such, we guarantee the function and reliability of all of our house-brand magazines 100 percent. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the performance of your magazine, it can be returned for a refund of the purchase price provided it is free from modification, damage and visible signs of usage or wear.

How can we offer such a guarantee? Prior to release, a random sampling of every magazine we carry is rigorously field tested to ensure proper fitting, feeding and ejection. Not to mention, our magazines are manufactured using quality materials alongside modern manufacturing methods. If this sounds expensive, that is because it is. But due to the number of magazines we have made, our prices are driven down and in turn passed on to you.

As noted, the Thompson® compatible drum is a drum magazine with a design that is based on the original WWII drum magazines. As such, each drum features a full steel construction and is designed to hold and feed 50 round of .45 ACP ammunition to your firearm. Additionally, the drum features a blued finish to protect against rust and corrosion.

Note: Thompson® is a registered trademark of Saeilo Enterprises, Inc. The use of the Thompson® trademark is not intended to and does not represent any affiliation with Saeilo Enterprises, Inc.

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Manufacturer United Defense LLC

Customer Reviews

Great product
Review by Chuck
Great product- more reliable than others on the market and just as good or better than the original 50 round drums which are now over 75 years old!
Excellent product!
Review by Millard
I ordered my drum about a month ago. So far I have ran about 700 rounds though it with PERFECT results.Works fantastic in my 1928. Great price and product. I am very impressed. Buy this drum, you will be happy with the results!
Great Deal
Review by Casey
Unbeatable price and well built construction.
Fits and feeds
Review by roy
Tried mine in a recent production semi. No problems at all. Quality construction at half the price of alternatives. Have not had a chance to try on in a real Thompson, but even in a semi it burns through ammo fast.
Runs great!
Review by roy
tried out a drum in my 1928 over-stamp. It run great-no problems at all. Easy to load & can store indefinitely without winding-then turn 9clicks and rock!
Review by tommygun2
I received 2 more of these drums today they all tested at range flawlessly.
I came back on this website -> keepshooting to buy the rest but I see they are out of stock , someone beat me to the punch.
I built a 1920's 1930's gangster room with original pictures of dillinger , bonnie & clyde etc, and my 6 kahr non-working auto-ordance drums are displayed in shadow boxes on the walls. Its a shame I made the mistake of buying those drums from a store that will not take returns. Unreal I paid by check and not credit card si I can't even do a charge-back.,oh well ! keepshooting please get more of these !, I have 4 now and need a even bakers dozen!
Review by Tgunner50
received my drum, it was well oiled and had to clean it up. I loaded and wound it Nine clicks and it feed every round. Unlike the Thompson AO drum I bought at twice the price.It also slides into the gun without force!
great drums
Review by tommygun2
I want everyone to know that if the drum says Auto-Ordance or Kahr with the bullet stamp its junk, learn by what i just went through, pure hell with expensive over priced tin wall hangers.
took parts from 6 NEW Auto-Ordance drums into one to finally get a single cycle to function , Auto-Ordance absolutely no quality control, Kahr tests nothing just ships there junk. To much paint inside , needs polishing along with burr's .
These drums here are the best, no problems right out of the box, good fit nine clicks, POOOW!
Review by Royboy3785
Works great love it! Will not disappoint
Thumbs up
Review by SJones
Received it yesterday. Went to the range and ran 50 rounds through it. One little hiccup around round number 45- but nothing else. Great product. Great price.
Excellent Addition
Review by Heavy Cav 08
When I bought my 1927 A1 Thompson, I was leary about using a drum magazine. I was concerned about jamming and weight. But, I decided to get this drum for my weapon and it is excellent both in weight and reliability. I have put a lot of rounds down range with this drum attached and it functions great. I would recommend it to any Thompson owner.
WOW, what a drum!
Review by marlin1253
I am so glad that I bought this 50rd drum instead of one from
Thompson. The quality is perfect and you can't beat the price.
And you can't beat the speedy service either. I ordered my drum
on Friday and it arrived on Monday.
Buy these over oem
Review by Avid Shooter
I just took 1 of these to the range. It works perfectly no trouble at all. Went right into the gun no trouble. Finish was superior to thompson oem drum. Thompson oem drums had to be fitted by gunsmith before they would go in the gun. These look and work better than original thompson drums. They say on the drum 9 clicks And there is no mistake a click is a click on these drums.
I would trade 3 of my thompson o e m drums for 2 of these any day.
Great 50 round Tommy drum
Review by USMC181
I was a little worried when I bought my 50 round drum for my 1927 Tommy gun that it wouldn't be as nice as the drums made by "Thompson," but I took the drum out shooting the day that I received it in the mail and it shot perfect!! definitely worth buying from
Review by 1928 Gunner
These drums are the best. Have 10 now. Simply put this is the only drum you should buy for your 1928.

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