US Military Entrenching Tool

The US Military Entrenching Tool is an authentic US military folding shovel. This shovel features a tri-fold design allowing it to store compact and out of the way when not needed. Having been fielded by the US military and most NATO aligned forces for decades this combat tested and battle proven shovel is perfect for use while camping or keeping on hand for emergencies.

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  1. Authentic US Military Entrenching Tool
  2. Tri-Fold Design - Compact and Powerful
  3. Marked U.S. and Manufacturer on Handle
  4. Serrated Edge for Cutting Branches
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Overall Rating
The REAL thing
Review by Keepshooting Customer
I've seen several E-Tools for sale on the web, but the picture of this is the real deal. It has all metal mounting hardware and no Chinese made garbage. It has some wear and a few scuffs but in great shape overall. There is no label, it's like the old GI ones, just blank hardware. Great price for this awesome tool!
Overall Rating
... a bit but it worked well and for the cost its worth it
Review by Keepshooting Customer
I used it once and broke the tip but it worked well and for the cost its worth it.
Overall Rating
Great Product. The Army actually issues this item
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Great Product. The Army actually issues this item. So this is a copy. The army copy was used, rusted, and not as pretty as this one. This has been my emergency shovel since I got it.
Overall Rating
Perfect product, price and shipping
Review by Keepshooting Customer
What a deal! $20 with free shipping, the real deal, original Ames made in USA, US GI E-tool, not knock off. Just what I wanted, and a few minutes after placing the order, it was on its way, 4 days later it was here. Perfect transaction. Thanks
Overall Rating
Made in the USA for Military Use!
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Great product, durable construction. It is exactly as advertised and pictured. If you are looking for quality, sturdy, made in the USA camping or shovel, look no further. Buy it! It is a "real deal" military entrenching tool. Compare the cost of this item to most "name brand" camping and garden shovels. You will see the difference. It will outlast all but a stainless steel shovel. You may find a plastic version, I believe this is based on the military model, but with plastic handle and plastic coated shovel blade. This shovel does not "corrode" or pit or wear in your pocket or rucksack. I keep one of these in my 36L RUSH sized rucksack and use it for everything, in, around and under my truck. Very well made. I was very surprised to see how sturdy and thick the metal is on this shovel. I own a few of these now. It can be "field modified" with a simple set of wire "V" pliers and/or an electric stove bending it to "V" configuration for cooking fire prep. It makes great use of the available space in your pack or kit. I am very impressed with the quality and am very happy with my purchase of this product. If you own a Ranger II camping or bug out bag, there is ample room in this bag to include this item. For that matter, it should be a part of any backpacking/camping/hiking pack, saddle pack, and/or kit, including motorcycle riding kit.
Overall Rating
Solid shovel. Perfect size for my needs
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Solid shovel. Perfect size for my needs. Holds a decent edge, too. I bought this to have a good backup for the smaller shovel in my pack.
Overall Rating
It works great! You need a torx screw driver to put ...
Review by Keepshooting Customer
I got this because I have been seeing people post that this is their go to shovel when camping. It works great! You need a torx screw driver to put it together. I got that on amazon too.
Overall Rating
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Bought for family road trip emergency. Never needed to be used, but wanted peace of mind that I had it in my Jeep if we ever needed it. Awesome tool. Great build quality. Very satisfied! Update, it came in handy! On our 3 day trip from NJ to NM, we ended up running out of gas 100 miles into the journey, which put a real damper on the family road trip, let alone tow my Jeep off the road in the middle of NOWHERE in dark and rain with no extra supplies. However, the hammers handle and the "locking feature" in the center came in handy to break out the windshield and hold the prop rod in place so we could drive to nearest town for gas and save the day. I'm not saying that we couldn't have accomplished the same things with a less expensive version of this shovel (and perhaps I'll purchase that soon for car emergencies), but the build quality on this thing just makes me feel like it will hold up longer than a less expensive one. If you ever need this for real, it can probably break through asphalt and possibly concrete, as I tried a similar shovel on a old bridge, and it did not penetrate into the structure at all. I imagine if we were in the field in the military, and were going through the woods in enemy occupied territories (again.. very unlikey), this could be some serious CQC / SURG weapons and tool used for fighting.
Overall Rating
Five Stars
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Works well. Sturdy. A little tough on hands but that is what wrist band is for.
Overall Rating
Heavy duty, nice compact folding tool.
Review by Keepshooting Customer
This folding shovel will dig in and work hard, but I have used the shovel to break up dirt and work into soil that the pitch fork just can not reach into. The serrated edges on the spade head makes it useful for a number of things. For the price, I think this is a good deal. Especially for outdoor use, or camping.
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