Pink Handcuffs

Pink Handcuffs are finally for sale. Pink cuffs spark your imagination! This sexy, daring Pink color not only is designed for practicality, but also adds a fresh splash to your fashion statement. Handcuff your treasures. Handcuff your loved pets. Handcuff the willing and the unwilling (no pun intended!).

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Most people joke about Pink Handcuffs. But in reality, they are one of our most popular sellers. Back in 2005 in Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County started using Pink Handcuffs because he was tired of losing handcuff to his peers and other law enforcement agencies. This trend didn’t stop, as jails and prisons all over the country now use Pink Handcuffs due to their calming color effect (supposedly!). In fact, a great number of female officers continue to purchase Pink Handcuffs.

Pink Handcuff usage goes beyond cuffing the suspects or criminals. How about spice up your intimate moment? Or, imagine how you can make your FASHION STATEMENT with this striking color. Wear it around your jeans and pants as an accessory. Goth meets Skate Gurl look. Handcuff your valuable possessions (ie. bags, purses, watch). Or even better, when walking with your dogs, hook one end onto your belt and the other around the handle of a leash. Pink Handcuffs are extremely durable to secure the leash so that you can run freely to make the most out of your exercise. We all know that it is a pain to have to hold on to the leash and jog at the same time! Order one for yourself. Order two for your friends. Order before they are gone! 

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Review by Ashley
I ordered this, the cheapest shipping option was $7, and it was advertised as 2 day shipping. It took 2 weeks for me to actually get the product. A typical cuff key does not fit the lock. Not certain if it is just a defect in mine or all manufactured cuffs here, but the key holes are positioned differently, so I cannot use them for work. Key holes are supposed to positioned facing towards you when the opening of the cuff is down, it is a safety issue when dealing with people. In my case, one is positioned correctly and one is not. Making them totally useless to me for work. Utter waste of my money.

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