USGI Gunners Quadrant Box

The USGI Gunner's Quadrant Box is a specially designed small wooden box for safe storage and transport of a quadrant. Artillery soldiers used a gunner's quadrant to verify the proper elevation or depression angle of their gun barrel or mortar tube to ensure accurate fire. This precision instrument is essential for accurate fire so safe transport was assured by storing and carrying the quadrant in this purpose built wooden box.

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The US Military has been active in foreign battles since the founding of our country. One of the most important groups from the early days of our military has been our artillery force who has been a decisive force in nearly every victory. The soldiers of our artillery corps routinely used precision instruments to ensure accurate range of fire over great distances. One of the most important instruments to any artillery corps is the gunner's quadrant which is still used today even with the development of precision computer controlled targeting systems.

This original transit chest for the US military gunner's quadrant is for the M1918 Gunner's Quadrant which was originally issued in 1918. With the quadrant dating back to the times of Ptolemy it remains in use as a backup instrument for verifying proper angle of deployment for large artillery. Each M1918 Gunner's Quadrant would have been issued with this packing chest to ensure the quadrant remained safe while being transported or stored when not in use.

  • Original US Army Gunner's Quadrant Chest
  • Issued with the M1918 Gunner's Quadrant
  • Dimensions: 7 3/4" W x 6 3/4" D X 1 3/4" H
  • Hinge Opening Top with Double Clasp Closure

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Quadrant boxes
Review by lateaugust
Verified Buyer
Just as advertised, very good condition and completely authentic!
perfect for a collector gift
Review by Lionel
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I received one that was in like new condition. It looks very good on my collector desk. Authentic military look.

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