USSR Paratrooper Shroud Cutting Tool

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The USSR Paratrooper Shroud Cutting Tool is a small yet powerful tool previously issued to paratroopers in the Soviet Army. This tool would be used to cut parachute shroud cords to free a paratrooper from his chute quickly. The simple design is effective and still retains its usability today which is a hallmark of Soviet military field gear.

The USSR Paratrooper Shroud Cutting Tool is a no-frills paratrooper knife that was widely used in the Soviet army. This tool would be attached to a paratrooper during their jump where it could be used once landing to cut through the paracord shroud lines. With this tool a paratrooper could make a quick exit from their chute or free themselves should their jump land them in trees or other raised obstacles.

  • Authentic Soviet Era Paratrooper Tool
  • One Piece Solid Steel Design
  • Designed to Cut Parachute Cord Shrouds
  • Retains Edge and Can Be Sharpened
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