Toy Handcuffs

I know it seems like I bring it up all the time, but the children of today just do not seem to be as “child-like” as they once were. As a former educator, I cannot help but consider the wellbeing of children. It seems like they could all benefit from a nice helping of imagination. The advent of technology, namely the Internet, but also television, video games and cellphones have all but made actual toys a thing of the past. The third- and fourth-grade students I used to teach actually owned cellphones! Of course, toys still exist but they are not at all what they used to be. What happened to Matchbox® cars, Tinkertoys®, Radio Flyer® wagons and other classic toys that required youngsters to flex their heads just a little bit? Today, children do not want to be bothered with anything that requires them to look away from an LCD screen or leave their homes.

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Our toy handcuffs are constructed entirely from die cast metal and feature a special polished finish. Included with each package is a set of two working keys and a key ring that can be used to unlock the handcuffs. Also built in to each cuff is a special quick-release safety lever that can be used if the keys are lost, making these handcuffs 100 percent foolproof and perfect for children.

To use, simply place the handcuffs on each wrist and press the cuff down until it catches the ratchet. Tighten as necessary, but be careful not to over tighten. Unlocking the cuffs is just as simple. Insert the key into the key hole and make one quarter of a clockwise turn. Alternatively, you may press the quick-release safety lever and unlock the cuffs.

It is high noon on a sunny day out by the sandbox and “Little Jimmy” is wanted on three counts of grand theft auto. Word around town is that he has been lifting big wheels left and right. Lucky for us, Sheriff (insert your child’s name here) is on the case. With his trusty toy handcuffs, justice will most definitely be served. This is, of course, only one of many possible scenarios your children can play out when presented with a toy that requires actual playing, such as the toy handcuffs. While it does make a great toy, you may also consider the toy handcuffs for:

- Costumes

- Movie production

- Stage and theater production

- Party favors

- Much more…

At only $2.50 for each set, the possibilities are truly endless.

Note: The toy handcuffs are a novelty item and intended to be used as such. Any unlawful use of this item is strictly prohibited. This product contains small parts that may become a choking hazard and is not intended for use with children under five years of age. This product should always only be used under proper parental supervision with young children.

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